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Learn How Movie Downloads Work

You can download movies, TV shows and other popular videos for rental or purchase.
Watch them on your home PC or your laptop while traveling. You can even watch them on your TV.

Here's How It Works

Rent Movie Downloads

Details and Terms

Rent without worry! Store for up to 30 days and watch during a consecutive 24-hour period.

Storage Period: Up to 30 Days
You're allowed to store rental movies for up to 30 days after checkout. Once you start playback, you can watch it as many times as you want during a 24-hour viewing period.
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Viewing Period: 24 HOURS
Your 24-hour viewing period begins when you click "Ready to Play." Watch movies as many times as you want within this period. You must use the 24-hour viewing period within the movies storage period (noted on the movie details page).
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Rental prices vary by title, with no membership fees or late fees.


Buy Movie Downloads

Details and Terms

Yours to keep! Watch as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Storage Period: Unlimited
There's no limit to how long you're allowed to store purchases on your computer.

Viewing Period: Unlimited
When you purchase movie downloads, they're yours to watch for as long as you want!

Movie purchase prices vary by title. All applicable taxes are added at checkout.

Multi-PC Playback
Some content providers allow you to play your purchased movies on up to three PCs. However, we are not currently supporting multi-PC playback. Please check back, as we'll be adding that functionality at a later date.
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System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP (service pack 2)
Processor: 1GHz processor or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk: Up to 500 MB of available space
Sound: Full duplex sound card and speakers
Graphics: 256-color video display card; video hardware acceleration set to full

*How To Download Movies

To download movies from My Movie Downloads, check the box and click "Start Download." The BLOCKBUSTER Movielink player will open in a new window and begin downloading your movies. Times depend on connection speed.

Example: Movie size 1 gigabyte (times approximate)

Connection Typical Download Time Typical Earliest Playback *
Typical DSL/Cable < 60 minutes < 2 minutes
Fastest DSL/Cable < 30 minutes < 1 minute
Fiber Optic < 20 minutes < 1 minute

* You can start playing your movies before they're finished downloading, but you won't be able to fast forward, rewind or jump ahead.

Watch Downloads On Your TV. Find Out How

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