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Drama Movies of 2004


Patrick Marber's acclaimed stage drama about the romantic interactions of four people has been given a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Finding Neverland

Following up his critically acclaimed Monster's Ball, director Marc Forster took on this biography of playwright James Matthew Barrie, the scribe who penned the children's classic Peter Pan. Johnny Depp stars as the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Aviator

Martin Scorsese directed this fast-moving, epic-scale biopic documenting the life and loves one of the most colorful Americans of the 20th century, Howard Hughes. The Aviator follows Hughes (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) as the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The Lord works in mysterious ways, and when astronaut Bobby Paradise (David Strathairn) has a divine ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Clearing

Dutch film producer Pieter Jan Brugge makes his directorial debut with the dramatic thriller The Clearing. Affluent executive Wayne Hayes (Robert Redford) and his lovely wife, Eileen (Helen Mirren), live in a beautiful home in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Alfred Kinsey was an entomologist who taught at Indiana University and had a keen interest ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Beyond the Sea

Kevin Spacey serves as both director and star for this biopic based on the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Silver City

Celebrated writer and director John Sayles turns his eye to politics in America in this drama. The son of respected Colorado politician Senator Jud Pilager (Michael Murphy), Dicky Pilager (Chris Cooper) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Directed by Jonathan Glazer, Birth takes place in New York's ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

We Don't Live Here Anymore

Two marriages and four lives are brought to a crossroads by infidelity in this drama, based on a pair of short stories by author ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Iron Jawed Angels

German filmmaker Katja von Garnier directs the HBO original movie Iron Jawed Angels, inspired by a pivotal chapter in American history. Hilary Swank plays Alice Paul, an American feminist who risked her life to fight for ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Ballad of Jack & Rose

A young woman kept at arm's length from the world finds it suddenly appearing on her doorstep in this drama. In the 1960s, Jack (Daniel Day-Lewis) was a political radical and environmental activist who organized a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda tackles one of the most horrifically ugly events in recent history, when the Hutu extremists of Rwanda initiated a terrifying campaign of genocide, massacring hundreds of thousands of minority ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Enduring Love

Enduring Love is director Roger Michell and screenwriter Joe Penhall's adaptation of Ian McEwan's acclaimed novel. Joe (Daniel Craig, who starred in Michell's previous film, The Mother), a college professor, is out on a romantic ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Boston Legal: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Million Dollar Baby

Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) is a veteran boxing trainer who has devoted his life to the ring and has precious little to show for it; his daughter never answers his letters, and a fighter he's groomed into contender status has paid ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Three of the world's most gifted filmmakers offer their own unique perspectives on love and lust in this omnibus film. The initial episode, "The Hand," was directed by Wong Kar-Wai, and tells the story of Zhang (Chang Chen), a young, virginal ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Libertine

A man who lives for pleasure finds his hedonism betrays him in time in this film adaptation of the play by Stephen Jeffreys. The second Earl of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Mitch Albom wrote the screenplay for this made-for-television adaptation of his best-selling story, which offers a novel perspective on life, death, and the meaning of our existence. Eddie (Jon Voight) is an elderly maintenance man ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Being Julia

A woman scorned unleashes her fury in this droll comedy based on a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A mother once neglected as child but possessed of a heart overflowing with love grows increasingly ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Fever

Director Carlo Gabriel Nero brings actor/playwright Wallace Shawn's controversial study of the growing chasm between the first and third world from ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Wool Cap

Created for the TNT television network, The Wool Cap is a remake of the 1962 film Gigot, which was written by and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius

Based on the real-life story of golf legend Bobby Jones, Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A handful of New Yorkers find their paths crossing in ways that force them to examine their lives in this contemporary drama produced by Ismail Merchant. Isabel (Elizabeth Banks) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Woodsman

Writer/director Nicole Kassell makes her feature film debut with the drama The Woodsman. Co-written by Steven Fechter, the original script won first place at the Slamdance Screenplay Competition in 2001. Kevin ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A woman throws herself into a last-ditch struggle to conquer her demons in this gritty drama from director Olivier Assayas. Lee Hauser (James Johnston) is a faded rock star who lives with his ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Sopranos: Season 05

To those viewers who thought that the surfeit of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Assassination of Richard Nixon

The true story of a man who, on February 22, 1974, was thwarted ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Against the Ropes

Charles S. Dutton's feature-length directorial debut Against the Ropes is based on the real-life story of Jackie Kallen, a Jewish woman from Detroit who became a successful boxing manager. Played by Meg Ryan, Kallen works her way up in the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A group of disparate characters look for understanding and compassion in the midst of a lonely holiday season in this comedy drama. Rose (Susan Sarandon) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Aurora Borealis

Duncan (Joshua Jackson), a depressed twentysomething living in a rundown section of Minneapolis, has just lost another job. He has another source of income, letting his brother ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Place Called Home

Michael Tuchner's A Place Called Home stars ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Lives of the Saints

A young boy's innocence is shattered when his mother enters into an elicit affair with a mysterious blue-eyed stranger in a two-part, four hour miniseries directed by Jerry ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Ladder 49

