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Drama Movies of 2006


Douglas McGrath's Infamous represents the second major biopic about the avant-garde belletrist Truman Capote to be ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Away From Her

Filmmaker Atom Egoyan -- a longtime onscreen collaborator with the gifted young actress Sarah Polley (The Sweet Hereafter) -- executive-produced Polley's directorial debut, Away from Her, starring Julie ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Joe Roth directs his adaptation of Richard Price's novel ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

All the King's Men

The legacy of a populist Southern politician whose lofty ambitions ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Twenty-two people become unwitting participants in a tragic and defining moment of the 1960's in this period drama from actor and director Emilio Estevez. It's early June in 1968, and the California presidential ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Good Shepherd

One man bears witness to the secret history of America during the Cold War in this drama directed by celebrated actor Robert De Niro. In 1939, Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) is a young man with a bright future ahead of him -- he's a top ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Miss Potter

The true story of the woman who created some of the most beloved characters in children's literature comes to the screen in this ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Breaking and Entering

A petty thief is the link between a well-to-do businessman and a single ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Blood Diamond

A South African mercenary and a Mende fisherman find their fates forever intertwined as they embark on a quest to obtain a rare and highly coveted pink diamond in director Edward ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

The harsh realities of life on the street merge with the universal themes of youthful pain and exhilaration in director Dito Montiel's telling tale of one boy's struggle to escape the grim fate that awaits his aimless, trouble-minded ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


The tragic aftermath of human carelessness travels around the world in this multi-narrative drama from filmmaker Alejandro ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Fountain

Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky switches gears from drug-induced urban malaise to abstract ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Painted Veil

A couple with a broken relationship learns some valuable lessons about love, life, and sacrifice in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Good German

A U.S. Army war correspondent is drawn into a deadly mystery in post-war Berlin as he seeks out his wartime mistress in this adaptation of author Joseph ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Nicole Kidman assumes the identity of visionary photographer Diane Arbus in a film that draws inspiration from author Patricia Bosworth's ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

World Trade Center

Director Oliver Stone once again offers a powerful and provocative story based on real-life events in this drama. Sergeant John McLoughlin ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

We Are Marshall

A true story of tragedy, hope, and resilience comes to the screen in this sports drama. Huntington, WV, is home to Marshall University, a school where college football is a way of life. Huntington is also a town that learned to deal ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

He Was a Quiet Man

A man at the end of his emotional rope finally explodes, but not in a way anyone ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

All In

A medical student with mounting debts draws on her formidable poker skills in order to stay afloat in this gambling drama starring Dominique Swain and ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

3 Needles

Three stories, which offer differing perspectives on the AIDS pandemic, are featured in this anthology-drama. Sister Clara (Chloë Sevigny) is a young nun who is working with two, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Resurrecting the Champ

Director and co-screenwriter (along with Chris Gerolmo, Allison Burnett, and Michael Bortman) Rod Lurie tells the uplifting tale of a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A talented young pianist named Rain finds her future as a musician thrown ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Hidden Places

Robert Tate Miller adapts Lynn Austin's best-selling, Christy Award-winning 2001 novel for the screen in the family-friendly drama Hidden Places. Sydney Penny ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Prolific French filmmaker Yves Simoneau directs Sam Shepard and Frank Whaley in a sports drama detailing the remarkable racing career of the horse many believe to be ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Little Children

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Todd Field teams with novelist Tom Perrotta to adapt Perrotta's acclaimed novel concerning the suburban malaise experienced by a handful of small-town ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

Transplanted L.A. cop Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) attempts to solve the murder of a teenage girl while simultaneously dealing with a deadly case of domestic violence in this mystery ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Tom Selleck returns to the role of small-town police chief Jesse Stone in this prequel to the CBS TV movie Stone Cold. Having been booted ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Goya's Ghosts

The lives of a great artist, a corrupted holy man, and a beautiful woman cross paths at a crucial moment in history in this epic-scale historical drama from director ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Ask the Dust

Adapted from a novel by John Fante, Robert Towne's Ask the Dust stars Colin Farrell as Arturo Bandini, a young writer ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Land of the Blind

The debut film by director Robert Edwards, Land of the Blind, is a political satire starring ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Illusionist

A supernaturally talented magician attempts to undermine the rigid social structure of turn-of-the-century Vienna by using his powers to win the love of his ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Come Early Morning

A Southern beauty whose habit of waking up in strange ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Broken Bridges

When a fading country music superstar Bo Price (Toby Keith) returns to his hometown for the funeral of his younger brother, a reunion with his high-school sweetheart drags the pain of the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Architect

Tonya Neely (Viola Davis) is a neighborhood activist on the south side of Chicago, trying to ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Numb3rs: Season 03

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

30 Days

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Glory Road

A true-life story of a basketball team who broke down barriers while racking up victories is the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

