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Fishtales  (2007)

Theatrical MPAA Rating:
Theatrical Feature Running Time:
87 mins

Theatrical Release Information:

A widowed Greek-History professor on the verge of losing his research grant befriends a beautiful mermaid on the run from a malevolent fisherman in this fantasy comedy starring Kelly Brook and Billy Zane. Professor Thomas Bradley is on the verge of a major academic breakthrough in the area of ancient love spells, though his days researching enchantments seem numbered when it appears that his grant may soon go away. Thankfully, Professor Bradley has a good friend in the form of Professor Coulter, an Oxford don who invites Bradley to his home on a Greek island to continue his research for the time being. Eager to carry on with his research, Professor Bradley rounds up his twelve year old daughter Serena and sets his sights on Greece. Upon crossing paths with an ethereal mermaid named Nereid, the professor believes he has finally found the inspiration he needs to complete his thesis. But before Professor Bradley can finish his work he must help protect Nereid from the conniving Captain Navros, who won't stop hunting the mermaid until he has managed to claim her priceless, jewel-encrusted tail for himself. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Fishtales Trivia

Who played Neried in the movie Fishtales?
Kelly Brook played Neried in the movie Fishtales

Who played Thomas Bradley in the movie Fishtales?
Billy Zane played Thomas Bradley in the movie Fishtales

Who played Captain Mavros in the movie Fishtales?
Alki David played Captain Mavros in the movie Fishtales

Who played Serena Bradley in the movie Fishtales?
Amber Savva played Serena Bradley in the movie Fishtales

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