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Drama Movies of 2005


Oil drives greed in Oscar-winning Traffic screenwriter Stephen Gaghan's labyrinthine sophomore directorial effort that traces the corruption of the global oil industry from ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Good Night, and Good Luck.

George Clooney pays homage to one of the icons of American broadcast journalism, Edward R. Murrow, in this fact-based drama, which was Clooney's second feature film as a director. In 1953, Edward R. Murrow (played by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A woman struggles to come to terms with the potentially dangerous legacy of her late father in this drama based on the award-winning stage play by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Thornton Wilder's award-winning novel is given a lavish screen adaptation in this historical drama from writer and director ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Exonerated

Adapted by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen from their own ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Lost City

Veteran actor Andy Garcia steps into the director's chair for his first voyage into feature filmmaking with this ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A man seeks to unlock the mysteries of his family's tragic past in this drama. Zach Riley (Aaron Eckhart) is a psychiatrist who has resigned a prestigious position at a major university to take a job at the Millwood Clinic, a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Mrs. Harris

The sensationalistic murder of diet guru Dr. Herman Tarnower is explored in this stylized take on the tabloid cover story from first-time director Phyllis Nagy. As the inventor of the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Broken Flowers

A man sets out to find the son he didn't know he had and winds up getting answers to some questions he never asked in this comedy drama from director Jim Jarmusch. Don Johnston (Bill ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

North Country

A fictionalized account of one of America's most groundbreaking sexual harassment lawsuits comes to the screen in this hard-hitting drama. In the late '80s, Josey Aimes (Charlize Theron) fled her abusive ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

American Gun

Three stories of how America's obsession with firearms impacts its citizens are explored in this independent drama. Carl Wilk (Donald Sutherland) runs a gun shop in Virginia that has been owned and operated by his family for generations. Carl ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lord of War

One man demonstrates how to get rich selling warring nations the tools of their deadly trade in this dark comedy drama. Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) is an opportunistic businessman ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Separate Lies

A damaged relationship is stretched to its desperate limits in this drama. Anne (Emily Watson) and James (Tom Wilkinson) are a seemingly happy and prosperous British couple who divide ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The White Countess

James Ivory directed this historical drama of a man who has shut himself away from a world he cannot change. Todd Jackson (Ralph Fiennes) is an American expatriate living in Shanghai in the late ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Pope John Paul II

One of several dramatized tributes to the late pontiff to be telecast in 2005, the two-part CBS biopic Pope John Paul II is a remake of a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

An Unfinished Life

Two generations of a damaged family are brought together in this emotional drama. Einar Gilkyson (Robert Redford) was a once successful rancher whose spread went to seed after he ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Don't Come Knocking

Director Wim Wenders and writer Sam Shepard, who collaborated on the award-winning film Paris, Texas, once again join forces ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Two for the Money

D.J. Caruso's Two for the Money stars Matthew McConaughey as Brandon Lang, a former college quarterback whose life plans changed when he suffered a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Human Trafficking

For naïve audiences under the impression that sexual slavery is a thing of the past, director Christian Duguay's ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Cinderella Man

The true story of an athlete who achieved his greatest success against the most daunting odds ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

A man and his young daughter face almost impossible odds as they struggle to help an injured horse return to the racetrack in this family-friendly drama. Ben Crane (Kurt ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Heavens Fall

The tragic court case that forever altered the course of American jurisprudence is dramatized ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Constant Gardener

A man discovers a deadly secret when he tries to find out who killed the woman he loves in this suspense ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Warm Springs

In the tradition of Dore Schary's Sunrise at Campobello, the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Down in the Valley

A romance between a teenage girl and a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Missing in America

A reclusive Vietnam veteran finds his quiet life thrown into chaos upon receiving an unexpected visitor in this tale of friendship and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The creation of one of the most memorable books of the 1960s -- and the impact the writing and research would have on its author -- is explored in this drama based ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


David Mamet wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of his play about a man who suddenly stumbles into a new and dangerous life. Edmond Burke (William H. Macy) is on his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

In this blend of psychological thriller and courtroom drama, Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) is a 19-year-old college student who begins displaying bizarre and troubling behavior; as her actions become increasingly ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Squid and the Whale

Two boys learn the hard way about how a marriage falls apart in this independent comedy drama. Bernard (Jeff Daniels) is a novelist whose career has gone into a slow decline as he spends ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Secret Life of Words

Writer-director Isabel Coixet's (My Life Without Me) beautifully wrought ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lonesome Jim

A less than auspicious homecoming for an introspective artist sets the stage for this low-key comedy drama directed by Steve Buscemi. Jim (Casey Affleck) is a chronically glum aspiring novelist who, after a failed two-year sojourn ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Our Very Own

The directing debut of actor Cameron Watson, Our Very Own chronicles the daily ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Brokeback Mountain

Ang Lee's adaptation of E. Annie Proulx's story Brokeback Mountain stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger as young cowboys named Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar. Each of them is hired to corral sheep on the title location and they soon bond very ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Carnivàle: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Boss 'N' Up

An ambitious grocery clerk learns that success doesn't come without a price after being ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Much as Steven Spielberg followed 1993's special-effects blockbuster Jurassic Park with a far more downbeat and personal project later the same year, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Issues of race and gender cause a group of strangers in Los Angeles to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Tim Kirkman wrote and directed Loggerheads, a film that follows three different storylines that all transpire over the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

The true story of one woman's effort to keep her family afloat under difficult ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Match Point

A clandestine love affair sends one man's charmed life into a tailspin in this dark, disturbing drama written and directed by Woody Allen, his first film set and shot in Great Britain and one his few films sans any humor. Chris ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Shooting Gallery

A billiard-savvy street kid resorts to desperate measures after finding himself caught between a pair of veteran hustlers and a corrupt vice cop in this urban thriller ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Memoirs of a Geisha