A Lobster Tale

For its quiet, low-key story, A Lobster Tale travels into a sphere of domestic life rarely glimpsed in contemporary cinema - that of small-town Americana. Colm Meaney stars as Cody Brewer, a Maine lobsterman who sinks ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Snow Cake

An ex-convict is mysteriously drawn to two intriguing women after becoming ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Griffin & Phoenix

Ed Stone's bittersweet drama Griffin & Phoenix concerns Griffin (Dermot Mulroney), a divorcee suffering from ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Fierce People

Actor-turned-director and producer Griffin Dunne (Practical Magic, Addicted to Love) teams up with scenarist Dirk Wittenborn for the slice-of-life ensemble drama ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Believe in Me

Director/screenwriter Robert Collector adapts Newberry Award-winning author Harold Keith's ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Notes on a Scandal

Lust, jealousy, and revenge come cloaked in the guise of friendship in this psychological drama. Barbara Covett (Judi ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A waitress looking to make good on a series of bad life choices finds her noble quest for redemption stifled when a deeply disturbed ex-boyfriend comes looking to win her back in a dark psychological ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Surrender, Dorothy

A grieving mother attempting to deal with the death of her daughter travels to the former haunts of the deceased young woman to face her grief and capture her child's true essence on this touching tale of love and loss starring ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Longtime actor/songwriter Kris Kristofferson stars as a whiskey-smuggling schemer desperate to preserve his endangered cattle herd in director Jay ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Hottest State

Soon after relocating from Texas to New York in a bid to make the big time, a 21-year-old actor enters into a turbulent relationship with a struggling ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

When I Find the Ocean

Diane Ladd Lee Majors, Bernie Casey, and Amy Redford star in writer/producer/director Tonya S. Holly's childhood drama about a girl who leaves her loving family behind in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


From the producers of The Rookie and Remember the Titans comes an inspirational ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Curse of the Golden Flower

A dying love between two powerful people leads to deceit, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Akeelah and the Bee

A young girl learns to believe in herself and value her intelligence in this ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Pursuit of Happyness

The rousing, true-life story of a single dad who went from living on the streets to owning his own brokerage firm is brought to the big screen by ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Queen

The British prime minister and the Royal Family find themselves quietly at odds in the wake of a national tragedy in this drama from director Stephen Frears. On August 31, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Last King of Scotland

Director Kevin MacDonald teams with screenwriter Jeremy Brock to adapt Giles Foden's novel detailing the brutal reign of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin as seen through the eyes of his personal ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone returns to the director's chair for Rocky Balboa, the fifth sequel to the film that made him a superstar 30 years before. The movie begins with Rocky (Stallone) still mourning the death of his loyal and beloved wife, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Debating Robert Lee

A group of typical high-school students finds their foundations shaken and their beliefs challenged by a newly arrived debate teacher who makes it his mission to explore their innermost feelings on the subject of life and death. The ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Pinochet's Last Stand

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Cuba Gooding Jr. and Clifton Collins Jr. portray a pair of former gang members who trade in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Mental illness stretches a loving family to the breaking point in this independent drama. Chris Marino (Devon Gearhart) is a ten-year-old boy growing up in a small oceanside community in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Sensation of Sight

First-time American writer director Aaron Wiederspahn's moody drama The Sensation of Sight concerns Finn, a middle-aged English teacher caught up in the unrelenting throes of a mid-life crisis. Driven by the guilt associated with a tragic ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Copying Beethoven

When a young Vienna Music Conservatory student and aspiring ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Factory Girl

The true story of one woman's brief and ultimately tragic flirtation with fame in the 1960s provides the basis for this biographical drama. In 1943, Edie Sedgwick (Sienna Miller) was born to a wealthy and socially ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Cherry Crush

Nicholas DiBella's thriller Cherry Crush stars Jonathan Tucker as Jordan Wells, the privileged son of a successful man who gets ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Half Nelson

An inner-city teacher struggling with addiction forms an unlikely bond with a young student who ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Stephanie Daley

A frightened and irresponsible girl and an emotionally conflicted ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Kidnapped [TV Series]

Another of the many serialized TV dramas of the mid-2000s in which important clues and motivations were slowly and methodically revealed on a "need to know" basis, Kidnapped got under way when Leopold Cain (Will Denton), the son of ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


The follow-up to his feature debut, director Alfred De Villa's Yellow is drama starring Roselyn Sanchez as Amaryllis, an aspiring dancer trying to make it in New York City. After her father unexpectedly ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Tsunami: The Aftermath

Filmmaker Bharat Nalluri teams with writer Abi Morgan and an all-star cast to explore the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Ghost Whisperer: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Astronaut Farmer

An aspiring astronaut who was forced to forsake his dream of exploring space in order to save the family farm begins building his own personal rocket as a means of reaching the stars in this quirky rural drama starring ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A family is touched by the shadows of hatred and violence in this Australian drama adapted from a short story by Raymond Carver. Stewart (Gabriel Byrne) and Claire (Laura Linney) are a married couple in their early ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Pacific and Eddy