An everyday hero recalls his life as he's forced to look death in the eye in this adventure drama. Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) is a young firefighter who is a member of Ladder Company 49, led by Capt. Kennedy (John ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Reckoning

Scottish filmmaker Paul McGuigan directs The Reckoning, based on the award-winning novel Morality Play by Barry Unsworth. Set in 14th century England, the story involves a priest ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Nine Lives

Filmmaker Rodrigo García takes an unusual look into the lives of nine different women in this episodic drama. Each of the film's nine sequences has been staged as a single shot, using the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Merchant of Venice

One of William Shakespeare's most powerful comedies has been given a bold cinematic adaptation in this film version of The Merchant of Venice. Bassanio (Joseph Fiennes) is a young and vital member of the aristocratic classes in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Door in the Floor

Tod Williams served as both director and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Crown Heights

Racial tensions between Hasidic Jews and African-Americans come to a boil in the Crown Heights section of Queens in this powder-keg ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Changing Times

A worldly construction supervisor travels to Tangier to ensure that a complicated job is completed by the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Confessor

A priest caught in the middle of a deadly murder investigation must risk his life to prove the innocence of a fellow clergyman in a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Vanity Fair

William Makepeace Thackeray's witty assessment of the British class system, as seen through the experiences of one young woman, is brought to the screen with some serious star power in this period comedy drama. Becky Sharp (Reese Witherspoon) ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Kingdom Hospital

Based upon the critically acclaimed Lars von Trier miniseries Riget (The Kingdom), this American remake from fright master ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Something the Lord Made

The true story of two medical pioneers -- one celebrated, one overlooked -- is brought to life in this made-for-cable drama. Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) is chief surgeon at Johns Hopkins ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Home at the End of the World

Directed by Michael Mayer and based on The Hours author Michael Cunningham's novel of the same name, A Home at the End of the World chronicles the 1980s ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The public and private lives of famed songwriter Cole Porter are both explored in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

I Love Your Work

A hot young celebrity discovers fame can be a toxic substance in this independent drama. Gray Evans (Giovanni Ribisi) is a successful ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

In My Country

The many emotional scars left by South Africa's history of institutionalized racism come under the microscope in this drama. As South Africa comes to terms with the legacy of apartheid, their government has created the Truth and Reconciliation ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A woman has a hard time embracing reality after a personal tragedy in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Filmmaker Sally Potter directed this artful meditation on the dynamics of the romantic and sexual relationship. She (Joan Allen) ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Category 6: Day of Destruction

Of all of the ways humankind can destroy the planet, none can hold a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Duane Hopwood

A sad sack has to come to term with his own demons after a long run of bad luck in this downbeat comedy drama from writer and director Matt Mulhern. Duane Hopwood (David Schwimmer) lives and works in Atlantic City, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Illusion Infinity

A successful Las Vegas singer who lost everything when her ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Love Song For Bobby Long

Bobby Long (John Travolta) is a washed up former literature professor with a voracious drinking habit. He lives in a rundown house in New Orleans with ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Raise Your Voice

A teenage girl learns that reaching for your dreams isn't always easy in this heartfelt drama with music. Terri ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Ghosts Never Sleep

The drama Ghosts Never Sleep stars Tony Goldwyn as a struggling screenwriter who might ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Gracie's Choice

Her childhood forever lost to a mother (Anne Heche in an Emmy-nominated performance) whose ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Homeland Security

The NBC made-for-TV movie Homeland Security endeavors to put a human face on the events leading up to 9/11, and the post-tragedy formation ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Head in the Clouds

Australian filmmaker John Duigan directs the romantic war drama Head in the Clouds. Charlize Theron stars as ambitious photographer Gilda Bessé, who lives in France during the 1930s. She ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Winter Passing

Money and emotions lead to a difficult reunion between a father and daughter in this drama. Reese Holden (Zooey ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Directed by Reverge Anselmo, Stateside revolves around the unique love story of two very different ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Friday Night Lights

H.G. Bissinger's best-selling true-life account of a few months in the life of a high-school football team comes to the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Ike: Countdown to D-Day

Tom Selleck stars as General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the television film Ike: Countdown to D-Day. The film follows the General in the three months leading up to the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Love's Enduring Promise

Love's Enduring Promise is an adaptation of a series of novels written by Janette Oke. The film stars Katherine Heigl ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Traffic: The Miniseries

Inspired by the themes of Steven Soderbergh's Academy Award winning 2000 film of the same name, Traffic: The Miniseries focuses on a group of people involved in the highest levels of illegal trafficking; dealing with the sale and trade ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A notorious gangster must reconcile his past in order to make a future for his criminally-minded son in this crime-drama starring football superstar Jim Brown and Pulp Fiction star Ving Rhames. James "Animal" Allen ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The 24th Day

A casual gay pickup turns into a nightmare in Tony Piccirillo's adaptation of his play, The 24th Day. Tom (Scott Speedman of TV's Felicity) approaches Dan (James Marsden of X-Men) in a bar, and the two hit it off. Tom brings Dan home to ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 06