This film, based on the novel by Arthur Golden, unfolds from the perspective of Chiyo (Zhang Ziyi), a girl who, at the age of nine, is sold to a geisha house in Kyoto in the early ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Little Fish

A former drug-addict in her early thirties attempts to put her shady past to rest while paving the way for a brighter future in director Rowan Woods' tale of love, trust, and redemption in modern-day ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Tenants

A pair of writers inhabiting an abandoned New York tenement building become locked in an antagonistic battle of wills in director Danny Green's adaptation of novelist Bernard Malamud's studied exploration of faltering race ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The King

A young man exacts a thorough revenge against the father who abandoned him in this independent drama. Elvis (Gael García Bernal) is a young man in his early twenties who, after finishing a hitch in the Navy, learns that his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Directed by David Mackenzie, Asylum follows a 1950s family living in a home on the grounds of an asylum after Max (Hugh Bonneville), the patriarch, is assigned to serve as deputy director of a remote psychiatric hospital. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Bee Season

Adapted from the novel by Myla Goldberg, Bee Season tells the story of a family whose turmoil is brought to the surface by a young girl's unexpected talent. Eleven-year-old Eliza (Flora Cross) is the invisible element of her family unit -- ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Sisters

Screenwriter Richard Alfieri and director Arthur Allan Siedelman adapt Anton Chekhov's classic stage play The Three Sisters to the screen in this film starring Mary Stuart Masterson, Maria Bello, and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Seven years after playing the David Bowie-esque glam rocker in Velvet Goldmine, actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers tackles the role of the biggest rock-and-roller of all time ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The politics of slavery and the follies of nation-building highlight Danish director Lars von Trier's thought-provoking follow-up to the director's 2003 drama Dogville, featuring The Village's Bryce Dallas Howard in the role ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Whiskey School

Drawing inspiration from the intervention of a well-known American playwright, director Peter Masterson's adaptation of the stage play by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Numb3rs: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Numb3rs: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A pair of naïve young girls learn that even the most insignificant actions can have lasting consequences in this music-driven take on teen culture starring Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Walk the Line

James Mangold's Walk the Line tells the life story of country music legend Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix), ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Where the Truth Lies

A reporter unexpectedly gets a personal perspective on a legendary show-business story in this ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Oprah Winfrey Presents: Their Eyes Were Watching God

Originally telecast March 6, 2005, by ABC, this "Oprah Book Club" TV movie is adapted from Zora Neale Hurston's novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, a certified classic of African-American literature. Covering the first 30 years of the 20th ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Neo Ned

Ned (Jeremy Renner of Dahmer) is a proud member of the Aryan ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Tara Road

Andie MacDowell, Olivia Williams, and Stephen Rae star in this bittersweet tale of two grieving women connected by an accidental phone call. Connecticut mother Marilyn Vine (MacDowell) has always lived a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


An estranged African-American family from the deep South is forced to confront their painful past when as they come together to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Following the death of her drug-addicted mother, a whimsical young girl follows her chemically dependent father to a remote prairie house to discover a wondrous world of magical fireflies and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The charmed life of a successful young engineer is thrown into chaos following a decidedly uncomfortable dinner with his powerful boss and the man's socially scabrous wife in With a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Time to Leave

Diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only a short while to live, a successful fashion ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A free-spirited art student and a roguish poet find their addiction to each other taking a back seat to their taste for heroin in director ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Hawk is Dying

A man channels his feelings through an obsession with wild birds in this ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Pleasure Drivers

Lauren Holly, Lacey Chabert, Billy Zane, Angus Macfadyen, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A late-career change of heart leads to a dangerous life on ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dancing in Twilight

Erick Avari, Mimi Rogers, Louise Fletcher, and Kal Penn star in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Two girls born at the same time on different sides of the world are brought together by an act of mercy in this drama. Katie (Mika Boorem) is a high-school student who has grown up in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. While ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant

An eighteenth century female convict arrested for petty theft and sentenced to seven years in Botany Bay stages the only successful escape from the Australian penal colony ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Beyond the Gates

Two outsiders witness an onslaught of bloody Rwandan ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A seemingly ideal marriage is thrown into embarrassing turmoil in Patrice Chéreau's period drama, Gabrielle. Based on the short story The Return by Joseph Conrad, the film opens with Jean ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Reading Room

After the death of his beloved wife, Helen (Lynne Moody), wealthy ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Quiet

A withdrawn, deaf, and mute teen adopted by her godparents following the death of her single father finds that life in her dysfunctional new home can ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Circle

Yuri Zeltser's The Circle concerns a woman (Angela Bettis) who discovers that her husband has a contract taken out on him by a mobster. She finds the hitman who has been hired to take out her husband, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Paranoia grips a bourgeois European family when a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Black Widow

Not to be confused with the 1987 Bob Rafelson/Debra Winger thriller of the same title, the 2005 Black Widow stars Giada Colagrande as Eleanora, a woman ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Greatest Game Ever Played

The true story of an upset victory that helped change the sport of golf forever ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A young man gets a crash course in the madness of war in this fact-based drama from director Sam Mendes. Anthony "Swoff" Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) decides to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Four Brothers

Four men come together to find out how and why the woman who raised them was killed in this hard-edged urban drama from director John Singleton. Short-tempered Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), struggling musician Jack (Garrett Hedlund), streetwise ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Last Days

Filmmaker Gus Van Sant wrote and directed this meditation on stardom and its costs, inspired in part by the life and death of rock musician Kurt Cobain. Blake (Michael Pitt) is the leader of an influential ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Free Zone

A Jewish-American woman still reeling from her breakup with her Spanish-Israeli fiancée hits the road with a middle-aged Israeli woman, who is looking to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sweet Land

A European exile finds herself a stranger in a strange land when she comes to the United States in this independent romantic comedy-drama. As a man ponders what to do with his family's estate after the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Le Petit Lieutenant