First time writer/director Matt Nourse explores the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Take the Lead

A teacher and his students open up new worlds for one another in this urban drama inspired by a true story. Pierre Dulaine (Antonio Banderas) is a prize-winning ballroom dancer and instructor from ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Save the Last Dance 2: Stepping Up

As Sarah Johnson (Izabella Miko)'s ultimate dream of attending Julliard and becoming a professional ballerina begin to take roots in reality, her interest in the art of hip-hop dance threatens ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

A Perfect Day

Director Peter Levin brings author Richard Paul ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

How You Look to Me

A slacker college student whose higher education has become a blur of drunken parties and casual sex ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Rupert Evans, Derek Jacobi, and Natalia Verbeke star in this drama concerning a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who struggles to separate reality from fantasy after ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Flags of Our Fathers

Clint Eastwood's adaptation of the non-fiction book Flags of Our Fathers concerns the lives of the men in the famous picture of soldiers raising the American ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Private Fears in Public Places

A handful of characters struggle to hold on to relationships with the people they care for in this collaboration between playwright Alan Ayckbourn and filmmaker Alain Resnais. Dan (Lambert Wilson) has recently ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Grey's Anatomy: Season 03

Having proven that it could stand on its own two feet without Desperate Housewives as its lead-in, Grey's Anatomy remained in its new Thursday-night slot as the seriocomic medical series entered its third season. In addition to ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Above and Beyond

The World War II set romantic drama Above and Beyond concerns a young man and woman who fall in love, but must consider putting country before self in order to do what is right for the world. Richard E. Grant and ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Secret

Inspired by the Japanese drama Himitsu (which was in turn based on the novel by author Keigo Higashino), director Vincent Perez's supernatural drama tells the tale of a mother who ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Home of the Brave

As their tour of duty in Iraq draws to a close, four American soldiers learn that they are scheduled ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Ron Clark Story

Helmed by the gifted Randa Haines (Children of a Lesser God, The ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Belle Toujours

Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira pays homage to Luis Bunuel's masterful exercise in surreal eroticism, Belle de Jour, with this ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A poor but ambitious young man strives to make good in one of the most competitive institutions on Earth in this military drama. Jake ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Pan's Labyrinth

Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro returns to the phantasmagorical cinema that defined such early fare as Cronos and The Devil's Backbone with this haunting fantasy-drama ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


An emotionally stunted ex-convict whose recent release from prison finds her attempting to form ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Chapter 27

First-time writer/director J.P. Schaefer takes the reins ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Christmas Card

An American soldier fighting the War in Afghanistan falls in love with a woman who sent him an anonymous Christmas card in this patriotic Hallmark Channel movie ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Jane Eyre

Screen newcomer Ruth Wilson assumes the role of Charlotte Bronte's eponymous heroine in director Susanna White and screenwriter Sandy Welch's adaptation of the classic 1847 ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Still Life

The fine line between failure and success is as thin as the thread that separates love and tragedy, and in this tale of a self-destructive artist attempting to regain his identity after a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


The life and career of the last in a long line of highly praised British executioners is ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

CSI: NY: Season 03

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

NCIS: Season 04

Still not completely recovered from the serious injuries incurred during the near-apocalyptic Season Three finale of NCIs, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has at the outset of Season Four retired from his position ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Private Property

The sale of a family home causes some ugly truths to be uncovered in this drama from writer and director Joachim Lafosse. Pascale (Isabelle Huppert) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Namesake

A couple coming to terms with living in a new culture discover their troubles are compounded by their son in this ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Wire: Season 04

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Wild Tigers I Have Known

A soft-spoken, thirteen-year old dreamer enters into a tentative friendship with a decidedly older and more popular boy in director Cam Archer's compassionate coming of age ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Director Preston A. Whitmore II brings the thrill of the street to the big screen with a fast-moving tale of underground basketball that proves no matter what team you play for, in the end it's all ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Made for cable, Walkout is the true story of a little-known but profoundly ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Paradise, Texas

Timothy Bottoms stars in this bittersweet drama about Mack Cameron, a famous Hollywood actor dealing with a midlife crisis and struggling ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Lost: Season 03

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Dans Paris

French sex symbols Romain Duris and Louis Garrel join screen icons Guy Marchand and Marie-France Pisier in writer-director Christophe Honoré's four-character chamber drama Dans Paris (Inside Paris). Duris plays Paul, a young man in his ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Man of My Life

A man vacationing in the country with his wife and children finds his sexuality unexpectedly ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

CSI: Miami: Season 05

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

El Cantante

Pop icon Marc Anthony steps into the role of Salsa superstar Hector Lavoe in this biopic that follows the singer from his early career success as a Puerto Rican teen sensation to his later status as a New York ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