Season six of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, gets off to a powerful (and timely) start with the episode "Birthright," about a disreputable fertility doctor who plans to rob an embryo bank for his own purposes. Several subsequent ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

House of D

Actor David Duchovny made his debut as a director and screenwriter with this coming-of-age drama, in which a grown man looks back at his adolescence. It's 1973, and Tommy (Anton Yelchin) is a 13-year-old boy ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Originally produced as a miniseries for NBC, 10.5 is a disaster ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Back in the Day

A young man is torn by divided loyalty in this hard-edged urban drama. Reggie (Ja Rule) was raised by his father (Giancarlo Esposito) after a violent incident in the neighborhood where he lived with his mother (Pam Grier). While Reggie has ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


James Redford, the son of actor and filmmaker Robert Redford, made his directorial debut with this independent ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Last Ride

Inasmuch as the made-for-cable The Last Ride was assembled by the same folks responsible for such action films as The Fast and the Furious and XXX, one shouldn't be surprised that the picture is virtually one long thrill-packed car chase. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Shooting Livien

An aspiring musician on the brink of stardom attempts to do battle with his personal demons before they finally ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

When Will I Be Loved

Directed by James Toback, the erotic drama When Will I Be ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The O.C.: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The West Wing: Season 06

The crises facing the various members of the Bartlet administration at the outset of The West Wing's sixth season include the ever-escalating hostilities between Israel and Palestine, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Directed by Taylor Hackford, this biopic profiles the life of legendary musician Ray Charles. Despite humble beginnings and the loss of his eyesight due to glaucoma at the age of six, Charles, depicted by Jamie ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Joan of Arcadia: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The inspirational tale of the USS Mason comes to the screen in a dramatic account of the perils faced by ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Beautiful Country

A Vietnamese man looking for a better life embarks on a dangerous and eye-opening voyage to America in this powerful ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Into the Fire

A man who has spent much of his life dealing with grief finally has more than he knows what to do with in this independent drama. Walter Hartwig Jr. (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a New York City cop who is haunted by the death of his sister, who ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

America Brown

A young man leaves his home and family in search of himself in this independent drama. America Brown (Ryan Kwanten) -- called "Ricky" by most of his friends -- was born and raised in a West Texas town ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Winter Solstice

A family struggles to come to terms with changes after a death in the family in this independent drama. Jim Winters (Anthony LaPaglia) is a widower living in suburban New Jersey with his two teenage sons, Gabe (Aaron ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Barry Pepper stars as stock-car racing legend Dale Earnhardt in this made-for-cable drama. Dale was raised by Ralph Earnhardt (J.K. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Suburban Madness

Based on a true story, this made-for-TV drama concerns Clara Harris (Elizabeth Peña), a successful dentist and mother of twins, who hires a private detective, Bobbi Bacha (Sela Ward), to keep tabs on her husband David (Brett Cullen). ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A gifted high-school student flubs her college admissions interviews for the most unexpected reasons in this independent ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Life on Liberty Street

An altruistic divorcée learns that sometimes it takes a patient to heal the healer in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

I Am David

A young boy is sent on a remarkable odyssey as he flees a Communist prison camp in this historical drama, set in Eastern Europe in the early '50s. David (Ben ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Las Vegas: Season 02

Ed Deline (James Caan), smooth-talking and fast-acting head of security at the Montecito Resort & Casino, continues ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Cavedweller is an adaptation of Dorothy Allison's novel of the same name. Anne ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Dying Gaul

An artist who compromises his work for money finds his heart and soul are also being toyed with by his new patrons in this drama. Robert (Peter Sarsgaard) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

House: Season 01

The misanthropic title character of the Fox hospital series House growls, grunts, glowers, winces and limps his way through a variety of curious and bizarre medical cases during the series' first season on the air. For starters, Dr. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Gavin O'Connor directs the sports drama Miracle, based on the true story of the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid. Kurt Russell stars as hockey coach Herb Brooks, who assembles a U.S. team ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Actor Ray McKinnon (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) makes his debut behind the camera with Chrystal, a psychological drama written, directed, and produced by the long-time character player. The film ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

Actress and filmmaker Asia Argento directed this faithful screen adaptation of the fictional J.T. Leroy's fictional memoir, which ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A troubled teen on the verge of manhood if forced to fend for himself ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


When a corrupt Miami businessman flees to the Cayman Islands with his daughter and a million ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Life

Based on the best-selling novel by Isabel Pisano, Spanish actress-turned-director Maria "Luna" Lidon's The Life offers an intimate glimpse into the experiences of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Explore the origins of one of the Bible's most crushing betrayals as Judas betrays the very man who seeks to free his people from the grip of the Romans. A lower-class wine-seller who resents the brutal treatment of his ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

How Did it Feel... ?