A young, inexperienced detective is inducted into an elite Paris plainclothes unit in Le Petit Lieutenant, directed by Xavier Beauvois (Don't Forget You're Going to Die). Antoine (Jalil Lespert or ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A party becomes a metaphor for the wasted lives of a handful of young hipsters in this edgy independent drama. Syd (Chris ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Californians

A battle between real estate moguls and environmental activists takes an unexpected turn into affairs of the heart in this satiric update of Henry James' The Bostonians. Gavin Ransom (Noah Wyle) is a successful real ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


When a tragic car accident robs a loving father of both his son and his sense of touch, it's up to one sympathetic nurse to show him that the future still holds hope in a poignant and inspirational drama starring ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Grey's Anatomy: Season 01

Launched as a mid-season replacement on ABC in spring 2005, this sex-soaked medical soap opera quickly became a hit during its nine-episode inaugural run. Creator/executive producer Shonda ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Grey's Anatomy: Season 02

Following its nine-episode inaugural season, the seriocomic medical series Grey's Anatomy returns with a full complement of episodes for its second year on the air--indeed, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Oliver Twist

Director Roman Polanski gives one of Charles Dickens' best-loved stories a new and dynamic interpretation in this period drama. Oliver Twist (Barney Clark) is a young orphan in Victorian England who has been sent to a dank workhouse ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

House: Season 02

Season Two of House begins as the gloriously obnoxious and abrasive Dr. Gregory ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Mighty Celt

A young boy from a broken home learns the harsh realities of life after adopting an awkward greyhound ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sorry, Haters

An embittered television executive working for a hip-hop-oriented music channel finds her fate intricately tied with a New ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Steel City

A young man struggles to hold his family together while keeping his own life on track in this independent drama. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Peaceful Warrior

Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva takes a break from the horror to offer an inspirational tale about the remarkable power of the human spirit as the pages of Dan Millman's best-selling autobiographical novel come to life onscreen ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Fielder's Choice

Ambitious young advertising man Phillip Fielder (Chad Lowe) has no time for relationships, and seems to have affection only for his creature comforts -- a source of great ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

ESL: English as a Second Language

An illegal day Mexican laborer and a club-hopping Los Angeles hipster form an unusual connection that leads the lives of both down paths neither could have ever anticipated. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Piper Perabo (Cheaper by the Dozen) plays Jen Marshall, a young girl in her mid-twenties who has more than a few skeletons in her closet, in Irving ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Notorious Bettie Page

Celebrated and vilified in equal measure, the pinup goddess Bettie Page inspired a legion of followers -- and an indecency scandal -- by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

El Cortez

An autistic ex-con attempting to readjust to life on the outside finds that the past isn't so easy to escape as he becomes caught in the middle of a deadly triple-cross in director Stephen Purvis' ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Desperate Housewives: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Laura Prepon and Misha Collins star as the murderous pair whose deplorable crimes sent ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Virgin of Juarez

The Virgin of Juarez stars Minnie Driver as a reporter investigating numerous deaths in the border town ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Tru Calling: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam

A pair of young men living in the 21st century relive the tales of one of their ancient forbearers in this historical drama. Kamran (Adam Echahly) is a 12-year-old boy of Iranian ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Friends and Crocodiles

British helmer Stephen Poliakoff, the man responsible for 2003's acclaimed The Lost Prince (about a young British monarch whom the regents locked away to hide his epileptic fits), returns with the feature Friends and Crocodiles, starring ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

Author James Patterson's critically acclaimed best-seller about love and loss comes to the screen in this affecting drama starring Emmy award-winning actress Christina Applegate. Kate Wilkinson (Kathleen Rose Perkins) is a New ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lords of Dogtown

The true story of the kids who created modern skateboard culture is recreated in this drama. In the early ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Pope Dreams

A young dreamer and directionless drummer attempts to get his terminally-ill mother an audience with the Pope while doing his best to impress his dream girl, earn a decent living by working in his father's warehouse, and navigating the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

See Arnold Run

This made-for-cable biopic recounts the incredible career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who after a hardscrabble childhood in Austria came to America in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Nickel Children

Told from the vantage point of two young runaways who are forced to sell their bodies in order to survive on the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

12 and Holding

A trio of troubled suburbanites attempts to come to grips with the personal issues that surface following the tragic death of one of their own in this introspective adolescent ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Alpha Male

The feature debut from writer/director Dan Wilde this British drama centers on a family split apart in the wake of its patriarch's death. Jennifer Ehle stars ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Green Street Hooligans

An American abroad is introduced to the heady but dangerous ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

CSI: NY: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Coach Carter

The true-life story of a coach who tries to teach his players that there's more to life than basketball is brought to the screen in this sports drama. Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) was once a star player on the Richmond High ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sometimes in April

When the Hutu nationalists raised arms against their Tutsi countrymen in the African nation of Rwanda in April of 1994, the violent uprising marked the beginning of one of the darkest times in African history. Over the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Heading South

A trio of lonely, middle-aged American women finds their growing disillusionment with stateside men leading them to seek emotional comfort and sexual gratification in the arms of ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Four Minutes

Set largely in England (but filmed in Canada), Four Minutes is the story of Sir Roger Bannister, doctor by profession and runner by preference -- and the first man to run under a four-minute mile. Played by Jamie Maclachlan, Bannister is ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The tumultuous relationship between a father returning home after years in a labor camp and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Produced for cable's ESPN network, Codebreakers dramatizes a real-life cheating scandal that ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Tristan & Isolde

One of the great stories of doomed love is given a new screen interpretation in this historical drama. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, King Donnchadh (David O'Hara) of Ireland has become the de facto ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Last Day

Rodolphe Marcnoi's The Last Day concerns the troubled history of a family. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lost: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The final days of one of the truly legendary figures of British rock ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Laura Smiles