One Tree Hill: Season 04

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Though None Go with Me

On the day of her granddaughter's departure to California -- in the company of her rock musician boyfriend -- Elizabeth Leroy Bishop (Cheryl Ladd) tries to ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Hidden Secrets

When their past becomes their present, nine friends reunited for the funeral ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Girls of Belarus

A loving couple suffering through an emotionally exhaustive case of empty nest syndrome offers temporary shelter to a pair of girls from Belarus who have been displaced as a result of ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Gridiron Gang

The true story of the football team that proved sometimes second chances can make a difference comes to the screen in director Phil Joanou's tale of self-respect and social responsibility on the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


As high school graduation draws near, four high school seniors put their futures on the line to help a friend in desperate need of financial assistance. ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Letters from Iwo Jima

After bringing the story of the American soldiers who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima to the screen in his film Flags of Our Fathers, Clint Eastwood offers an ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Things That Hang From Trees

Things that Hang from Trees constitutes American director Ido Mizrahy's debut feature. As adapted by singer-songwriter Aaron Louis Tordini from his own novella, this defiantly eccentric drama unfolds on a surreal, southern gothic ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Punk Love

Two rebellious young lovers set out on a crime spree in hopes of finding a better life together in this tender, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Two brothers are caught on differing sides of the battle for Irish freedom in this politically minded historical drama from veteran British filmmaker Ken Loach. It's 1920, and Damien O'Donovan (Cillian Murphy) has recently graduated from ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


An Italian woman intent on tracking down the Romany musician who impregnated her becomes lost in a world ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Two men who live in different nations on different continents discover how closely their fates have followed the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Garage

In this gentle coming-of-age drama, an adult man reflects nostalgically on his youth, when he ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Loving Annabelle

Writer/director Katherine Brooks adapts the classic lesbian drama ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Line of Beauty

Award-winning screenwriter Andrew Davies adapts author Allan Hollinghurst's Booker Prize-winning novel for the screen with ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Golden Door

A family living in poverty leaves behind the world they know in hope of finding new opportunities in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Love's Abiding Joy

Acclaimed author Janette Oke's bestselling series of books comes to life on the screen once again in this, the fourth feature following the continued Westward journey of settlers Missie and Willie Lahaye. Their roots now ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A young boy whose remarkable, almost supernatural capacity for learning prompts his parents to anticipate a brilliant future as a pianist rebels to take his fate into his own hands in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

December Boys

Prolific television and film director Rod Hardy helms this tale of four young orphans coming of age in 1960s-era Australia. Soon after the quartet leaves the orphanage behind ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Queen's Sister

The life of flamboyant crowned head Princess Margaret is explored in this lavish biopic starring Lucy Cohu and Toby Stephens. Beginning with the death of ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Conversations With God

An unemployed homeless man who once turned to God for the answers to life's problems decides to share the information he received with the rest of the world by penning a series of ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Secret of the Cave

Zach Gray helms the Gaelic-flavored, spiritually charged mystery Secret of the Cave -- ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

After the Wedding

A multi-millionaire wants to know how much his money can really ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Front Line

A musician from the Democratic Republic of Congo finds his peaceful ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Nativity Story

Australian-born Whale Rider sensation and Oscar nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes stars opposite Oscar Isaac in Lords of Dogtown ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Poison Friends

French writer/director Emmanuel Bourdieu's intense, cerebral drama Poison Friends dissects the internal politics (and eviscerates the pretentiousness) of French academic circles played out on a collegiate ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Nina's Heavenly Delights

A woman comes to terms with her sexuality while trying to save the family business in this flavorful romantic comedy. Nina Shah (Shelley Conn) is the daughter of an Indian expatriate family who settled in Glasgow and run an Indian restaurant, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Never Down

Released from prison after serving a five year sentence for armed robbery, ex-convict Rico (Robert La Sardo) attempts to reconnect with his ex-wife and ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Choking Man

A man finds himself caught between several worlds -- rough real life and a number of parallel fantasy lands -- in this blend of drama and fantasy. Jorge (Octavio Gómez Berríos) is a painfully shy young man from Ecuador who has ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Kiss Me Again

William Tyler Smith's Kiss Me Again concerns the emotional fallout that occurs when a couple who ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Last Stand

Director Russ Parr explores the drama of comedy in this film concerning four friends seeking success in an industry where ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Nine Lives

The fates of nine people are intricately tied together in director Dean Howell's thoughtful meditation on modern relationships. Ronnie is getting up there in years, and as he begins his journey into the online world he begins to reflect on ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Step Up

An aspiring ballerina from a wealthy family learns some lessons about both dancing and life from a roughneck with soul in this teen drama. Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) grew up on the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

