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Horror Movies of 2006

The Last Sect

Deborah Odell (Thrill Seekers, You Stupid Man) and newcomer Natalie Madison-Brown team up with Kung Fu's David Carradine for the direct-to-video goth frightfest The Last Sect. The picture unfolds at a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Evil Bong

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Stephen King's Desperation

Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris joins forces with literary horror icon Stephen King for this, the pair's sixth onscreen collaboration. In the wind-swept Nevada town of Desperation, a malevolent ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Omen

A child that will steer humankind down the road to hellfire has been born, and as his evil flourishes in a world full of hate, the ominous ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Wicker Man

A young child has gone missing and it's up to a haunted but determined policeman to travel to the remote island community where she was last seen and solve the lingering mystery of her disappearance in ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution

The battle of the sexes turns to all-out war in director Joe Dante's season-two ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

5ive Girls

The ancient demon Legion has exerted its malevolent influence on remote reformatory, and it's up to five wayward teenage girls to release the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

In the Spider's Web

In this creepy-crawly entry into the "Maneater Series," a venomous spider that's worshipped as a god by the local tribes bites a backpacker making her way through the jungles of India. On ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Underworld: Evolution

Tribes of vampires and werewolves battle for supremacy among the undead in this follow-up to the horror hit Underworld. Tracing the bloody history of the ongoing war between the Death Dealers, ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Pelts

A deviant fur trader in pursuit of the perfect pelt finds that sometimes glamour can come with a deadly price tag in director Dario Argento's adaptation of an original short ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Family

A successful young couple moves into a posh neighborhood inhabited by a killer who is far from the benign suburbanite that appearances would suggest in legendary horror director John Landis' second installment ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

An American Haunting

The wind whispers ominous warnings of death before a malevolent entity arrives to claim the life of a young girl as director Courtney Solomon brings author Brent Monahan's chilling, fact-based tale of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Thirst

In this straight-to-video horror effort, a clan of young vampires find themselves not only craving, but addicted to ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Voodoo Curse: The Giddeh

The Giddeh Voodoo Curse concerns a group of college kids who decide to have a weekend holiday in a secluded cabin. One of the boys, in an attempt to score with any of the girls, brings along one of his professor's voodoo books. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Blackwater Valley Exorcism

When a troubled priest is beckoned to an isolated ranch in order to exorcise ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Warriors of Terra

Robert Wilson's horror film Warriors of Terra features Edward Furlong as the head of a group of ardent animal activists who plan to break into and free a group of creatures being experimented on in a lab. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Living Death

Greg Bryk (A History of Violence) stars in the direct-to-video gothic thriller Living Death as the wealthy Victor ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A timid salesman tracks down a beautiful female vampire and finds himself faced with a curious crisis of conscience in this semi-romantic tale of immortal bloodlust starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Michael Beihn, and Charlotte ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

Discover the centuries-old secrets of King Tutankhamen as two archaeologists race to recover the sacred object with the power to save the world, or destroy it, in this globe-trotting adventure starring Casper ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror

Hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg takes horror fans on a ride through the scary underside of life in the 'hood in this horror anthology. The self-described "gatekeeper of the after-party" (Snoop ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Caved In: Prehistoric Terror

Deep in the endless tunnels of a subterranean cave, an ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


With 42,000 sightings in 68 countries, the elusive woodland creature known as Sasquatch, Yeti, and Bigfoot is one of the most enduring natural mysteries ever known to man. Hunted by humans for hundreds of years, the formerly reclusive man-like ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Silent Hill

A mother and daughter flee to a strange abandoned town to seek out answers to the daughter's nightly psychological turmoil in Brotherhood of the Wolf director Christophe Gans' ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

A small-town serial killer with a curious penchant for self-promotion unleashes a blood-soaked frenzy of terror in his violent effort to become the best-known slasher in horror history. On the surface, Leslie Vernon (Nathan Baesel) is ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Woods

A teenage girl is drawn into the path of the unknown in this tale of terror. Heather (Agnes Bruckner) is a teenage girl whose father (Bruce Campbell) and mother take little interest in her. Heather's parents ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Ring Around the Rosie