A woman haunted by the untimely death of her former fiancée attempts to ease her psychic suffering by marrying another man and living the idealistic suburban life in director Jason Ruscio's vivid existential ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story

Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story concerns an awkward teenager who, after being attacked in the forest, befriends a Kermode bear. He soon learns that the bears are seriously endangered. The boy grows out of his shell and begins a political ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

One Tree Hill: Season 03

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Bleak House

A trio of orphans becomes embroiled in a mysterious and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Medium: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Inside Out

A suburban homeowner becomes obsessed with the secretive family next door in this independent drama. Norman (Steven Weber) is an airline pilot who one day discovers he has new neighbors when he hears them moving into a nearby house during ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

CSI: Miami: Season 04

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A courageous group of soldiers plot their escape from the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

River's End

A concerned grandfather gives his troubled grandson one last shot at redemption in director William Katt's sensitive tale of survival in the wilderness. Clay Watkins (Sam Huntington) is a seventeen-year old boy who still ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Selling Innocence

Impulsively posting a few photos of herself on the Internet, aspiring teenage model Mia Sampson (Sarah Lind) is thrilled and flattered when she is invited to sign with an on-line modeling agency. The fact ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Fine Art of Love

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dear Wendy

The contradictions of America's simultaneous love and fear of violence go under the microscope in this drama from Danish ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Medium: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lackawanna Blues

A young boy grows up among a makeshift family of ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Life of the Party

A former high-school track star who has taken to staving off reality with the all-too-occasional cocktail must summon the strength to save his marriage and pull back from the abyss when his friends and family stage an intervention that ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Moustache

"What would you think if I shaved my moustache?" asks Marc (Vincent Lindon) of his wife, Agnès (Emmanuelle Devos), one fateful night as ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Christmas Blessing

Made for television, The Christmas Blessing is a sequel to the earlier CBS holiday offering The Christmas Shoes, with Rob Lowe briefly reprising his portrayal of Robert ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Hip-hop star 50 Cent makes his movie debut in this hard-edged urban drama inspired by the rapper's own life. Marcus (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, aka 50 Cent) grew up in a tough New York neighborhood and was left to fend for himself after the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Diego Luna Daniel Martinez, and Laura Hidalgo headline writer director Kurt Hollander's hyper-stylized ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Living 'til the End

Amanda Goodwin's Living 'Til the End concerns a man who, after being told by a psychic that he will die on his next birthday, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Beautiful People: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Ghost Whisperer: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Game of Their Lives

In 1950, most Americans had only a passing familiarity with the game of soccer, even though it was the world's most popular sport, and few athletes in the United States played the game with any particular degree of expertise. However, when an ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

A man finds his heart and soul torn between loyalty to his family and a need to be redeemed from his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The drama Shackles stars D.L. Hughley as a teacher who, desperate for employment, takes the one ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


As young children, Ivan, Julia, and Kike were inseparable. Later, after being separated by circumstance for many years, this former "tripleja" is reunited and compelled to reconcile ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A young man is thrown into the center of the political and social tumult of the late '60s in this drama. It's 1968, and Ben Sweet (Nick Roth) is 18 years old and has just received his 1A draft classification. Ben does ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Al Otro Lado

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Angel Rodriguez

Cultural conflicts threaten to derail the relationship between a determined youth counselor and her headstrong young charge in this drama from Girls Town director Jim McKay. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Knights of the South Bronx

Inspired by the true-life tale of a dedicated elementary-school teacher who inspired his inner-city students by teaching them the game of chess, Allen Hughes' uplifting made for television feature ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Blue Rose

A successful real estate agent, casual drug user, and part-time dealer ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Celebrity obsession leads a French teen to track down her favorite singer following a disastrous staged television encounter between the pair in the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The War Within

The war on terror has an unusual effect on one man in this independent ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Method

The question as to how far a corporate drone would go to land a high-level position at a multinational corporation is explored in Argentinian director Marcelo Piñeyro's back-stabbing boardroom drama that takes its name from a mysterious ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Hard Times

When the troubled son of an NGO worker refuses to take a test and announces that he is not leaving his room, his concerned mother asks one of her clients, a Cuban exile, for help in setting the boy straight. Gonzalo has decided to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Unseen

Upon returning to his rural Georgia hometown to attend his father's funeral, a man is disturbed to discover that his childhood friend has been kept locked in the basement by his abusive brother for nearly twenty ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Steal Me

A family goes through some changes when an unusual sort of drifter crosses their path ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


When a devout, forty year old Muslim woman from a traditional family falls in love with a handsome Canadian man, the stress of balancing her secret romance with her highly demanding ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Good Humor Man

Lost's Jorje Garcia stars alongside Nathan Stevens and Cameron Richardson in this comedy about a rebellious high school sophomore whose life crumbles into chaos after his best friend is accused of ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Little Jerusalem

An orthodox Jewish teen living with her family in France attempts to balance her religious upbringing with her ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

A Simple Curve

A belated rite of passage finds tensions rising between an idealistic father and his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Flannel Pajamas

When a blind date arranged by mutual friends results in a whirlwind courtship for an enchanted young couple, the pair soon discover that fate may not ultimately be so kind in director Jeff Lipsky's affecting romance. As ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Karol: A Man Who Became Pope

While the major American TV networks were jockeying to be the first to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Thieves and Liars

Functioning as an unofficial Spanish-language equivalent of Steven ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story

Richard Rossi's low-budget, direct-to-video feature Sister Aimee dramatizes the life of controversial American evangelist ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Heart of the Beholder

Heart of the Beholder tells the harrowing true-life tale of an ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Point Pleasant [TV Series]

The small New Jersey seaside community of Point Pleasant would never be ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Supercross: The Movie

Two siblings find themselves competing on and off the racetrack in this action-packed drama. K.C. Carlyle (Steve Howey) and his kid brother, Trip (Mike Vogel), are both racers in the rough and tumble world of supercross, a revved-up ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Hard Pill