La Banda Del Carro Rojo

Ruben Galindo's crime drama La Banda Del Carro Rojo concerns two brothers who attempt to get out of the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A hedonistic recluse seeking to control the lives of the few who faithfully serve her is plunged into a sea of madness as ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

United 93

Bloody Sunday director Paul Greengrass marks the five-year anniversary on the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States with this speculative meditation on the events that took place onboard the fourth ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Second Chance

Two very different men are brought together and learn a mutually ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Soldier of Change

Heath Freeman (Tru Calling, ER) heads an all-star cast including Clifton Davis (Any Given Sunday) Ben Vereen (Roots), Stacey Dash (Renaissance Man) and Debbie Allen (Fame) in the period drama Soldier of ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Charm City

A trio of reformed criminals and lifelong friends strive for a better life by opening ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia

Though fiction fans worldwide know well the mythical land of Narnia created by acclaimed author C.S. ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Road to Guantanamo

Winner of the Silver Bear at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival, The Road to Guantanamo, directed by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross, uses ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Las Calles del D.F.

Average everyday citizens face such obstacles as corruption, kidnapping, violence, and racism in an affecting collection ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Two reporters covering the story of a Texas man who claims to have been abducted by a UFO find their basic beliefs clashing as they attempt to sort through the facts in director Rich Christiano's sci-fi-themed Christian thriller. ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

I Will Always Love You

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Fireworks Wednesday

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi's third feature, Chahar Shanbeh Suri (aka Fireworks Wednesday), follows Rouhi (Taraneh Alidoosti), a betrothed woman who works for a local housekeeping ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

These Foolish Things

An aspiring West End actress intent on maintaining her famous mother's legacy finds her dreams suddenly clouded by the warplanes that buzz overhead in this bittersweet war drama from director Julia Taylor-Stanley. Diana (Zoe ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

God's Waiting List

The religious drama God's Waiting List concerns a brother and sister who have become business rivals. When a suspicious, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Un Dimanche à Kigali

Set against the backdrop of the 100-day Rwandan genocide, Robert Favreau's harrowing drama Un ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

White Palms

An athlete recalls his troubled youth while helping to coach a talented but headstrong youngster in this drama from Hungarian filmmaker Szabolcs Hajdu. Miklos Dongo ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Director Songyos Sugmakanan's gentle and reserved Thai ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Family Law

Director Daniel Burman's "Fatherhood Trilogy" draws to a close with this follow-up to Lost Embrace detailing the efforts of a devoted lawyer and teacher to live up to the lofty standards set by his hard working father. Ariel Perelman, Jr. ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Free Will

Theo (Jürgen Vogel) has raped several women and is, after several years of committing acts of sexual violence, caught. He is committed to a psychiatric prison ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Scummy Man

Filmmaker Paul Fraser enjoyed an unusual collaboration with the popular British rock band Arctic Monkeys for this gritty short drama. Adapted from ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The 4th Dimension

Though born a prodigy, with a frighteningly intuitive grasp of biology and physics, Jack (Louis Morabito) grew up in an environment that offset the advantage of his intellectual gifts. He suffered from a deeply troubled, issue-ridden ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Ten Canoes

A man teaches his younger brother an important lesson through an ancient fable in this period comedy-drama shot in Australia, and the first feature film made in the Aboriginal ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


The seasons mark the stages in the collapse of a marriage in this drama from Turkish auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Isa (Nuri Bilge Ceylan) is a college professor with a younger girlfriend, Bahar (Ebru Ceylan), who works as an art director for ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A man's reluctance to express his emotions has unfortunate consequences in both love and war ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Lights in the Dusk

A lonely night watchman finds love but comes to regret it in this offbeat ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Summer Palace

A romance takes place against some of the most ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A man whose life is about to be changed forever discovers that sometimes it takes losing it all to finally appreciate the things that truly matter in director Alejandro Monteverde's ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Brian Kirk's gothic thriller Middletown excoriates the actions and attitudes of the Irish Catholic clergy by honing in on one psychotically deranged fire-and-brimstone preacher. Matthew MacFadyen is ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Danish Poet

The Norwegian-born, Montreal-based animator Torill Kove helms the animated short The Danish Poet. The film weaves the tale of a young poet battling a case of severe ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

December Ends

Directed by collegiate Lee Toland Krieger at the tender age of 21, December Ends unfurls as a coming-of-age drama but grows increasingly taut and suspenseful as the narrative progresses. ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

2 Become 1

Law Wing-cheung's Asian-language drama 2 Become 1 explores the tribulations of a middle-class woman named Bing (Miriam Yeung). When we first see ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Anurag Basu's Hindi-language crime drama Gangster (AKA Gangster: A Love Story) opens with its central character, the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Day Night Day Night

Writer-director Julia Loktev's (Moment of Impact) harrowing, claustrophobic thriller Day Night, Day Night plunges the audience into the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Syndromes and a Century

The real-life love story between filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul's parents ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Lives of Others