After reluctantly fulfilling her grandmother's dying wish by returning to the run down estate in which she was raised in order to properly prepare it for the real ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The powers of darkness converge to claim the soul of a young girl who may have made a deal with the devil in director Dan ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Hills Have Eyes

Alexandre Aja directs this remake of Wes Craven's film The Hills Have Eyes. In this update, a family is taking a cross-country road trip when their trailer breaks down, leaving them stranded in the desert of New Mexico. There, ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


When a devoted mother and wife begins to experience a series of intensely terrifying visions, she soon begins to question her own ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Perfect Creature

Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows, and Leo Gregory star in director Glenn Standring's tale about vampires and humans peacefully co-existing in an alternate-universe, 1960s-era New Zealand, and the chaos ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dark Corners

Nightmares blend with dreams to offer a surreal and terrifying portrait of one woman's rapidly deepening psychological malaise in ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing

A small Texas town is terrorized by an unidentified monstrous force in this installment of Showtime's Masters of Horror series adapted from an Ambrose Bierce story by writer Richard Christian Matheson, and directed by ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Killing Floor

When a newly successful horror novel agent moves into a luxury penthouse apartment, the terror that follows far eclipses any frights he could have helped to ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Initiation of Sarah

A pretty college student with mysterious supernatural powers ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs

Mick Garris, directorial veteran of Steven Spielberg's Amazing ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Penny Dreadful

A woman haunted by the childhood car crash that claimed the life of her mother and father finds her worst nightmares coming true when she and her ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Breed

Five friends find their relaxing summer getaway turning into a bloody battle for survival when they discover that ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The hard-drinking patrons of a small-town dive bar are forced to fight for their lives when a vicious family of flesh-eating creatures arrive looking for their latest meal in a fast and fun horror romp filmed as part of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A mysterious meteor infected with a deadly alien plague brings chaos to a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The producers of Saw shine a little darkness on the City of Lights in this grim thriller about a naïve American visiting her sister in Paris, and the horror that unfolds as they descend into the city's vast Catacombs for a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Black Christmas

A few innocent women experience a nightmare before Christmas in this bloody thriller. Billy Lenz, a severely maladjusted child, finally snaps under years of brutal treatment by ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Bear witness to the birth of the most horrifying legend in the history of cinema as director Jonathan Liebesman explores the nightmarish origins of the psychotic Hewitt family in this sequel to director Marcus Nispel's 2003 ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Left in Darkness

A life forged in tragedy leads to an afterlife filled with darkness as a young girl ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

A Dead Calling

A supernatural force drives a troubled female reporter to investigate a decrepit old house with a very dark past in this suspenseful tale of small-town terror starring ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: The V Word

Bones director Ernest R. Dickerson takes the helm ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is back, and this time he's concocted his deadliest set of traps yet in this gore-soaked sequel written by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, and directed by ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Pro-Life

A pregnant girl trapped in a woman's health clinic makes a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Blood Monkey

Six American graduate students studying apes in the African jungle discover a new species of killer chimpanzees that could prove to be ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Sick Girl

A shy entomologist drawn into a tentative lesbian affair following the discovery of a mysterious new ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dark Ride

Years after two twin sisters are brutally slain in an amusement park ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Clive Barker's The Plague

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A secret U.S. military strike force battles a vampire infestation in the South American jungle in this action/horror film commissioned for the SciFi cable network. The top brass can't officially admit that vampires exist, but ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Genre specialist John Carl Buechler offers this savage twist on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale by tracing the dark journey of a brilliant doctor who is gradually transformed into a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Wicked Little Things

The Forsaken director J.S. Cardone returns to the helm for this tale of a widowed mother of two who discovers a dark secret about the land surrounding her newly inherited mountain home. When her husband died and Karen Tunny inherited his ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


May star Angela Bettis trades places with that film's director Lucky McKee for this tale of a lonely recluse who finds ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Grudge 2

Japanese horror specialist Takashi Shimizu returns to the mythology that terrified audiences the world over with this terror-inducing sequel to the hit 2004 frightener. When a cursed Tokyo home is burned to the ground, the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Stay Alive