A gay man takes an experimental medication designed to make him heterosexual in this provocative independent drama. Plain-looking, unlucky in love, and approaching ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Wassup Rockers

Photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark offers another look at the inner workings of urban youth culture in this comedy drama. Jonathan (Jonathan ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Crossing Paths

Jeremy (Antonio Sabato Jr.) is a college student whose only care in the world is the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Fuego En El Alma

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A middle-aged Texas mother slowly buckling under the constant demands of modern life sets out on a strange quest after experiencing vivid visions of a sprawling urban loft in director Kyle ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Christian Maelen served as both star and director in this offbeat independent crime drama. Will Bentley (Maelen) leads a charmed life -- he has inherited a fortune from his parents, he has a beautiful girlfriend, Michelle ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The underground world of graffiti art is at the center of this independent crime drama written, directed, photographed, edited, and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

El Rey

Antonio Dorado Z. directs the Spanish-language ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


One young man's devastating voyage through the Holocaust sets the stage for this powerful drama. Gyorgy "Gyurka" Koves (Marcell Nagy) is ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

State Property 2

Hip-hop mogul Damon Dash wrote, directed, and stars in this hard-hitting examination of life in the criminal underground of a great city. Three different crime bosses are locked in a battle over the drug trade in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Paradise Now

Said (Kais Nashef) is a young Palestinian living in Nablus, and working as a mechanic. He gets his friend Khaled (Ali Suliman) a job, but the hot-tempered and impulsive Khaled quickly loses it. Suha ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Magdalena, the Unholy Saint

A wayward young woman makes a stunning discovery about her faith and her desires in this drama from the Philippines. Chayong (Hilda Koronel) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Pitcher and the Pin-Up

Pitcher and the Pin-Up is a romantic comedy about a young major-league pitcher who must make a big decision between his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Filmmaker Marc Rothemund utilizes long-buried historical records to reconstruct the last six days in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Wiz Kid Of Osbourne St.

An ambitious young entrepreneur attempts to cash in on the television craze as World War II ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

1st Time

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Kissed by Winter

With her uncommonly gentle, understated slice-of-life drama Kissed by Winter (AKA Vinterkyss), director and co-writer Sara Johnsen observes the intersection of several troubled lives in a Norwegian small town. As ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

20 Funerals

This police drama about the line between right and wrong stars DJ Naylor ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dare To Dream: The Alan Kulwicki Story

Brad Weber, Bryan Madson and Thomas Schunk star in the direct-to-video drama Dare to Dream: The Alan Kulwicki Story. The picture recounts the tragic yet inspiring life of the late Kulwicki, a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Main Aisa Hi Hoon

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Aussie Park Boyz

This urban gang drama focuses on the violence, pain, and pride ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Iron Island

An abandoned ship anchored in the Persian Gulf offers refuge to a number of homeless Iranian squatters seeking sturdy shelter in this whimsical drama from Iranian director ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Border Café

An independently minded Iranian widow and mother flouts tradition by reopening her late husband's ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Weeping Willow

After years of refusing to let his handicap get in the way of his success, a blind professor whose vision is restored experiences a dramatic shift in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Gettin' Grown

A twelve year old boy embarks on a journey that will forever shape the way he views his urban surroundings in this ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Night Watch

Argentinean filmmaker Edgardo Cozarinsky's 2005 feature Night Watch (or Ronda Nocturna) is ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Malice Aforethought

An episode of the successful twenty-five year PBS anthology series Mystery!, Malice Aforethought tells the chilling story of ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dawn Anna

Debra Winger made a rare television appearance in this ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Stolen Life

A young woman finds herself torn between the promise of autonomous adulthood and the demands of subservience to a lover in Stolen Life, a contemporary feminist parable by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Rock the Paint

A high school basketball player from Indiana finds his fate careening down an increasingly uncertain path when his family moves to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Red Doors

The retired patriarch of a New York-based Chinese-American family finds that escaping the insanity of his decidedly dysfunctional clan is more difficult than he anticipated in a thoughtful family drama from writer/director Georgia Lee. There ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Mora Stephens' Conventioneers details the relationship between two people on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. Taking ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Italian

An abandoned Russian child forsakes a life of luxury in the name of finding his true mother in director Andrei Kravchuk's affecting drama. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


One young man's dream takes him on a remarkable journey in this sports-themed drama. Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) was born in Mexico, and came to California with his family when he was just a boy. One of the few things Santiago brought ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Melinda's World

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A woman assumes a new identity in order to start her life over ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Gamblers

The young French writer-director Frederic Balekdjian makes his feature bow with The Gamblers (Les mauvaises joueurs), a gritty urban crime drama and coming-of-age tale that has borne favorable ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Reception

Anger, desire, and jealousy fuel a bitter family reunion in this independent drama. Martin ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


After learning he has a newborn son, a small-time thief attempts to go straight - ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures

Two outcasts wander the back roads of Brazil looking for different kinds of ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Over There: Pilot

Producer Steven Bochco, who brought a new sense of realism and emotional depth to television police dramas with Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue, tackled an even weightier theme with the series Over There, which marked the first time an ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Habana Blues

Benito Zambrano's musical drama Habana Blues tells the story of two Cuban musicians who make a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Be With Me

Produced by the gifted Marin Karmitz's MK2 Productions, Eric Khoo's omnibus film Be With Me encompasses three separate tales. All are concerned with the themes of love and fate, each centered around a character who yearns to be ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lower City

A simple cruise turns into a jealous battle for the affections of a sultry ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

I Am Guilty

A handsome but disaffected college graduate unable to deal with the pressures of the ultra-competitive job market in director Christoph Hochhaüsler's dark coming of age comedy. Armin (Constantin von Jascheroff) certainly has ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Bow

A crusty old man and his teenage bride-to-be find their secluded life at sea turned upside down with the arrival of a mysterious teenage boy in The Isle director Kim Ki-duk's quiet and contemplative drama. They've ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