Actor-turned-director Daniel Feraldo takes the helm for this simmering family drama about a manic alcoholic who ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bad Education

Filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar takes a look at his own adolescence as well as confronting the issue of sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Chasing Freedom

The drama Chasing Freedom stars Juliette Lewis as a crusading lawyer who attempts to earn a foreign women citizenship in the United States in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


In this noir-flavored drama, Lew (Dominic Purcell) is a man who has moved to ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Brave New Girl

Against all odds, a young woman realizes her dreams to study vocal music in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Ma Mère

An attractive widow finds her attentions turning to her teenage son in a troubling ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A gifted artist wages a personal war against his demons as well as a world that refuses to accept his creative vision in this biographical drama based on the true story of Amedeo Modigliani. Modigliani (Andy Garcia) was an ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Red Dust

A dedicated human rights lawyer and a political ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A man is forced to examine his headlong dive into chemically induced oblivion when he starts dragging someone else along with him in this independent drama. Dorian ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Director Michael A. Goorjian's Illusion tells the tale of a dying film director who, after leading a lavish life of fame and fortune, finds out too little too ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

CSI: NY: Season 01

Introduced in May 2004 as an episode of CSI: Miami, the CBS "procedural" cop drama CSI: NY launches its first full season with 22 hour-long episodes. The opener, "Blink," finds NYC Crime Lab head Mac ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Goodnight, Joseph Parker

The dejected habitués of a run-down New Jersey bar currently teetering on the brink of bankruptcy receive an encouraging boost of morale when a one-time drinking buddy about to ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Land of Plenty

Wim Wenders drama Land of Plenty stars John Diehl and Michelle Williams as two very different people ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Desperate Housewives: Season 01

An awful lot of awful things happen in the outwardly respectable neighborhood surrounding Wisteria Lane during the first season of Desperate ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Nip/Tuck: Season 02

The owners of Miami's trendy McNamara-Troy cosmetic surgery clinic face multiple midlife (and other) crises as the FX comedy drama series Nip/Tuck ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Under the Gun

When a successful businessman's life takes a sharp turn for the worse, he targets his co-workers for death in actor-turned-director Jesse Bean's dark directorial debut. The trouble starts when Dan (Bean) ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Hustle & Flow

One man's struggle to rise above his circumstances prompts him to try a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Brooke Ellison Story

Christopher Reeve directed this inspiring made-for-television drama based on a true story, which turned out to be his final project before his passing ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story

Prom Queen centers on the struggles a homosexual teenager endures when he must fight the social and political pressures placed upon him during his attempts to attend his school's ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Shield: Season 03

Fans of The Shield were outraged when, at the end of the series' second season, it looked as if popular supporting character Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer (Catherine Dent) had been fired from the Farmington District Strike Force. But when ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Baby for Sale

A woman sets out to stamp out unscrupulous baby brokers in this made-for-cable drama. Nathalie Johnson (Dana Delany) is a woman edging into middle age who has an ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Smallville: Season 04

Season three of the Superman-derived adventure series Smallville had ended with young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) disappearing into a mysterious portal opened by his Kryptonian birth father, Jor-El ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 05

As season four of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation drew to a close, it appeared as though a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Blue Butterfly

The true-life quest of a terminally-ill ten-year-old boy who longs to capture the most beautiful butterfly on the planet comes to life on the screen in a touching drama directed by Léa Pool and starring ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Keys to the House

A man makes friends with his teenaged son for the first time in this emotional drama from Italy. Gianni ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Secuestro Express

The current wave of kidnappings in Latin America inspired this tense suspense drama. Martin (Jean Paul Leroux) and Carla (Mía ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Blood and Bones

Yoichi Sai directs Takeshi "Beat" Kitano in this adaptation of the popular ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Forty Shades of Blue

A woman who has drifted away from her boyfriend's affections finds love in the arms of his son ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

If Only

A lonely singer/songwriter and the man of her dreams take a second shot at love after fate intervenes into their romance in a tearful tale of destiny starring Jennifer ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Passion of The Christ

Mel Gibson's well-publicized production The Passion of the Christ concerns the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The dialogue is ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Keep Your Distance

A man who lives what many would consider to be the perfect life begins to see the cracks forming on the surface of his porcelain smooth façade in director Stu ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Mysterious Skin

Two young men are haunted by similar events from their past, though the effects manifest themselves in very different ways, in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

House of Flying Daggers

Chinese director Zhang Yimou fuses a martial arts action-drama with a tragic romance in this elegant period ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Chorus

French producer and musician Christophe Barratier makes his directorial debut with the drama Les Choristes, inspired by the 1947 film ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

She's Too Young

A syphilis outbreak rocks an upscale suburban high school in this made-for-cable movie. Freshman Hannah Vogul (Alexis Dziena) does everything her loving parents (Marcia Gay Harden and Gary ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Two irascible farmers find their bitter rivalry taking on epic tones in this pitch ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Lightning Bug

Robert Hall's drama Lightning Bug concerns a young man trapped in a small ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The rise and fall of one couple's marriage goes under the microscope in this drama from French filmmaker François Ozon. Gilles (Stephane Freis) and Marion (Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi) have filed for divorce following ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