A man who has devoted his life to ferreting out "dangerous" characters is thrown into a quandary when he investigates a man who poses no threat in this drama, the first feature from ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

El Violin

Filmmaker Francisco Vargas Quevedo makes his feature film debut with this expansion of his well received short film detailing the struggle ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Abderrahmane Sissako wrote and directed this offbeat, satiric comedy which imagines how the powers that be in the West might be forced to ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Host

When a young girl is snatched away from her father by a horrifying giant monster that emerges from the River Han to wreak havoc on Seoul, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Summer '04

A middle-aged woman coming to terms with her son's sexual awakening does some extramarital exploration of her own in this downbeat ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Conrad Boys

The difficult bonds of family and the conflicting emotions of first love come together in this independent drama from writer and ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Paris, Je T'Aime

Twenty acclaimed filmmakers from around the world look at love in the City of Lights in this omnibus feature. Paris, Je T'Aime features 18 short stories, each set in a different part of ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Jason Jennings, Brad Holmes and Shawn Farmer co-star in the direct-to-video coming-of-ager Push. It concerns Jay, a Las Vegas native ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Chand Ke Paar Chalo

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


For his sophomore effort, Drama/Mex, writer-director ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Bet to Basic

The Asian gambling film Bet to Basic concerns a gangster named Flying Dragon who owes a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Sun Kissed

A young writer in search of the peace and quiet required to finish his latest novel retreats to his professor's secluded California home, only to find himself ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Gymnast

A down-and-out gymnast receives a second chance at success and happiness in the debut feature from director Ned Farr. After being sidelined by an injury, Jane (Dreya ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Love Life

The marriage of convenience between a former professional baseball player and his trophy begins ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A woman obsessed with her appearance takes drastic measures to hold onto the man she loves, with startling results in this offbeat drama from South Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk. Se-heui (Park ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

House: Season 03

Although he has recovered from the gunshot wound administered by the husband of a former patient at the end of House's second season, Season Three finds the unabashedly misanthropic Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) still ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Facing the Giants

A failing high-school football coach finds that in order to succeed he must convince his team that there's more to sports than fame and glory ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Three friends become involved in the drug trade after coming into possession of a package of ecstasy, only to discover a bit too late just how dangerous ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Madhur Bhandarkar's take-no-prisoners social drama Corporate embarks on a searing, scathing ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Kyle XY [TV Series]

Created by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, the 60-minute supernatural drama series Kyle XY ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Hispanic director Vicente Aranda helms the psychodrama Celos (Jealousy - a penetrating ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


The gritty, low-budget direct-to-video drama Zooey follows the plight of tough-as-nails whore Zooey (Sarah Louise Lilley and her drug addict husband, Angel (Xavier Jimenez). The marrieds long to escape New York's scuzzy ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

South Beach Dreams

An aspiring entertainer who's willing to do anything to get ahead finds the consequences of her ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Down the P.C.H.

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


An alcoholic human resources worker with a prostitute fetish is dragged down by the growing anger ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Color of the Cross

Actor/director/screenwriter Jean-Claude La Marre offers a controversial ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Hip Hop Kidz

When the Hip Hop Kidz are given just two weeks to craft the best hip hop video they can, young Lauren finds herself caught between her conservative father's ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

God's Gift

When the best friend of a handsome and popular high school ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Husn Bewafa

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


The death of a schoolteacher leads to a reunion between a handful of close friends in this drama from writer and director Barbara Albert. Five longtime friends return to the town where they grew up for the first time since they were teenagers in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Untouchable

A woman sets out to discover the truth about her heritage in this drama from filmmaker Benoit Jacquot. Jeanne (Isild Le Besco) is a young woman who has begun to enjoy success as ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Mary Proud

A single mother whose life has been beset by personal tragedy struggles to realize her ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Bubble

Director Eytan Fox bursts the idyllic bubble of cosmopolitan Tel Aviv with this thought-provoking meditation on cultural relations concerning a brooding Israeli reserve soldier who enters into a passionate same-sex affair with an ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Battered Love

An adaptation of a play written by Shelly Garrett, who also wrote Beauty Shop, the dark ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Belgian documentarian Peter Brosens and American director Jessica Woodworth collaborated on this unusual story of a simple man who learns that the fates have ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Killing of John Lennon

What sort of man kills one of the most beloved musicians in the world, and what prompts him to pull the trigger? Filmmaker Andrew Piddington explores these questions in this fact-based drama which examines several weeks in the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Dans les Villes

Fate brings together four people dealing with various life crises and emotional struggles in this downbeat drama from Quebecois filmmaker Catherine ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

One to Another

Directors Jean-Marc Barr and Pascal Arnold's sexually political drama Chacun Sa Nuit ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue, New Zealand writer-director Robert Sarkies' long-awaited follow-up to his 1999 feature debut Scarfies, recreates the events that led up to and surrounded David Gray's November ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

