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The Deal  (2004)

The Deal
Theatrical MPAA Rating:
Theatrical Feature Running Time:
107 mins

Theatrical Release Information:
The Deal

Money and power bring major corruption to the world's energy marketplace in this taut political drama. After a long war between the United States and a coalition of Middle Eastern nations leads to a gap in the flow of multinational oil trading, the price of gasoline in America shoots past six dollars a gallon and both the energy industry and the stock market are walking on thin ice. In the midst of this instability, Tom Hansen (Christian Slater), a leading advisor at of one Wall Street's top firms, is looking to hire new talent to help with his latest client, Condor Oil and Gas. Condor's CEO, Jared Tolson (Robert Loggia) used to employ Tom's best friend until the younger man died in a mysterious accident, and Tom is eager to do what he can for Jared. Tom hires Abbey Gallagher (Selma Blair) to assist with the Condor account; Abbey is a passionate environmental activist who is wary of associating herself with a major energy firm, but her mentor Prof. Roseman (John Heard) persuades her she can be an advocate for green concerns on the inside. As Tom and Abbey spend more time together, they become romantically drawn to one another, but Tom's love for her puts Abbey in great danger when she finds out what he knows about illegal oil trading operations and money laundering schemes that link Condor with the Russian Mafia. The Deal also stars Colm Feore, Angie Harmon, and Françoise Yip. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

The Deal Trivia

Who played Tom Hansen in the movie The Deal?
Christian Slater played Tom Hansen in the movie The Deal

Who played Abbey Gallagher in the movie The Deal?
Selma Blair played Abbey Gallagher in the movie The Deal

Who played Professor Roseman in the movie The Deal?
John Heard played Professor Roseman in the movie The Deal

Who played Anna in the movie The Deal?
Angie Harmon played Anna in the movie The Deal

Who played John Cortland in the movie The Deal?
Kevin Tighe played John Cortland in the movie The Deal

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