A group of teens discover that the next generation of survival horror games are more ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Four friends looking for a good time are lured into a strange and dangerous netherworld in this wildly offbeat horror film from France. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Trapped Ashes

The traditional horror anthology makes a triumphant comeback in this collection of four frightfully horrific tales from directors Monte Hellman, Ken Russell, Sean S. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A professional thief finds his luck going from bad to worse when he's sent to Russia to steal ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


An enormous crocodile terrorizes a Thai beach resort in this tale of terror in the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

House of the Dead II

A crack commando squad investigates a college campus inflected with a zombie virus in House of the Dead 2, a film that boldly continues where Uwe Boll's inept first film ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Nightmare Detective

Visionary Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo: The Iron Man) returns to the helm with this bleak tale of a supernaturally gifted serial killer with the power to enter his victim's dreams, and the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Eye of the Beast

Fear rises from the depths when a government scientist travels to a remote ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

When a Stranger Calls

A teenage girl becomes a demented serial killer's prey in this big-budget remake of the 1979 thriller that became a TV late-show ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


John Stockwell's thriller Turistas begins when vacationers end up stranded in a little Brazilian village after a bus accident wipes out their transportation. Although many in the group are experienced when it comes to unusual ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


When the president of a high-profile international-arms supplier takes his six best employees to an Eastern European mountain retreat as a means of rewarding them for all of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Gravedancers

Three twentysomethings learn the hard way about how to behave in a cemetery in this independent horror story. Harris (Dominic Purcell), Sid (Marcus Thomas), and Kira (Josie Maran) are three longtime ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The ghost of a young boy haunts a Taipei apartment block in Better Than Sex director Su Chao-pin's urban spook story. Hashimoto (Yosuke Eguchi) is a paranormal investigator who uses an anti-gravitational device called the Menger Sponge to trap ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Night of the Living Dead 3D

A typical family burial ceremony turns into a life-or-death struggle with the living dead as the corpses of the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Darkroom

The horror film The Darkroom concerns an amnesia victim who has been in an asylum for years. One day he begins to remember flashes from his life, decides to escape from the hospital, and soon befriends a teenager. As he ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


When a notorious serial killer is strapped into the electric chair ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A popular sitcom star and six of her closest friends set out for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness, only to find themselves stalked by a homicidal maniac in director H.M. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

When Evil Calls

When the students of a remote boarding school begin receiving text ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The Blair Witch Project co-creator Eduardo Sanchez returns to direct his first feature film since that 1999 forest-bound frightener that took the world of horror by storm with this ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Final Destination 3

Death once again shows he's determined to get what he wants in this teen-centric thriller. Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a high school student hanging out with ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


When wireless technology puts humans into contact with an unstoppable force that's determined to claim the lives of the living for the souls of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Buzz Saw

Something evil is brewing at Pea Tree Apartments, and it seems to feed on the maliciousness, greed, and fear of the residents there. Slowly but surely, people are becoming possessed by ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The living dead descend upon early 21st century Athens for a fleshy feast that will leave viewers breathless in the directorial debut of writer/director Yorgos Nousias. When three construction workers are infected ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


In a 1950s-era alternate universe where domesticated zombies play a functional role in society by delivering the milk, carrying the mail, and even ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Stump the Band

A sexy female rock band is forced to fight for their lives when their tour van breaks down in the middle of Wisconsin and a murderous trio of backwoods maniacs emerges to carve them up and claim their feet. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

See No Evil

A ragtag group of juvenile delinquents assigned the task of cleaning up an abandoned ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Outrageous gore combines with high tension and supernatural suspense in director Ronnie Sorter's violent tale of a foolproof robbery gone horribly awry. Simon has planned the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Slaughter Party

The Troma Studios horror film spoof Slaughter Party features murderers, mad scientists, lesbians, and ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Fair Haired Child

A teenage misfit is kidnapped by a strange couple and forced into a basement with their curious 13-year-old son in director William Malone's (House on Haunted Hill) entry into the Masters of Horror ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up

Q: The Winged Serpent and It's Alive! director Larry Cohen returns to the horror genre with this installment of Showtime's Masters of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Haeckel's Tale