This Is England

British filmmaker Shane Meadows looks back at his own youth in this semi-autobiographical comedy drama that ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Director Tata Amaral offers a poetic look at such ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Angora Ranch

The homosexual drama Angora Ranch begins when Justin drives into a farm owned by Jack. Although there is a substantial difference in their ages, the two quickly fall in love, despite ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


An ordinary working woman helps to spark a revolution in this historical drama inspired by a true story. Agnieszka Kowalska (Katharina Thalbach) has been working as a welder in the shipyards of Gdansk, Poland, since ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Death of a President

The assassination of the most powerful leader in the free world is examined in this controversial mockumentary from British filmmaker Gabriel Range. On October 19, 2007, president George W. Bush is visiting ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Chocolate Rap

An ambitious breakdancer battles rival b-boys before attempting to pass on his skills to the next generation in this ambitious Asian hip-hop film from director Chi Y. Lee. Choco and his friends all ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Eve of Understanding

Rebecca Lowman, Susan Roberts, and Jennifer Harlow star in this tender family drama about the black sheep daughter who thought she meant nothing, only to discover her true value while carrying out a curious last wish from ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Life & Lyrics

A South London DJ battle serves as the backdrop for this hip-hop flavored tale of star crossed lovers headlined by So Solid Crew rhymer Ashley Walters (aka Asher D) and former Precious ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Impressionists

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Soul Searcher

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Director Yongman Kim draws inspiration from Dante's Inferno for this tale of a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Flower and Snake 2

Japanese cult cinema icon Takashi Ishii (Evil Dead Trap, Gonin) directs this erotic drama concerning an ageing husband who goes to unusual lengths to ensure his wife's sexual ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The O.C.: Season 04

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Bridge Game

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Blame it on Fidel!

Her wealthy parents suddenly motivated to take an overtly political stance as massive political and economical change sweeps through France, the daughter of a wealthy Spanish lawyer and a successful French journalist ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Sex Movie

The sexual tension between four filmmakers unwinding after a hard day's work leads to a series of revelations that are both illuminating and tantalizingly voyeuristic. Filming ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


When a powerful drug dealer is left wheelchair-bound by a bullet and his father is murdered by a vigilante detective, he is forced to choose ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

David Young: Village of Dreams

When an aspiring young musician (Dorian Messelhauer) loses his hearing in a tragic winter accident, the Angel of Music (David Young) ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Sideline Secrets

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

American Visa

A Bolivian man with dreams of reuniting with his son and starting a new life in the United States is forced to resort to questionable methods due to harsh laws designed to ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

A Love to Keep

Carmen Elias and Susi Sanchez star in director Juan Carlos Claver's drama exploring Spain's "social danger" laws through the story of two lesbian lovers whose relationship is marred by tragedy. As the film ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Men Cry in the Dark

Director Je'Caryous Johnson adapts author Michael Baisden's best-selling novel exploring the African-American male ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Playas Ball

A twenty-seven year old professional basketball player about to sign a lucrative endorsement contract that will set him up for ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A pair of scientists have their beliefs shaken while ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Contadora is For Lovers

Jorge Ameer's erotically charged thriller Contadora Is for Lovers concerns a married couple who end up involved in a love triangle with a Panamanian who hosts them during a vacation. ~ Perry Seibert, All ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


An up-and-coming Latin hip-hop diva works here way through the treacherous ranks of the recording industry while dealing with an unscrupulous manager, balancing friendships, and flirting with romance in a passionate musical ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Chatterley Affair

Screenwriter Andrew Davies (Bleak House) revisits the scandal surrounding D.H. Lawrence's controversial novel Lady Chatterley's Lover in this original BBC drama ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Lady Chatterley

D.H. Lawrence's once-scandalous tale of a married woman who finds ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Dreams of Dust

With his deeply cathartic and intransigent drama Dreams of Dust, Laurent Salgues takes an unflinching ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

My Name Is Fame

Set in the world of the Hong Kong film industry, Lawrence Lau's My Name Is Fame stars Lau Ching-Wan as an actor who has great respect for his craft, but his devotion sometimes leads to fractured relationships with his ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Shaking Dream Land

The psychological thriller Shaking Dream Land stars Philip Winchester as Robert, a husband and soon-to-be-father who becomes haunted by memories of his past ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The System Within

A high-profile male model finds that rising up from the bottom only means you've got further to fall in a tense tale of competition in the entertainment industry starring Bryce Wilson, Kim ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Housewife, 49

The wartime diaries of Nella Last provide the foundation for this story about a woman who struggled for personal liberation as the world waged a violent war for freedom. Written by a starring popular ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Broken Glass

The drama Broken Glass concerns a pair of low-level criminals who each want ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

City Teacher

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

What a Man Wants...What a Woman Needs

A tireless workaholic whose Herculean efforts at the office have found him neglecting family and ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Hog Island

