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Mystery Movies of 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown's controversial best-selling novel about a powerful secret ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]


Both laughs and thrills are on the masthead in this comedy drama about a would-be reporter written and directed by Woody Allen. Sondra Pransky (Scarlett ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]


The mysterious and unexpected death of an iconic Hollywood star may be just the tip of an iceberg of scandal in this show biz drama based on a true story. George Reeves (played by Ben Affleck) was a journeyman actor who had played ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

The Night Listener

A man whose life has been touched by tragic illness is drawn into the life of another victim whose story has an ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

The Good German

A U.S. Army war correspondent is drawn into a deadly ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

Inland Empire

Cinema of the surreal icon David Lynch follows up the success of his critically acclaimed 2001 feature ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

The Dead Girl

Karen Moncrieff, the Independent Spirit Award-nominated director of Blue Car, assembles a stellar cast comprised of Toni Collette, James Franco, Giovanni Ribisi, and ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

CSI: NY: Season 03

[ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

CSI: Miami: Season 05

[ Mystery movie - 2006 ]


Japanese horror producer Taka Ichise -- the force behind Ringu and Ju-on: The ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

Bruce Lee, We Miss You

The date of July 20, 1973 will go down in infamy as the end of the most gifted martial arts fighter in cinema history. Officially, coroners first ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

The City of Violence

Martial-arts pro Jeong Du-hong stars as Jeong Tae-su in notorious Korean action director Ryoo Seung-wan's The City ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

The Bothersome Man

A 40-year-old man arrives in a mysteriously idyllic city with no memory of having traveled there, only to realize that there is something decidedly sinister about his emotionally sterile new home in director ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

House: Season 03

Although he has recovered from the gunshot wound administered by the husband of a former patient at the end of House's second season, Season Three finds the unabashedly misanthropic Dr. Gregory House ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

Rodeo del Crimen

[ Mystery movie - 2006 ]


Steve Mudd's thriller Seclusion concerns a politician who has planned a romantic getaway with a woman who is not his ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

Inspector Mom

[ Mystery movie - 2006 ]


A tutor recounts a frantic night that culminated in a 16-year old girl's disappearance in this independent mystery ... [ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

Psych: Season 01

[ Mystery movie - 2006 ]

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