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer director John ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A first-year medical student discovers that death may not be as final as she once believed when the spirit of the cadaver assigned to her in Gross Anatomy class attempts to resolve some unfinished business in the mortal realm. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Blood Ranch

In the stomach-turning tradition of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, and Jeepers Creepers comes the direct-to-video slasherfest Blood Ranch, starring James ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Bram Stoker's Dracula's Curse

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Director Songyos Sugmakanan's gentle and reserved Thai horror picture Dek Hor (AKA Dorm) ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Director Hans-Christian Schmid helms this award winning account of a first-year university student whose bout with epilepsy leads to a tragic exorcism. Inspired by the same events that were previously dramatized in ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Hamiltons

Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores (aka the Butcher Brothers) break ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Carnage for the Destroyer

As October 31st draws near and the kids of Bonejack Heights prepare to build this year's ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Horrors of War

As co-directed by neophytes Peter John Ross and John Whitney, the low-budget opus Horrors of War represents an ambitious attempt to meld into a cohesive whole two distinct and seldom ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Candy Stripers

When a college basketball player suffers a debilitating injury during an out-of-town game, his trip to the hospital is only ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Lost

A charismatic psycho suspected of killing two innocent campers in a cold-blooded double homicide grows increasingly unstable as his suburban empire starts to crack at the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A handful of college students looking for a good time are thrown into a world of danger in this homage to the slasher film cycle of the 1970s and '80s. Ben (Joel David Moore) has just been given his walking papers by his ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

House of Carnage

In a remote forest in rural Pennsylvania, a cannibalistic clan intent on populating the world with demonic babies stalks two vacationing friends who were only ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Damned

A college student whose new neighbors are a little too long in the tooth for comfort discover just how tough it can be to live next door to a clan of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Darna Zaroori Hai

In this collection of mini-movies, an old woman tells six scary stories to a group of children, as each tale is depicted on screen. The stories range in ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

666: The Child

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A group of juvenile delinquents are forced to fight for their lives after being sent the forest for an ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


When a prominent young author working on her latest novel begins to experience a series of frightening visions, she soon becomes convinced that her latest work is attempting to draw her into an eerie parallel universe in a horrifying tale of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Curse of Lizzie Borden

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

Sylvain White's horror sequel I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer concerns four friends ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


In the direct-to-video sci-fi/martial arts thriller Mutation, a gifted young scientist takes a tragic misstep -- and ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Host

When a young girl is snatched away from her father by a horrifying giant monster that ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dead Line

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Hillside Cannibals

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Twisted Sisters

When a pair of twins are separated at birth and one sibling is raised in the lap of luxury, the envious other who has struggled to survive her entire life vows to take it all at any cost in director ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Goosebumps: Old Story

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Goosebumps: Perfect School

Straight from the pages of author R.L. Stein's best-selling series of adolescent chillers, this tale of a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Goosebumps: Shocker on Shock Street

A young horror fan and her unsuspecting friend receive the shock of their lives when the fake ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


An American journalist in search of the love he once left behind travels to a mysterious Japanese island where the past is best left forgotten in the one installment of Showtime's Masters of Horror series that ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Defenceless: A Blood Symphony

When a woman residing in a beachfront paradise refuses to relinquish her land to greedy developers, the battle over property quickly turns into a struggle for survival in director Mark Savage's brutal and ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Slaughter

In the tradition of the Evil Dead series comes this occult horror ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Rest Stop

The Hollywood dreams of two runaway lovers are suddenly transformed into ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dark Fields

Five teens en route to a sold-out rock concert are stalked by an axe-wielding psychopath after ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Snakes on a Train

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Pumpkin Karver

A family looking to start life anew following a deadly tragedy finds that the past isn't as dead as they thought in director Robert Mann's Halloween-themed slasher film. It was supposed to be an innocent prank, but when Jonathan saw his ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Head Trauma

A troubled man discovers his terrible visions may not all be all in his head in this independent horror story. Emotionally disturbed George (Vince Mola) has been working odd jobs and drifting from city to city for several ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Blade: The Series [TV Series]