Hog Island begins with a dissatisfied housewife simply walking away from her life with little more than her robe and a pair of slippers. She ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Keillers Park

The sexually charged mystery Keillers Park concerns a married man named Peter who becomes thunderstruck by Nassim, a gay man he falls ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A teenage girl learns some valuable lessons about love and self-acceptance in this coming-of-age drama ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Sangre Costena

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

That Beautiful Somewhere

Robert Budreau's noirish thriller That Beautiful Somewhere stars Roy Dupris as Conk Adams, a police detective still nursing psychological scars from ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Amor Extremo

Two brothers take a road trip across the border for a motorcycle race meet find more than they expected out of this cross-country ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Friday Night Lights: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Addison's Wall

David Waingarten's short drama Addison's Wall concerns Addison Madeira, a troubled nine-year-old boy still reeling from a traumatizing experience. ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


A high school student who has recently lost her mother risks it all to connect with the sister she never knew in this harrowing drama from actor-turned-director Masato Tsujioka (Bullet ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Rahil's Secret

Rejected by her fellow countrymen and left to fend for herself in an unfamiliar land, a twelve-year-old ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

I Love Miami

Cuban leader Fidel Castro is humbled when he arrives in Miami and experiences America from the unique perspective of a typical Cuban-American in producer-turned-director Alejandro Gonzalez Padilla's clever culture shock ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Fray Martin de Porres

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Cracker: A New Terror

Robbie Coltrane returns as the mentally unsettled criminal psychologist Edward Fitzgerald in Cracker: A New Terror. Fitz returns to his home country after a decade in Australia, taking up the case of a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

East Side Story

Writer/director Carlos Portugal's comedy drama East Side Story earns a historical footnote, as one of the ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Así del Precipicio

Three female friends all at critical stages in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Journey to Lasta

An ambitious musician from the picturesque birthplace of Ethiopian music travels to America to meet an old ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

The Restless

The year is AD 924 and the United Shilla Dynasty is on the road to ruin. Riots are sweeping through the land and a corrupt government is on the verge of collapse. As ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

A Village Romance

When two women from a small Hungarian village fall deeply in love with one and other, ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

48 Angels

Taking inspiration from Saint Columcille, a nine year-old boy recently diagnosed with a terminal illness sets out to locate God before the all-powerful deity finds him first. With nothing more than a ramshackle boat with neither sail nor ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Love My Life

Based on the josei manga by Ebine Yamaji, this feature film adaptation of the comic tells the story of Ichiko, a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Contra Todo...Against All Odds

Directors Michel Franco, Karim Raoul, Dora Pena, and Yuri Makino all pool their talents to craft this Amores Perros-style omnibus detailing the experiences of Latino Americans in the United States. The first tale, entitled "Cyclone," ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Dark Heart

A small town war hero is forced to venture into the darkest corners of his battle-scared heart upon returning to his ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Death of a B-Boy

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]


In the tense days leading up to the Allied bombing of Dresden, a young nurse weighs her loyalty to the motherland against her deepest ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Time and Tide

The passion, humor, beauty, and truth of one man's many romantic relationships form the foundation of this non-linear romantic comedy from director Michael Carvaines. Rob is a man in search of lasting love, yet who spends ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Honey and Clover

Adapted from the popular manga of the same name, director Masahiro Takada's coming of age drama follows five Hama Art College ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Shell Seekers

[ Drama movie - 2006 ]

My Beautiful Jinjiimaa

Director Ochir Mashbat reveals the sublime beauty and grace lurking just beneath the surface of otherwise normal lives with this emotional ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


In the aftermath of the Greek Civil War, a tragic accident mistaken for murder forever tears a family apart. Vassilis may be in his sixties now, but upon exploring the ruins of his childhood home he is instantaneously transported ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

El Don

A common man with ambition to spare and a fierce ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

See No Evil: The Story of the Moors Murders

From 1963 to 1965, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley embarked on a vicious crime spree ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]


Expelled from her homeland and determined to seek out the daughter she was once forced to abandon, Kosovar ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Icharus Broken

Love, life, and death serve as the focal points of this intensely personal drama about a recently released convict who is unable to recognize ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Anthony Warrior of God

The story of the would-be Portuguese nobleman who rejected a life of materialism to become a ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Blood and Wine: A Brazilian Story

Celebrated Brazilian director João Batista de Andrade's Blood and Wine: A Brazilian Story operates ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

JC in the Hood

A prostitute, a gangster, an alcoholic, and a drug addict all in ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club

Released from the pen after serving eight years of hard time, career criminal G (The Game) begins to wonder if an old con really can turn over a new leaf after falling back into his old ways. When G hooks up with the lovely Alexis (Shari Headly), ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral

Acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Saman Salur crafts ... [ Drama movie - 2006 ]

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