My Summer of Love

Two young women find love under difficult circumstances in this distinctive drama. Mona (Natalie Press) is a 16-year-old girl living in a small English town. There has never been much to do ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

He Knew He Was Right

When Louis and Emily Trevalyan exchanged wedding vows on a day that seemed to mark the beginning of a blissful union, little could they foresee ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

CSI: Miami: Season 03

The opening episode of CSI: Miami's third season represents the final series appearance of Rory Cochrane as Tim ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Mouth to Mouth

A disillusioned young girl looking to carve her own path in life and live on her own terms hits the road with a volatile collection of radical ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

One Tree Hill: Season 02

The big news that broke during the finale of One Tree Hill's first season -- namely, the marriage between wealthy, arrogant ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

NCIS: Season 02

With the inauguration of its second season, this popular "procedural" series streamlines its title, forsaking the cumbersome Navy ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Sucker Free City

Acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee makes the leap from the big screen to the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Lost: Season 01

A passenger jet breaks apart in mid-air, crash-landing on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Left without the creature comforts and basic necessities of civilization, the 48 survivors are forced to rely upon one another to ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Dear Frankie

Directed by Shona Auerbach, Dear Frankie revolves around nine-year-old Frankie (Jack McElhone) and his mother, Lizzie (Emily Mortimer). The mother and son ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Woman Thou Art Loosed

One woman's odyssey through a hellish life of sexual abuse, drug addiction, and crime is resolved in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


American independent filmmaker Lodge Kerrigan returned after a six-year hiatus with this formally challenging tale of a disheveled man desperately searching New York City for his young ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Few figures in professional baseball had a career quite like Pete Rose -- and practically no one who climbed so high fell so hard. Rose made his major-league debut playing second base with the Cincinnati Reds in 1963; ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Until the Night

The collapse of two dysfunctional relationships brings a pair of unhappy people together in this downbeat ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

False Prophets

Filmed independently under the title Gas Station Jesus, this contemporary parable stars Lori Heuring as Maggie Tate, who finds herself pregnant by "miraculous conception." Miraculous or no, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A devastated father struggles to find answers after a bomb detonated in the peaceful Irish town of Omagh claims the life of his twenty-one year-old son in this topical docudrama from ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Doing Hard Time

A man turns to crime in the name of justice in this hard-hitting drama. Michael (Boris Kodjoe) was a good father and a law-abiding citizen until the day his seven-year-old son was accidentally killed in an exchange of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Wire: Season 03

Season three of The Wire continues the series' ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Some Things That Stay

Gail Harvey's Some Things That Stay stars Katie Boland as a teenager whose adolescence is complicated ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Tom Brown's Schooldays

Stephen Fry, Jemma Redgrave, Joseph Beattie, and Alex Pettyfer star in director Dave Moore's ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A man is forced to deal with the dire consequences of his actions in this drama. Emery Simms (Shemar Moore) is a guy who seemingly has it all: a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Cruel Intentions 3

Seduction and betrayal among the teenaged idle rich is once again the order of the day in this, the second straight-to-video sequel to the 1999 hit Cruel Intentions. Cassidy Merteuil ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Trois: The Escort

A man who sells his body for money makes the mistake of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Going Under

The erotic fantasies of an obsessive psychotherapist slowly begin to bleed over into reality when his relationship with his longtime ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Blood of a Champion

A once-promising boxer with a shady past finds that his second shot at glory may come with a hefty price-tag in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The last ten days of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime are seen through the eyes of a young woman in his employ in this historical drama from Germany. Traudl Junge (Alexandra Maria Lara) was 22 years old when, in the fall of 1942, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Very Long Engagement

Audrey Tautou, who rose to international stardom with the title role in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's worldwide smash Amélie, reunites with the director for this drama, set during the darkest days of World War I and its immediate ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Other Side of the Street

Regina (Fernanda Montenegro) is a retired divorcée living ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Don't Move

Don't Move is the second feature from actor/director ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A young mother-to-be attempts to come to terms with her own biology while exploring a potentially deadly environmental accident in this cautionary tale of terror from filmmaker Dave Silver. When a young woman returns to ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

In My Father's Den

In My Father's Den (2005), a universally acclaimed New Zealand feature, swept over 15 international honors ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Claire Denis' elliptical drama L'Intrus was inspired by a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Sea Inside

Two of the most talented figures in contemporary Spanish cinema -- actor Javier Bardem and director Alejandro ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Guarding Eddy

Scott McKinsey's inspirational drama Guarding Eddy stars Brian Presley as Eddy, an 18 year old who dreams of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Two brothers unwittingly exchange roles under the fog of war in this powerful drama. Michael (Ulrich Thomsen) and Jannick (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) are two brothers who have always meshed as well as oil and water. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Café Lumiere

