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Horror Movies of 1997

The Devil's Advocate

Supernatural forces hover over the courtroom in this devilish drama adapted from the novel ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Alien Resurrection

The fourth film in the Alien series, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children) at a cost of 70 million dollars, takes place aboard an immense ship, the Auriga, where General ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Event Horizon

In this sci-fi/horror scarefest, Dr. William Weir (Sam Neill) is a scientist who has designed a spacecraft called Event Horizon which will explore the outer reaches of space past the planet Neptune; the ship ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

The Eighteenth Angel

This ominous apocalypse thriller sports a fairly ambitious but ultimately confusing plot ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

The Mummy

Louis Gossett Jr., Richard Karn, and Amy Locane star in this supernatural horror tale about a mummy ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


While one would imagine that the average New Yorker would be used to dealing with bugs after years of apartment dwelling, a scientific ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

The Relic

A mythological creature stalks the halls of a museum during a ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


A group of filmmakers looking for a lost native tribe instead find a man-eating monster in this thriller. Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) is a ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Demon Lust

A pair of down-on-their-luck friends in debt to ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

I Know What You Did Last Summer

During the annual July 4th festivities in a North Carolina fishing town, Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) wins a local beauty contest and ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Uncle Sam

After being killed by friendly fire during the Gulf War, soldier Sam Harper (David Shark Fralick) inexplicably returns from the dead to wreak revenge upon corrupt military men, draft ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Judge and Jury

Low-life criminal Joseph Meeker (David Keith) is in the midst of a convenience store ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Quicksilver Highway

Body parts take on a life of their own in these two below-par horror stories made for television. In one story, a pair of teeth bite into a ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


A family of incestuous Dutch aristocrats emigrates to New England, and 300 years later, their long-lost descendent returns to the ancestral environs to research his rare blood disorder in this low-budget ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

An American Werewolf in Paris

This British-Dutch-Luxembourgian co-production is "based on characters created by John Landis" for his An American Werewolf in London (1981). In the opening, a man is seen under attack, almost ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Campfire Tales

A group of teenagers telling ghost stories while stranded in the middle of nowhere sets the scene for this collection ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Blood Trail

In this blend of horror and Western action, a band of nomadic cowboys find a piece of land and decide to settle down. However, their new ranch is located on the site of a Native American burial ground; the spirits of the dead are ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


In this supernatural chiller, a small community is utterly terrorized when a fleet of driverless trucks rolls into town. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Spirit Lost

In this spooky horror movie, a painter and his pregnant wife buy a beautiful island home without realizing that it is haunted by the lovely and terribly lonely ghost of a sea captain's lover. Anxious for a new lover to join ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Amityville Dollhouse: Evil Never Dies

After filmmakers with varying degrees of talent managed to squeeze an unbelievable eight sequels ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Teenage Catgirls in Heat

Scott Perry directed this unwatchable nonsense which fails to live up to either half of the term "horror-comedy." The plot concerns an ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Dark Carnival

This mildly amusing zero-budget horror film concerns a group of young people putting on a gory Grand Guignol spookhouse. A ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


This creepy horror film was directed by Victoria Sloan ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

The Shining

This second filmed version of Stephen King's best-selling horror novel credits King as the scriptwriter as well. The 4 1/2-hour long made-for-TV epic takes a more subtle approach to the horror and ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Vampire Journals

A half-mortal vampire uses an innocent pianist in his plot to slay the ruthless master bloodsucker who turned him into a monster. ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


In this horror thriller, a wealthy collector of mutant human freaks finds ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Jack Frost

In this low-budget horror outing, a psychopathic killer loses the ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Tokyo Revelation

Based on a video game called Digital Devil Story, ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Twilight of the Dark Master

Two ancient races return to earth in the year 2089 for a final battle in this horror-action animé. ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


In this horror story, a couple discovers that their free home is no bargain when it's ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and if you don't believe it, this offbeat horror ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Eko Eko Azarak 3: Misa the Dark Angel

A sacrificial ceremony performed under the guise of a harmless girl school play threatens to put an evil wizard in control of an army of the undead in this tale of terror from director Katsuhito Ueno. When 17-year-old witch Misa Kuroi ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Goosebumps: Werewolf of Fever Swamp

Based on the R.L. Stine children's novel series, Fox Kids Network's Goosebumps episodes provide mysterious adventures for young viewers. Werewolf of Fever Swamp tells the tale of a ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy 3

From 20th Century Fox comes this entry in the series of Goosebump stories. Hosted by R.L. Stine, the programs are based on his series of horror novels for young readers. Released in 1997, ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


A handful of people who think they've survived it all are faced with a challenge they never counted on in this futuristic sci-fi story. ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

The Hunger [TV Series]

[ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Raven's Ridge

[ Horror movie - 1997 ]

The Haunted Lantern

Plagued by a recurring nightmare centered around a young woman's ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Gut Pile

Deer season is on, and between one overzealous hunter and one irreversibly bad decision the stage is set for a gore-soaked tale of revenge in director Jerry O'Sullivan's ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

The Manson Family

Filmmaker Jim Van Bebber, who earned a reputation as one of the most distinctive and uncompromising artists in underground horror with his low-budget feature Deadbeat at Dawn and a series of powerful short subjects and music videos, ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Kiss the Girls Goodbye

A sadistic piano teacher with a taste for blood forms a bond with a captive woman that he's just put through hell in Kiss the Girls Goodbye. Carl Ray Hicks (Frankie Ray) has been driven mad by his mother and now preys on ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Sasquatch Hunters

A team of scientists gets more than they bargained for while on a research trip in this thriller. Dr. Ethan Edwards (Gary Sturm) and Dr. Helen Gilbert (Amy Shelton-White) are a pair of ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]


A fallen man of the cloth forever bound to the fires of Hell by a pact made with Satan is unleashed to torment humankind in director Massimiliano Cerchi's religious-themed frightener. It was ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

Goosebumps: Scary House

Goosebumps: Scary House offers a pair of spooky tales. The House of No ... [ Horror movie - 1997 ]

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