The weekly, 60-minute Blade: The Series was inspired by the popular Blade action-movie trilogy, which in turn was based on ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A woman wakes up in an unfamiliar and terrifying world in this grim horror tale inspired by a true story. After coming home from a date, forty-ish single mom Hope (Nadja Brand Mason) thanks the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Live Feed

Five friends seeking a good time in Chinatown are confronted with the ultimate horror in a torturous tale of terror from directing duo Ryan and Roy Nicholson. No ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dante's Cove: Season 02

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Blade of the Vampire

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Swedish director Anders Banke's Frostbite (AKA ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Don't Be Scared

Rap stars Master P and Romeo co-headline the teen slasher ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Lonely Ones

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

My Dead Girlfriend

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

San Franpsycho

A Bay Area madman is slicing and dicing the denizens of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


When an aspiring actress from the Hawaiian Islands moves to the mainland in order to study drama, a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Beastly Boyz: A Twisted Tale of Revenge

Low-budget genre specialist David DeCoteau takes the helm for this retro-minded tale of revenge ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The creators of The Killbillies are back, and this time nothing is off limits as they weave a morally reprehensible ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Ivory

Cristina Aroca, Guillermo Bergandi, Agustín Lozano, Ezequiel Cipols and Enrique Liporace co-star in the Spanish-language supernatural thriller The Ivory ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Nightmare Man

A murderous figure in a demonic mask stalks a woman from her dreams before materializing in the real world to do some bloody damage in director Rolfe Kanesky's nocturnal tale of night terror. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Curse of Halloween

Not to be confused with the innumerable installments of the Halloween series ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Black Sheep

A genetic engineering experiment gone horribly awry ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

An unattainable teenage beauty whose etherial allure is so potent that it has drawn some men to their doom goes on a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Evil Behind You

Two couples find themselves unwilling guinea pigs in a scientific experiment with supernatural undertones in this Christian-themed horror movie that asks what frightening forces lurk just beyond ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The 8th Plague

A desperate woman in search of her missing sister stumbles upon a terrifying secret in director Franklin Guerrero, Jr.'s atmospheric tale of impending doom. Laura's sister Nikki has gone missing, and upon ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Bachelor Party Massacre

With only days to go before his storybook wedding, a handsome husband-to-be and his rowdy groomsman become the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Black Kiss

A woman who has recently relocated to the city receives a horrifying welcome when she stumbles across the handiwork of Tokyo's most notorious serial killer in director Macoto Tezka's gruesome horror thriller. The streets of Tokyo ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dead in the Water

The horror film Dead in the Water begins with two sisters arriving at a cabin in order to enjoy a vacation ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Grim Reaper

Rachel Wilson has survived a car accident that by all accounts should have killed her, ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Four New Jersey college students seeking to soak up some sun in Florida during the winter break encounter a horrifying local legend after taking an ill-advised detour through the hills of West Virginia. Years ago, in the sleepy backwoods town ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Wedding Slashers

A lonely woman seeking the perfect husband finds the past coming back to haunt her when her groom is murdered at his bachelor ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Frankenstein's Bloody Nightmare

When the woman he loves dies under mysterious circumstances, a brilliant but twisted young doctor vows to bring her back from the beyond in director John R. Hand's experimental, low-budget ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dating a Vampire

A pair of medical students begin to suspect that their beautiful new neighbors are blood-sucking vampires when a series of bodies turn up with tell-tale bite marks adorning their necks in this comedy-flavored fright fest ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Blood Shed

I'll Bury You Tomorrow director Alan Rowe Kelly returns to terrify B-movie lovers with this outlandish shocker about a family of inbred New Jersey cannibals who deal with encroaching suburbanites ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Obsessed with death after losing his rock star older brother, a troubled sixteen year old is sent ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Bay Area digital-effects wizard David Lee Fisher offers an enticing visual remix ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Halloween Night

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes

Two horror heavyweights go head to head as Hellraiser hell-spawn Doug Bradley and Aliens android Lance ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like

A quality-control supervisor and compulsive eavesdropper finds his primary hobby becoming his ultimate curse in director Brad Anderson's (Session 9 and The Machinist) ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Curse of the Black Dahlia

