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Intimate Betrayal  (1999)

Intimate Betrayal
Theatrical MPAA Rating:
Theatrical Feature Running Time:
90 mins

Theatrical Release Information:
Intimate Betrayal

A woman on the trail of a killer discovers love cluttering the path in this made-for-TV thriller. Journalist Reese Delaware (Monica Calhoun) is shocked when her brother, a gifted computer expert, is found murdered. Determined to track down his killer, Reese begins looking into the surprisingly cutthroat world of high-end computers and electronics, and she strikes up a friendship with software engineer Maxwell Knight (Khalil Kain), who runs the company which formerly employed Reese's brother. Before long, Reese finds herself romantically involved with Knight, but she also begins to realize he may know more about the murder than he's letting on. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Intimate Betrayal Trivia

Who played Reese Delaware in the movie Intimate Betrayal?
Monica Calhoun played Reese Delaware in the movie Intimate Betrayal

Who played Maxwell Knight in the movie Intimate Betrayal?
Khalil Kain played Maxwell Knight in the movie Intimate Betrayal

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