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Drama Movies of 2008


Kevin Spacey and Bob Balaban headline Austin Powers director Jay Roach's all-star docudrama examining the events surrounding the most ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Revolutionary Road

Titanic shipmates Kathy Bates, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet step onboard for director Sam Mendes' tale of suburban malaise in 1950s-era Connecticut. Adapted from the classic 1961 novel by ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Street Kings

In the wake of the L.A. riots, an LAPD vice detective who always went ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


A hot-shot college card player and a retired poker legend team-up to take Sin City for all its worth, only to find themselves going toe-to-toe in the ultra-high stakes World Poker Tour. Alex Stillman (Bret Harrison) is a Yale ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Pride and Glory

Director Gavin O'Connor collaborates with Narc director/screenwriter Joe Carnahan on this family-focused police drama ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Nothing But the Truth

Rod Lurie (The Contender) writes and directs this ripped-from-the-headlines tale of a jailed journalist (Kate Beckinsale) who refuses to divulge her source in the case of an ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


Set against the scenic backdrop of pre-World War II Australia, Baz ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

The Warlords

Love, politics and loyalty threaten to tear apart three soldiers in this lavish historical epic from Hong Kong. In 1870, the power of the corrupt Qing Dynasty has been ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's story, re-teams the director ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Nothing Like the Holidays

Freddy Rodriguez, John Leguizamo, Debra Messing, Alfred Molina, and Elizabeth Peña star in Washington Heights director Alfredo de Villa's earnest family drama about the importance of familial ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

The Other Boleyn Girl

Adapted from author Philippa Gregory's historical novel of the same name, director Justin Chadwick's atmospheric period drama follows the ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Seven Pounds

A man (Will Smith) falls in love just as he's about to commit suicide in this drama directed by Smith's Pursuit of Happyness director Gabriele Muccino. Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, and Sleeper ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Brideshead Revisited

Evelyn Waugh's classic novel of love and the British class ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

If Love Hadn't Left Me Lonely

A successful 80s music producer turned wealthy stockbroker is drawn out of is longtime funk by a classically trained dancer who reignites his passion in life in director Fred Williamson's gritty psychological drama. Ricardo French (Richard Brooks) ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Just Add Water

Dylan Walsh, Danny DeVito, Jonah Hill, and Justin Long star in prolific actor-turned-writer/director Hart Bochner's quirky romantic comedy about the ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


After serving his tour of duty in Iraq, a young American soldier who is ordered to return to the front lines as part of the military's controversial stop-loss policy opts instead to go AWOL in a ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Dennis Hopper, Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb, and Deborrah-Lee ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

The Express

Finding Forrester star Rob Brown steps into the cleats of Heisman Trophy-winning gridiron giant ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


Josh Hartnett, Naomie Harris, Rip Torn, and Adam Scott star in director/co-screenwriter Austin Chick's tale about an ambitious dotcom entrepreneur attempting to stay afloat as the stock market begins to collapse and the entire country ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

A Raisin in the Sun

Sean Combs, Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, Sanaa Lathan, and John Stamos all return to reprise the roles they originally played on Broadway in this made for television take on ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Quid Pro Quo

A man who can't walk meets a woman who envies his condition in this offbeat black comedy. Isaac Knott (Nick Stahl) lost the use of his legs when he was eight years old in an auto accident that also claimed the lives of his parents. Despite being ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Ballet Shoes

Emma Watson, Yasmin Paige, and Lucy Boynton headline director Sandra Goldbacher's made-for-television adaptation of author Noel Streatfield's classic novel of the same ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Finish Line

A desperate stock car racer enters into a dangerous deal with a shady importer in this thriller starring Scott Baio and Samuel Page. Stock car racer Mitch Camponella (Page) has just driven himself into ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Queen Sized

An overweight high school senior makes the best of ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


As the girls of Lambda sorority make their way towards the finals at this year's national stepping championships, dedicated team captain Destiny (Faune Chambers) attempts to keep her team focused on victory despite attempts by her ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Sense and Sensibility

Hattie Morahan, Charity Wakefield, and Dominic Cooper star in screenwriter Andrew Davies' adaptation of the classic ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

One Tree Hill: Season 05

[ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Step Up 2: The Streets

Director Jon M. Chu takes the helm for this Step Up sequel set at the Maryland School for ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Tight Spot

This Troma movie finds a lusty housewife named Christina (Marcia Gray) on the run, looking for an escape from her rich, deranged husband, Nathan (Don Hart). Soon, Christina starts running with some ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

On the Doll

A handful of strangers living on the edge of Los Angeles' sex industry share a terrible secret ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Amidst claims that the African-American family unit is slowly deteriorating, filmmaker Leslie Small sets out to explore how the role of black women in the family has ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

5 Centimeters Per Second

Director Makoto Shinkai's heartfelt animated drama tells the tale of two close friends separated by chance, and reunited by determination. As schoolchildren, Tono Takaki and Shinohara ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

The Price of the American Dream II

When a single mother of four loses her job to outsourcing, the struggling family moves from the city of Los Angeles to a small New Mexico town in a desperate attempt to prevent their ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


A shattered family man seeks comfort in the arms of an exotic dancer after ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]


Celebrated Polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda takes the helm for this Oscar-nominated drama detailing the harrowing events surrounding the 1940 massacre of captured Polish army officers in the Katưn Forest. A unique blend of ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

If By Chance

The silent owner of a prominent Atlanta restaurant ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Sunday School

A young girl attempting to do right by God finds herself torn between her dying dreams of success and her newfound devotion to the church ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Forever Young

Inspired by the true story of a desert crash that claimed the lives of four young Israelis, filmmaker Michael Behagen crafts this thriller based on actual video footage recovered at the scene of the accident. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

Ghostride the Whip: The Hyphy Movement

Peter Spirer, the acclaimed producer behind Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel and the Beef series, teams with notorious director DJ Vlad for this documentary that ... [ Drama movie - 2008 ]

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