A freelance writer living in Tokyo defies social taboo by choosing life as a single mother in director Hou Hsiao-Hsien's meditative tribute to acclaimed Japanese ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Japanese body horror auteur Shinya Tsukamoto, still best known in the U.S. for Tetsuo, teams with hipster icon Tadanobu Asano for the psychological drama ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Bear witness to the systematic shakedown of New York City's lucrative construction business by non-union, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Brother to Brother

The feature-film debut of filmmaker Rodney Evans, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Vera Drake

Written and directed by Academy Award-nominee Mike Leigh and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


French-Algerian filmmaker Tony Gatlif wrote and directed this tale of a voyage of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Political unrest helps spawn and destroy a friendship between two schoolboys in this drama. In Chile in 1973, as the leadership of socialist ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A strange institution prepares young girls for their future in a manner they don't ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

They Came Back

The recently dead return to life in They Came Back, but they ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Pusher II

On the heels of his eagerly anticipated but coolly received stateside debut Fear X, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

This Revolution

Filmmaker and activist Stephen Marshall, creator of the video news magazine Channel Zero and founder of Guerilla News Network, blends fiction with reality in this feature, shot in part during the 2004 Republican National Convention. Jake ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Pearl Diver

Divided by the same family tragedy that once bonded them closer than ever before, two ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Odd Girl Out

The tyranny, cruelty, and sheer hell of high-school peer pressure and teen bullying has seldom been so vividly realized as in this made-for-cable drama, which some critics have likened to the theatrical feature ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Miracle in Cracow

Director Diana Groó centers her magic realist drama Miracle in Cracow on Peter, a Hungarian Jew who came of age years ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Up and Down

The often uncomfortable bonds of family intersect with the wary ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Murder Without Conviction

A former nun moves into the suburban home of her deceased aunt only to make a shocking discovery concerning a gruesome crime committed ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Without Conscience

Without Conscience stars Maurizio Mattioli as a lonely middle-age male nurse who agrees to transport a boy from Rome to Switzerland so the boy can be delivered to his new adoptive parents. Joining them on the voyage is ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The eponymous character at the heart of the Spanish-language epic Zapata needs little introduction, even to non-history buffs. But ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

September Tapes

Commercial director Christian Johnston makes his feature film debut with the dramatic thriller September Tapes. The story takes ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Steppin' Back

Delman Moore's Steppin Back takes place on a University campus and looks at the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Murda Muzik

Hip-hop group Mobb Deep take its talents to the screen ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Beyond Honor

Traditional Muslim values clash with suburban American sensibility in writer/director Varun ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Lost Embrace

Argentinean filmmaker Daniel Burman writes and directs the ensemble film El Abrazo Partido (Lost Embrace), a follow-up to his 2000 feature Waiting for the Messiah. Daniel Hendler plays Ariel, a young man who lives in a Jewish ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

I - Proud to Be an Indian

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Vida Que te Espera

La Vida Que te Espera stars Juan Diego as Gildo, a farmer who ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


German-born Turkish filmmaker Fatih Akin writes and directs the drama Gegen die Wand (Head-On). Set in a working-class Hamburg neighborhood, the story follows ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Días de Santiago

A 23-year-old Peruvian Navy veteran struggles to re-integrate himself into society only to hit a series of roadblocks both societal and psychological, in the feature directorial debut from Peruvian filmmaker Josue Mendez. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Infierno Verde

When a federal agent discovers that villainous foreigners are exploiting the indigenous population of Mexico, he sets on a violent mission of justice and revenge. Corrupt foreigners are forcing the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Weeping Meadow

Master Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos wrote and directed this downbeat look at his nation's often blighted history, as seen through the eyes of an unfortunate young couple. In 1919, a band of Greek refugees who had found a home in Odessa are ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Lana's Rain

Lana is willing to do anything to leave the war-torn Balkans behind, so when her brother ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

One Perfect Day

Twenty-two-year-old Tommy Matisse (Dan Spielman) is a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London who dreams of writing an opera that will speak truth in the chaos of the contemporary world. Consumed ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A boy gets an early lesson in issues of politics, race, and violent activism in this drama from Belgium. Justin (Kalomba Mbuy) is a boy living in Brussels with his father, Dieudonne (Ansou Diedhiou), who, like Justin, is an illegal alien from ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Triple Agent

Eric Rohmer, the globally-celebrated auteur behind Claire's Knee and Ma nuit chez Maud, helms Triple Agent, a riveting political drama set in 1930s France. The story is based on the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Dear Pillow

An emo grocery bagger living with his divorced dad in a low-income apartment ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Graffiti Artist

A pair of outlaw artists briefly forge an alliance in this low-key independent drama. Nick (Ruben Bansie-Snellman) is a nomadic graffiti artist who has made his way to Portland, OR, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Na Cidade Vazia

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Overture

A master musician defends his talent and his family's reputation against ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Beautiful Boxer

Inspired by a true story, this drama from Thailand tells the story of Nong Toom (Asanee Suwan), who was born in a small community where his family ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Brooklyn Bound

In this streetwise independent drama, Sean (Tommy Guiffre) is a drug dealer who seems to have enjoyed more than his share of good luck -- he's managed to avoid the law, he makes good money, and he has a handful of business ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Cross Bronx

