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Horror Movies of 1988

The Butcher

In this 1988 film, a young deaf woman realizes that the hamburger sold by a local meat market contains something other than beef. ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

The Seventh Sign

This horror thriller is based upon the final chapter of the Bible and centers upon Abby Quinn, a pregnant woman living in Venice, California who leases her garage apartment to mysterious David, who seems to be trying ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

The Lair of the White Worm

Ken Russell's Lair of the White Worm uses Dracula author Bram Stoker's final novel as the basic springboard into a surreal and dark-humored tale concerning a bizarre cult and a series of sacrificial murders in ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Attack from Mars

Originally released under the title Midnight Movie Massacre, director Mark Stock's Attack From Mars pits a desperate band of moviegoers against a terrifying horde of ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Maniac Cop

A maniacal murderer is stalking New York City cops in this urban crime thriller. Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) is suspected of being the killer until Lieutenant McCrae (Tom Atkins) is found dead. Jack takes over the ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Child's Play

Child's Play seems to have been concocted by a parent who went berserk after standing in line for hours on end to purchase a Cabbage Patch doll in the early 1980s. The film opens with serial killer ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


Household appliances are generally useful and beneficent items, and most of us who own them take them for granted, but should we? This sci-fi thriller shows what happens when electricity gets a mind of its own, becomes evil and turns ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

When Alice Broke the Mirror

Lucio Fulci's gory, tongue-in-cheek horror film stars Brett ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

They Live

John Carpenter wrote and directed this science fiction thriller about a ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

And still they come? This fourth entry in the Halloween ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Fright Night Part 2

This horror-comedy sequel finds the teen protagonist of Fright Night ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

It has been 25 years since the last Killer Tomato has been squished into sauce. To this day the tasty red fruit are banned, and ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


In this horror film, a group of people travel to an old hotel in a remote part of New England, where they incur the wrath ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

The Terror Within

This sci-fi horror film is a knock-off of the Alien films. Set in the ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

The Blob

After the phenomenal box-office and critical success of David Cronenberg's 1986 remake of The Fly, a series of big-budget remakes ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


This underrated teen-revenge horror film starring Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night) was the ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


Poltergeist-purger Zelda Rubinstein toplines this interesting, twisty psycho-thriller from Spain, which makes clever (though repetitive) use of its movie-within-a-movie premise. As ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Bad Dreams

The sole survivor of a psycho-led mass suicide awakens from a 13-year coma and begins having visions of the cult leader who was also killed in the fiery death scene. She resists his efforts to have her join ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Black Roses

In this dreadful low-budget horror film, a small town is up in arms over the arrival of a Satanic heavy-metal band called Black ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Cheerleader Camp

Cheerleader Camp, a routine teen slasher film, follows the adventures of a group of ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

One of the few sleaze-horror movies that actually ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This low-budget cult classic horror spoof has one of the great movie titles of all time. Mike (Grant Cramer) ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


A bereaved farmer enlists the aid of a terrifying demon to help avenge his son's death in this stylish horror movie that contains a strong moral. It all begins as gentle widowed ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

The Kiss

The Kiss, an erotic horror film dealing with ancient curses and the occult, is the story of a teenage girl whose world is destroyed by the arrival of her ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Monkey Shines

A quadriplegic former athlete finds his darkest urges being acted out by an animal familiar in this psychological horror film. When Allan ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


An obscure and offbeat novel by Andrew Neiderman comes to life as this strange, disturbing, but fairly ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Return of the Living Dead Part II

A virtual remake of its predecessor, Return of the Living Dead (1985), which itself was a tongue-in-cheek rip-off of ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood

Directed by makeup effects artist John Carl Buechler, the seventh in the long-running, grisly horror series was far ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

This fourth trip down Freddy Lane was the most successful at the box-office, but ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Beyond Dream's Door

A successful college student contends with his terrifying and realistic nightmares. ~ Kristie Hassen, All Movie Guide [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Blood Relations

Dr. Wells (Jan Rubes) is joined by his fiancee three years after the death of ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Brain Damage

Basket Case director Frank Henenlotter explores another bizarre symbiotic human-monster relationship in this surreal horror comedy about a young man ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Cannibal Campout

This cheap, direct-to-video gorefest owes what little inspiration it can muster to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The plot involves a cluster of bad actors on a weekend camping trip who are set upon by a band of ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Gnaw: Food of the Gods 2

In this horror film sequel, a strange substance referred to as "Food of the Gods" is accidentally fed to some rats in a college science laboratory. The rats grow to an enormous size and escape to quench ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2

Horror fantasist Clive Barker, director of the original ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

Shot in South Africa, this direct-to-video installment of the werewolf series continues that franchise's tradition of generating sequels light-years distant from the quality of Joe Dante's witty and ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Night of the Demons

A group of teens plan a Halloween party at an abandoned funeral parlor in this well-crafted horror ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Not of This Earth

A deliberately campy remake of a Roger Corman low-budget sci-fi outing from 1957, this horror film tells the gruesome story of a bloodthirsty alien who comes to our planet looking to replenish his planet's declining ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Redneck Zombies

After an army transport vehicle loses its poorly secured cargo of nuclear waste, a family ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


These kids are out for a traditional sing-along hay ride when they run into a bunch of zombies, with enormous appetites ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

This campy horror sequel to the original 1983 feature is laced with doses of dark humor and blood-spattering special effects. Camp Rolling Hills is losing enrollment as the "bad teens" ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Tales from the Gimli Hospital

Set in a makeshift hospital that seems to exist somewhere between Scandinavia and what could be a parallel universe, ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


The ample but well-covered attractions of (Anat Topol-Barzilai) are frequently on display in this supernatural thriller that borrows heavily from Rosemary's Baby and a number of lesser horror films. She ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


A suspenseful and chilling exercise in supernatural horror, this film opens with some speedy exposition during a mood-setting opening credits sequence, inter-cut with radio news reports of a violent paramilitary-style robbery on the Camp ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]


Italian cult favorite Lucio Fulci (Zombi 2) directed ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

I Fantasmi di Sodoma

Horror icon Lucio Fulci directed this slow-moving entry in the "haunted brothel" subgenre. Two couples visit the site of a creepy Nazi brothel which was bombed by the Allies in 1943, only to be seduced and menaced by the ghosts ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Zombi 3

The muddled production history of this sloppy horror ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

Zombie 4: After Death

Prepare to experience the ultimate in cinematic terror as a voodoo curse opens the gates of hell in this frightening effort from Zombie 3 and Nightmare ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

The Ogre: Demons 3

As a child, Cheryl (Virginia Bryant) was haunted by dreams of an evil monster, but now that she's grown up, the horror novelist is finding the old nightmares are beginning to come true in this creepy flick from ... [ Horror movie - 1988 ]

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