Mr. Lazarescu (Ion Fiscuteanu) is not feeling well. He has a bad headache and has been vomiting. He feels that ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Unwanted Woman

The Iranian drama Unwanted Woman takes a look at a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage. Director Tahmineh Milani's main ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Cold Showers

A trio of French teens experiences a love that will change their lives forever in this erotic coming-of-age tale from director Anthony Cordier. Mickael's (Johan Libereau) obsession with Judo often helps him to focus ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

WTC View

A young photographer living in post-9/11 lower Manhattan struggles to maintain his sanity as he ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Race You to the Bottom

A bisexual travel writer assigned the task of covering Napa Valley's most romantic hot spots invites an old college friend to join him on his quest, only to find their attraction blossoming into something much more complex in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Following the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Gospel

Close friends become unexpected rivals as they struggle to keep ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Dreams of success haunt a Greek woman who yearns to escape her bleak surroundings and pursue success as a singer in the city in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Our Fathers

Based on the book by Newsweek senior editor David France, the made-for-cable Our Fathers dramatizes the pedophilia scandal that literally tore apart the Catholic Diocese of Boston. The story is set in motion when the Boston ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


An amoral teenager develops an unexpected paternal side in this powerful drama from South ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A grieving parent wants to clear the name of his son and see that the culprit gets his due in this drama from India. Vidhyadhar Patwardhan (Amitabh Bachchan) and his wife, Sumitra (Sharmila Tagore), are a pair of retirees in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Over There [TV Series]

Executive produced by Steven Bochco and Chris Gerolmo (who also wrote the theme music), the weekly, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Secreto de Amor

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Drawing inspiration from famed Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 sci-fi classic Stalker, director/co-screenwriter Christoffer Boe's heady tale of love and memory follows an acclaimed Danish ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

7 Days

A guy on the lower rungs of the music business shoots for the moon by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Don't Tell

Dark shadows from a woman's past come back to haunt her in this drama from writer and director Cristina Comencini. Sabina (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) would seem to have a charmed life -- she has a successful career as a voice actress, a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Regular Lovers

Touted in many circles as a response to The Dreamers (2003) -- Bernardo Bertolucci's ode to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lady Vengeance

A woman looks for both revenge and redemption after spending 13 years in prison in this offbeat thriller from South Korea. Lee Geum-ja (Lee Yeong-ae) was in her early twenties when she was found guilty of kidnapping and killing a young boy, and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Steven Soderbergh followed up his slick, star-studded sequel, Ocean's Twelve, with Bubble, a small-town drama about workers in a doll factory, played by a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

On the heels of such extravagant historical swordplay epics as Hero and House of Flying Daggers, Mainland Chinese director Zhang Yimou returns to the reins to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Zameer: The Fire Within

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

David Hemmings: Be My Guest

An ambitious young band looking to break big in a popular talent show learns that winning doesn't come easy ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

David Hemmings: Live It Up

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Hit Man File

A lone wolf assassin must flee both the vengeful ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Miracle's Boys

Miracle's Boys tells the tale of African-American ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Shadow Dragon

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

What Iva Recorded On October 21, 2003

An innocent birthday celebration affords a bourgeoisie family the opportunity to view their lives from an entirely new ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Noriko's Dinner Table

Noriko's Dinner Table (2005) constitutes a follow-up with thematic similarities and loose narrative connections (though not a direct sequel) to Japanese filmmaker Shion Sono's dark 2002 satire Suicide Club. The time-fractured narrative ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Jan Dunn's drama Gypo concerns a blue-collar British couple named Helen and Paul (Pauline McLynn and Paul McGann) who each find daily life a chore. When their daughter ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Colt

The made-for-cable The Colt takes place in Virginia in the fourth year of the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Ghetto Dawg II

The main character in Jeff Cook's revenge thriller Ghetto Dawg ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek

It is said that when children play Kakurenbo, a game of hide ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Work and the Glory: American Zion

The true story of how the Church of Latter Day Saints made its way to the American West in search of a home free from persecution informs this historical drama, based on the novel by Gerald N. Lund. In 1833, Benjamin Steed (Sam Hennings) and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Mother of Mine

The plight of displaced Finnish children sent to Sweden and Denmark to escape the horrors of World War II ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The White Masai

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sinner's Prayer

A ruthless crime boss has a divine revelation that threatens ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

You Are Alone

A broken middle-aged man and an embittered high school escort enter into an agreement that ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A well-to-do family is torn apart by the kidnapping of their teenage daughter in this harrowing thriller starring ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The quest for identity among Kurdish émigrés residing in urban Germany sets the stage ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A bored housewife whose sex life has become all too routine is drawn to a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Father Kelly treasures his life in the priesthood and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Fall to Grace

A high-school-aged Eastern European immigrant finds that life in a new land can have its fair share of difficulties in writer/director Mari Marchbanks's inspiring tale of interconnecting lives. Alexei is a Georgian who moves to the U.S., with his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Don't Touch If You Ain't Prayed

A 40-year-old Christian woman who has been saving herself for marriage is devastated by the discovery that the man she considers to be her soul-mate carries some unexpected baggage in this religious-themed drama from director Larry "Flash" ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Mr. Capon-E: A Soldier's Story

The West Coast gangsta rap game is taken over by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Amnésie: L'Énigme James Brighton

Inspired by true events, Amnesie: L'Enigme James Brighton tells the story of James Brighton, an American man found naked in a Montreal parking ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The House of Sand

Three generations of women struggle to make lives for themselves and their families in the desert wastes of Northern Brazil in a drama from filmmaker Andrucha Waddington. In 1910, Vasco de Sá (Ruy Guerra) leads his wife, Áurea (Fernanda ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