Screenwriter Larry Golin made his directorial debut with this coming-of-age story set in New York. Four friends move in together in a ramshackle apartment in the Bronx as they try to figure out their next move while they ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Life After All

When 18-year-old Vincent's parents are killed in a tragic alcohol-related auto accident, he must fight to retain legal guardianship of his troubled 11-year-old ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Survival of the Illest

The streets are lined with cash and the only way to get it from the gangsters is to steal without hesitation and gun for your life like there's no tomorrow -- ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bottom Out

In this story about impoverished urban life, a woman named Kelly has to decide how much risk and sacrifice is worth the chance to get out of the ghetto. Stealing the 250,000 ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Rap War One

Ricardo Sean Thompson's Rap War One concerns a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens' classic story of the French Revolution comes to the screen in this animated adaptation, designed for ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Brewster Project

The Brewster Project concerns four friends who dream of finding fame and fortune in the music business. Each member of the group offers some talent, but in order to survive ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Maggie & Annie

When a contented housewife falls for an openly gay woman from her softball team, she learns that there may be more to life than she previously thought in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Once Upon a Time in the Hood

An aspiring Chicago gang-banger questions his future when he falls for a devoted young woman and his brother is shot to death in filmmaker ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen stars Sammi Cheng as Yau, a female chef who has built a very successful professional life, but at the expense of a rewarding personal life. While making an appearance on the popular ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Holy Girl

Lucrecia Martel directed this potent drama of love, sex, misunderstanding, and coming-of-age. Amalia (María ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Thousand Dreams Such as These

A romantic triangle plays itself out against the backdrop of history in this drama from India. In 1969, three students are ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Kral Zlodeju

A destitute child from an impoverished Ukrainian ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Heidi (Abbie Cornish) is a pretty teenager who leaves home after getting caught making out with her mother's boyfriend. She impulsively travels to Jindabyne, a snowy ski resort town, because she once met a man from there who said she ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Nobody Knows

Hirokazu Kore-eda, who wrote and directed the international success After Life, returns with this story about a family dealing with an unusual dilemma in an unusual manner. Keiko (You) is a single ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Marking the writing and directorial debut of Henry LeRoy Finch, Wake revolves around ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Pioneering Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembene directed this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Woman is the Future of Man

Two men pursue a woman form their past in this drama from South Korea. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Rahxephon: The Motion Picture

Ayato Kamina thinks that he is just another high school student with ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Simon, El Gran Varon

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Viva Laldjérie

A women living in a city that is slowly being transformed by Muslim activists takes a small stand for the glories of decadence in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Madame Hollywood

Madame Hollywood concerns a woman whose attempt at an acting career has left her without money or hope. She begins performing as an ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Wild Side

The freewheeling sexuality of three men (one of whom lives as a woman) leads them into a relationship that stretches the traditional bounds of love and friendship in this drama. Stéphanie (Stéphanie Michelini) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Whisky Romeo Zulu

Airline pilot-turned-whistleblower-turned-actor Enrique Pineyro makes his debut as a writer/director with the autobiographical docudrama Whisky Romeo Zulu. Pineyro essentially plays himself, a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Day Laborers

After making the trip from Mexico to Los Angeles with hopes of starting life anew in America, three cousins find their efforts to earn a living as day laborers quickly sidetracked by their intense experiences in the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

On the Downlow

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A teenage boy is thrown into a world of love, death, and deception in this powerful drama. Mustafa (Olzhas Nusuppaev) is a 15-year old boy living in Kazakhstan in the early 1990s. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Thunderstruck begins with the death of a boy who ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


When a trio of small-time marijuana dealers incur the wrath of the Mexican mafia, their American dream turns into a terrifying nightmare ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Death in Holy Orders

This mystery centers around an isolated British town in which a death at a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A small town super-jock comes to terms with his suppressed sexuality in this tale of masculine love that lends credence to the old adage "never judge a book by its cover." In high school, Troy had it ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Foliage

The Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1970s -- in which urban ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Unknown Soldier

When the death of his father leaves a young but hardened inner-city ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Claire (Lola Naymark of Monsieur Ibrahim) is a teenager who works as a supermarket cashier. She has moved out of her family's home and into a small apartment, partly because she doesn't get along with her parents, and partly because ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bettie Page: Dark Angel

Bettie Page was one of America's most potent sex symbols in the '50s. Page was a leading model who ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Passion of the Priest

A fledgling priest living in 1970s era London finds his commitment to the church tested by temptation in director Tom Waller's screen adaptation of author Piers Paul Reed's award-winning novel. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Darkness Bride

Sissy, a young, autistic man, and his child bride Qing Hua are thrown into a personal tumult when Qing Hua begins an affair with their friend Chun Sheng. Their affair exposed, the two loot a cave known as the Virgin Tomb, where a young girl ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Hard Time: Hostage Hotel

Logan McQueen (Burt Reynolds) keeps a low profile as a private detective, trying to outrun his past as a former police officer and convicted felon. He is ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Poet