A successful marketing executive working in a building erected on the very same lot where the mutilated body of a fallen actress was found back in 1947 is haunted by terrifying nightmares and vivid ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Directors David R. Williams and Mike Bohatch collaborate on this grisly low-budget shocker shot in Eerie Production's Frightworld - a state of the art, horror-themed amusement ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A brilliant doctor under pressure by a powerful pharmaceutical company to develop a "cure all" serum inadvertently unleashes a terrifying beast in first-time writer/director Steve Franke's menacing medical ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Skeleton Key

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Kiss the Boys

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Sorority

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Mustang Sally's Horror House

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dead Mary

An unassuming group of vacationing high school students incurs the wrath of a relentless supernatural killer in this tale of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Raven

A tormented rock star being stalked by a malevolent killer receives valuable advice from the master of macabre in director Ulli Lommel's cinematic tribute to legendary horror author Edgar Allan Poe. As a child, Lenore ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Apparitions from the past come to haunt a woman who is helps others transform their appearance in this atmospheric thriller from South Korea. Yoon-hee (Do Ji-won) is a successful plastic surgeon who has built a lucrative career out of the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Sasquatch Mountain

On the run from the law in the treacherous Arizona mountains, a group of vicious bank robbers find themselves stalked by one of the most vicious creature ever known to ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Bit Parts

A deranged plastic surgeon seeks out victims to acquire the facial features that will allow him to repair his daughter's hideously mangled visage in director Dave Reda's ghoulish homage to such horror ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Prayer Beads

Bad karma and nightmare logic set the stage for nine skin-crawling tales of terror as CGI and special effects artist Masahiro Okano presents a series of thirty-minute frighteners ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Five Across the Eyes

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Bloody Mary

The horror film Bloody Mary concerns a group of nurses working at a psychiatric hospital who end up raising the spirit of a fabled killer ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Satan's Whip

A holy warrior dedicated to the cause of exterminating evil must locate a missing priest in order to gain membership into the secret religious order that fights for good in this gruesome shocker from director Jason Maran. ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Bloody Reunion

Upon learning that their wheelchair-bound former teacher is on the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Kill Syndrome

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Succubus: Hell Bent

A jet-setting playboy finds his life turned upside-down by a real-life succubus in this tale of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Screaming Dead and Shock-O-Rama director Brett Piper returns to terrify horror fans with this ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Slaughter Night

A teenage girl attempting to gather the materials for a book her father had been writing at the time of his death ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Diary of a Cannibal

Inspired by gruesome true events that made headlines around the world, Boogeyman director ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Gangs of the Dead

When a meteorite containing a zombie-spawning spore crashes in the City of Angels, the survivors of the impact must put aside their differences in order to fend off the flesh-eating masses in this tale of urban apocalypse starring ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Hitchhiker

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Legend of Bloody Jack

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]


When an amateur porn film crew takes a wrong turn while driving through Mexico, they quickly discover that the local legends concerning a murderous luchadore may have some element of truth in this bloody ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Death by Engagement

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Mad

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Stephen J. Niles' tale of vampires in New York City, ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A vicious killer making his way through the forest hears a faint voice that beacons him to a small town nearby in Organ director Kei Fujiwara's atmospheric psychological nightmare. When a murmuring underground ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A simple burglary spirals violently out of control when two professional thieves break into a Hollywood Hills mansion in search of riches, and instead find a man who has been bound ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dead Clowns

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dead Heist

Filmmaker Bo Webb makes his feature directorial debut with this hybrid horror film that combines elements of a heist thriller and a zombie flick. When a group of crooks hatch a plot to rob a bank, they encounter something none ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A man who recently lost his job decides to relocate with his wife to a remote house in Wisconsin, only to find that this particular home ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Tomb

Genre specialist Ulli Lommell draws inspiration from the master of cosmic horror for this frightener concerning a group of ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Ghost Train

A brainy teen whose impressive intellect sets her apart from the pack embarks on a desperate search for her missing sister in first-time director Takeshi Furusawa's atmospheric frightener. Nana's sister Noriko has gone ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

House of Usher

In this moody modern take on the classic Edgar Allan Poe story, a girl named Jill is coping ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Ghost Gate