End of the Spear

An indigenous people are turned from a life of violence to a more gentle and forgiving nature in this adventure drama based on a true story. Nate Saint (Chad Allen) is a pilot and Christian missionary who, with his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Pusher III

In the third and final chapter of Danish filmmaker ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Hit Me

Michael Kinney's gambling drama Hit Me concerns a sexy woman who convinces a math genius to lend his skills to a plan to win millions of dollars from casinos by playing blackjack. Soon cracks start ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Murder in the Hamptons

Produced for the Lifetime channel, the made-for-cable Murder in the Hamptons uses the titular 2001 murder, that of multimillionaire investment banker Ted Ammon (David ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Man Push Cart

A former Pakistani rock star attempts to adjust to life in New York City while simultaneously making friends and selling coffee from a push cart on the streets of Manhattan in Iranian-American director Ramin Bahrani poignant, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

15 Park Avenue

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Away (A)wake

Four Memphis residents with little in common but a yearning for self-discovery find out what it truly means to be awake both emotionally and physically as they deal with life, love, and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A middle-class prostitute strikes up an unlikely friendship with an immigrant streetwalker from the Dominican Republic in director Fernando León de Aranoa's compassionate, humanistic ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Blessed By Fire

The near-death of an old friend forces a man to look back at a painful chapter in his life in a wartime drama from Argentinean ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Day Break

A convicted Iranian murderer who has been sentenced to death ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Perfect Stranger

Filmmakers Shane Sooter and Jefferson Moore adapt author David Gregory's ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A lifelong hustler discovers an element of truth to the old adage ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Murder on the Border

Filmed on a shoestring budget, the heavily plotted, direct-to-video Hispanic melodrama ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Secreto de Cabaret

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Hum Jo Keh Na Paye

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

La Mujer de mi Hermano

A woman bored with marriage discovers the pleasure and pain of infidelity in this stylish drama from Mexico. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

October Moon

A shy young man who is shunned by his loved ones after realizing his true sexual identity slips into a paranoid and violent rage when the object of his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

7 Virgins

The plight of marginalized youth who inhabits a small town in southern Spain is explored in the sophomore effort from El Traje director Alberto Rodríguez. Granted a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dam Street

A teenage pregnancy leads to a lifetime of doubt and condemnation for a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Journey From the Fall

The true story of the Vietnamese refugees who fled their land after the fall of Saigon -- and those who were forced to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Something To Remember Me By

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Rang De Basanti

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Luella Miller

The arrival of a beautiful and seductive woman into a small ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

In Between Days

Upon learning that the object of her affections only has eyes for an Americanized Korean ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


When a non-racially motivated misunderstanding between ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A woman sees her own traumatic past reflected in the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

An effeminate 12-year-old who dutifully plays mother to his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Project 313

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The Indian crime drama Maseeha unfolds in a violence-ridden land, ruled over by the powerful crime lord Surajbhan (Mukesh Rishi) - who wields an iron fist from his central headquarters of Shantinagar. Living nearby is the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Second Round

Daniel Cebrian's gritty coming-of-age drama Segundo Asalto (AKA Round Two, 2006), concerns Angel, a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Thicker Than Water

While going through the possessions left behind by her recently deceased father, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

White Air

A once-promising snowboarder who suffered a crippling career setback takes one last ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Like a Puppet Out of Strings

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Tan Lines

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A handful of budding queer activists are mad as hell and not going to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A paranoid housewife finds that her worst fears are merely dwarfed be the terrifying reality of her dangerous obsession in director Ann Turner's psychologically bent study in ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dreams... Do Come True

Small town girl Pooja has spent too long living with her dreams out of reach. Tired of being told that, as a woman, she can never achieve her goals, she sets out for the big city, hoping that Mumbai can offer the opportunities she yearns for. She ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

A Love to Hide

A young Jewish girl looking to escape the clutches of the Third Reich after ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A selfless teen who has always put the needs of others before her own experiences a personal crisis after setting her best friend up with her handsome new neighbor in an affecting coming-of-age ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Beach Girls

Two generations of friends and family explore the friendships, loves, and losses of the past while finding out just how events that transpired years ago can still affect the future in this made-for-television miniseries based on the best-selling ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Meri Aashiqui

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Maa Where Are You...

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Kissing on the Mouth

The low-budget, direct-to-video erotic drama Kissing on the Mouth explores the erogenous trials and travails of a clique of college grads. It concerns Ellen, a young woman sleeping with her ex-boyfriend and bucking his attempts to re-instigate ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Birhen Ng Manaoag

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Lisensyadong Kamao

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Nasaan Ka Man

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Night Job

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


The drama Distortion concerns an Israeli writer attempting to fashion a play addressing the stressful political unrest all around him. Writer's block ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

House of Grace

The drama House of Grace concerns a drug-addicted couple named Keisha and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

A Soap

A dejected beauty salon owner enters into a tenuous friendship with her shy, pre-operative transsexual neighbor in director ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Old Joy

Old Joy is writer/director Kelly Reichardt's long-awaited follow-up to her revered but underseen 1994 feature debut, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sunday Driver

Take a look past the harsh glare of the chrome to see the story of the men behind ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dreaming Lhasa

A Tibetan-American filmmaker seeking to capture the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Special Ed

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Angel in Love

Artur Wiecek's comedy Angel in Love, the sequel to Angel in Krakow, concerns Angel Giordano searching for true love so that he can return to his home in heaven. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


David is a hustler by nature who isn't afraid of skirting the law to get his bootleg CDs and DVDs into the hands of his many customers, but when ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

La Tragedia de Macario

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Big Bang Love, Juvenile A

Two men imprisoned for seperate murders find their fates mortally intertwined in cult director ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

El cielo dividido

Mexican short-film specialist Julian Hernandez marks his sophomore feature film with this erotic, impressionistic tale about an emotionally tumultuous ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A homosexual high-school senior coming of age in Bangor, ME attempts to make peace with his sexuality in director Todd Verow's micro-budgeted independent drama. Joe (Brad Hallowell) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Amor Fulminante