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Demon Hunting

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Night Junkies

A desperate London couple attempts to come to terms with their insatiable addiction to human blood in writer/director Lawrence Pierce's action-packed hybrid addiction/vampire story. Ruby (Katia Winter) is an exotic dancer with a dark past, ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Wages of Sin

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Borderline Cult

True crime workhorse Ulli Lommell returns to the helm ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

With You

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Werewolf in a Woman's Prison

Locked away in the third world prison for the brutal murder of her boyfriend, a frightened female inmate discovers that she suffers the curse ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Stupid Teenagers Must Die

The horror comedy Stupid Teenagers Must Die tells the story of a group of teens, each representing a familiar ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Hell's Ground

Director Omar Ali Khan teams with Mondo Macabro to create Pakistan's first splatter flick, a demented tale of terror pitting a group of stranded teens against a horde of hungry zombies, a shrieking hitchhiker, ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Dorm of the Dead

Writer/director Donald Farmer (Cannibal Hookers, An Erotic Vampire in Paris) weaves this simultaneously scary and sexy tale of an Arkham University co-ed (Tiffany Shepis) who inadvertently sparks a bloody zombie uprising. Andrea Ownbey (aka ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Murder Game

In Robert Harari's low-budget slasher movie The Murder Game, a group of teenagers devise a wild game whereby one will be ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The serial killer movie Hurt concerns a sociopath who, upon meeting a reporter, begins ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Last Coffin

Abused by her parents as a young girl, a traumatized woman unable to recover from her deep psychological wounds becomes an unrelenting serial killer with an ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

In the Sight

Soon after meeting a spectral child in the endless ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Woods Have Eyes

When an older camper takes his naïve young counterparts on a forbidden excursion into the forest, the group quickly discovers ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Splatter Beach

As an all weekend music festival gets off to a rocking good start, the stage is set for slaughter in film duo John and ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Day X

When the world as we know it is overrun by rampaging hordes of flesh-eating marauders, eleven strangers trapped in an abandoned steel mill ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Hate2 O

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Abortion

After terminating her pregnancy against the advice of her doctor, a woman is tormented by the ghost of her aborted daughter ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Zombie Town

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Fallen Angels

A grim discovery in the basement of a crumbling prison reformatory reveals a demonic secret that cuts to the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


A group of underachieving college students hoping to boost their GPAs by taking a wildlife field trip are stalked by a chainsaw-wielding serial killer in this low-budget stalk-and-slash laugher ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Legend of Ogre

A teacher and two students researching the legend of a red haired ogre said to have saved a village from a ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Rapid Eye Movement

A struggling writer recently engaged to the girl of his dreams must choose between penning his masterpiece of saving the life of the one he loves in director Alec Tuckman's ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

This Hollow Sacrament

Inspired by a series of real-life murders that shook Northern California in the late 1990s, ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Nature Morte

Siouxsie and the Banshees' Steven Severin provides the musical score for this stylized, contemporary take on ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Ghost Son

Devastated by the recent loss of her husband and convinced that her newborn child is the product of a disturbing supernatural encounter, a suicidal American woman living on a remote ranch in South ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

13: Game of Death

Thai/American pop singer Krissada Terrence stars in this cynical thriller adapted from the manga My Mania and detailing the ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


Vacancy screenwriter Mark L. Smith makes his feature directorial debut with this ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest

The frightful saga of literature's most fearsome vampire continues in this feature that finds young lovers Bram and Elizabeth separated when Dracula kidnaps Elizabeth and flees with the girl to his ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Awaken the Dead

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Forever Dead

A frightened lab rabbit has escaped from his cage at the local university, and now the surrounding community has become infected with a rampaging virus. One ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Creature of the Night

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

The Expedition

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Pray for Morning

Twenty years after the brutal slaying of five students at an abandoned resort hotel, a group of fearless ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Hell's Threshold

[ Horror movie - 2006 ]

Demons Among Us

A frustrated city-dweller who moved to the country in search of some much needed peace and ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]


The small town of Twilight Cove is under siege ... [ Horror movie - 2006 ]

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