A troubled teen longing to flee his small hometown for the excitement of the big city finds his ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Two Drifters

A heartbroken Portuguese man mourning the loss of his lover to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

A Díos Momo

An illiterate newspaper boy who has neglected his education in order to support his family meets a mysterious night watchman who opens the child's eyes to the power of words in a magical tale from director Leonardo Ricagni. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Down in New Orleans

A riverboat pilot whose outwardly charmed life masks a tortured past finds that not even the most luxurious of material possessions can help him elude his demons in writer/director Richard Elias' ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

1:1.6 - An Ode to Lost Love

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Real: The Movie

Helmed by Borja Manso, the Spanish-language omnibus feature Real: The Movie (aka Real, La Pelicula) pays ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Hunt for the BTK Killer

Actor Greg Henry stars as the elusive serial killer who terrorized Kansas residents for seventeen agonizing years while taunting the authorities and claiming the lives of ten random and unsuspecting victims. Inspired to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Passion of Joshua the Jew

A child born under religious persecution grows into a man who questions the foundations of faith ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Yours Emotionally

Sridhar Rangayan's flamboyant Bollywood drama Yours Emotionally ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Tournament of Dreams

When an inner-city basketball team is faced with the sudden prospect of elimination, the girls who have using their skills on the court to ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story

World famous hockey dad Walter Gretzky struggles to remember his superstar son's remarkable rise ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Independent filmmaker Simon Chung offers the pensive story of a family who ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The O.C.: Season 03

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Ofrenda Desnuda

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Adolescentes y Rebeldes

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

El Escape de los Santos

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Goal

The inspiring sports drama The Goal tells the tale of a friendship between a promising ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Si Desearas La Mujer de Tu Narco

The Spanish language film Si Desearas La Mujer de Tu Narco concerns the relationship between a man and woman who work at a farm. When a stranger comes to investigate how well the farm ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Hunt for Justice

Hunt for Justice tells the story of a Canadian judge (Wendy Carson) who is appointed to a war crimes tribunal. With great determination, she ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Dil Apna Punjabi

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Out of Sight

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Ekpal Pyar Ka

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Pasiones Escondidas

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Valentina's Tango

A beautiful dancer whose passion for the Tango prevents her obsessive love for her husband and dance partner from lapsing into madness ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A woman is uncertain of what path to take when she loses the love of her life in this romantic drama from India. Avi (Salman Khan) is a bright and ambitious young man who, after completing his education in the ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Mi Pa Es un Teporocho

An alcoholic who once abandoned his wife and child attempts to redeem himself by rescuing the pair from a menacing abuser in this south of the border crime drama starring Luis ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Si Mentiras

An inexperienced young hoodlum rises through the ranks to become a feared assassin after being taken in by a powerful drug kingpin in this gritty Mexican crime drama starring Juan Alcantara, Magno ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Time of Her Life

The gothic romantic thriller Time of Her Life concerns two ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

90 Millas

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

1888: The Extraordinary Voyage of the Santa Isabel

Pioneering science fiction author Jules Verne is the hero of this fantasy adventure, which imagines ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A collection of Middle Eastern and North African filmmakers use travel and cultural exploration as a means of ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Section 8

When a dysfunctional family is crammed into a cramped ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

The Theory of Everything

A family man experiencing an existential crisis sets out on the road in search of his birth father, who as fate would have it is on a life-altering quest of his own, in director David de ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Love Trap

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Strange Circus

From the director of the cult hit Suicide Club comes an ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Mi Mujer Me Jugo Sucio

[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]


[ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Flirting with Anthony

A hedonistic couple embarks on a wild, sex-fueled road trip in this ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Out of Hand

The drama Out of Hand concerns a pair of teenage boys, Sebastian and Paul, who are headed down a path that will eventually lead them into trouble with the law. One day they decide to kidnap a female store ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A Newcastle dockworker haunted by a childhood betrayal ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


When an unstable drug addict abandons her boyfriend and teenage daughter, the unlikely pair embark on a tireless quest to locate the girl's biological father in this tender drama starring Godfrey Danchimah and Paige Hurd. Upon ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Short Fuse

When a temperamental boxer is suspended from the sport for a year due to bad behavior, his attempt to climb back into the ring is complicated by devious drug dealers, sexy strippers, and shady schemes in this ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Miraculously rescued by a kindhearted criminal after surviving a fall from an inner-city bridge, a troubled Wall Street businessman engrains himself with his savior's family in this low-key drama concerning ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

A Couple of Days and Nights

A singer, a wannabe starlet, a trust fund baby, and a documentary producer all try to maintain their dignity while struggling to get by in the ultra-commercialized reality that ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


Kidnapped as a child and forced to live the violent life of a dacoit, a girl named Seema grows into a notorious criminal whose turbulent life is marked by endless tragedy. As an innocent adolescent, ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

La Noche del Hermano

The Spanish-language psychodrama La Noche del Hermano (AKA The Night of the Brother, 2005) concerns two boys. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Sangre de Valientes

The tense, Spanish-language drama Sangre de Valientes witnesses the tempestuous relationship between two families, The Altamirano and The Perez, driven to the absolute breaking point by ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]


A former television anchorwoman and an inexperienced fisherman struggle for power after becoming stranded ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Running Deep

Consumed by guilt following the recent death of his wife Katie (Lisa Adams), philandering husband Michael Barnes (Geoff Wilner) embarks on a painful quest to reunite with his disparately different estranged sons. ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

Black and White Milk Cow

A young student returns home to care for his elderly grandmother following the death of his father, and ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

So Much Rice

An indifferent man with an unusual outlook on life embarks on a strange journey while carrying a large bag of rice. Mr. Mao is playing a game of hide-and-seek with his wife when he ... [ Drama movie - 2005 ]

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