Famed poet Gu Cheng travels from his native China to the beautiful shores of New Zealand, searching for beauty and innocence. What he finds, however, is a twisted tumult of human emotion ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Fighting Tommy Riley

A young fighter and an elderly trainer try to trade their shaky futures in for a championship belt in this independent drama. Tommy Riley (J.P. Davis) is a boxer whose young career is already in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Turn Left at the End of the World

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Before the Fall

One of the Third Reich's sinister plans for training a legion of strong and obedient young men to do their bidding is exposed in this historical drama, inspired by true-life events. In 1942, Friedrich Weimer (Max Riemelt) ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Vremya, Zhatbiy

The drama Vremya, Zhatbiy cconcerns a woman named Antonia who toils as a tractor operator in Russia in the 1950s. She works quickly ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Character actor Victor Argo made one of his last screen appearances -- and landed one of his few leading roles -- in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Defeating the longstanding tradition of kissing scene fade-outs and a resistance to explicit depiction of intimate ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Wire in the Blood: Series 02

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Strange as Angels

A woman wonders about taking the plunge into a new relationship as ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A gaggle of friends and observers ponder the fate of a relationship as they watch it collapse in this independent drama from the Philippines. Cris ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Three Dancing Slaves

Three French-Algerian brothers deal with their grief following the death of their mother in their own different ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Beautiful Washing Machine

Experimental filmmaker James Lee of Malaysia wrote and directed The Beautiful Washing Machine. Teoh's (Loh Bok Lai) girlfriend has just left him, and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Ninth Day

Acclaimed filmmaker Volker Schlöndorff directed this story of a war of words between a Nazi soldier and a man of the cloth. In 1942, Henri Kremer (Ulrich Matthes) is a Catholic priest who, like three thousand other Catholic clergymen, has ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Phir Milenge

A woman must fight for justice as she battles a deadly disease in this Bollywood drama, one of the first films from India to deal with the controversial subject of AIDS. Tamanna Sahani (Shilpa Shetty) ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Violence leads to eroticism in Christian Calson's offbeat drama that proves love can come in the most unexpected -- and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A sullen Viennese boy longing for the affection of his neglectful mother determines to find out just why his neighbors scornfully refer to him as a "whore's son" in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Buffalo Boy

A teenager coming of age in Vietnam in the '40s is faced with new challenges and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A devastating car accident forces a nurse (Petra Morzé), a supermarket checkout girl (Susanne Wuest), and a high-strung real-estate agent (Andreas Kiendl) ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Hamburg Cell

British film director Antonia Bird offers a chilling examination of the roots of extremism with this intensely-researched dramatization of the events leading up to the tragedy of September 11, 2001. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Black Cloud

Actor Rick Schroder makes his directorial debut with this inspiring drama set in the American Southwest. Black Cloud (Eddie Spears) is a young Native American who grew ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Italian filmmaker Saverio Costanzo based his feature debut, Private, on a true story of a Palestinian family whose home was taken over by a platoon of Israeli soldiers. In the film, the family lives in between a Palestinian village ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Syrian Bride

A family deals with the typical anxieties of a wedding day while also confronting the political turmoil of the Middle East in this drama, a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Love Rome

After making his name directing a number of high-profile music videos and the award-winning Jane's Addiction rockumentary Three Days, filmmaker Carter B. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Wilby Wonderful

The residents of Wilby, Nova Scotia, learn the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


In this independent coming-of-age drama, David (Eben Gordon) is a 16-year-old boy living in New Jersey, who has been forced to grow up in a hurry. David's father, Jack (James Earley), has decided to leave Katie (Juanita Walsh), ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Gilles' Wife

A woman struggles to hold on to the man she loves in this drama set in the 1930s from Belgian filmmaker Frédéric Fonteyne. Elisa (Emmanuelle Devos) is a housewife who is ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The World

Chinese writer/director Jia Zhang Ke's The World is his fourth feature, but it's his first set in a major city, and the first film he's made with the cooperation of the Chinese government. The World is set ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Locked Up

Love blossoms in the even the most cold and unforgiving of places in this frank and startling prison drama from German filmmaker Joerg Amndreas. When young Dennis is arrested for credit card fraud, he is soon convicted of the crime and sent ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Turtles Can Fly

Turtles Can Fly, written and directed by Bahman Ghobadi (Marooned in Iraq, A Time for Drunken Horses) takes place in the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Theo Van Gogh's Cool! tells the tale of three teenage criminals - (Abdel, Jacky, and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A battered woman finds her soul mate in a most unusual manner in this drama from Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-Duk. Tae-suk (Jae Hee Song) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The House of Love

This drama was written, directed, and produced by filmmaker Kurt Sherrard and centers on an orphanage in turmoil in the wake ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Almost Brothers

A lifelong friendship between two men forces them to examine how different their lives have become, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Innocent Voices

The bloody civil war which tore apart El Salvador in the 1980s is seen through the eyes of a young boy in this drama from director Luis Mandoki. Chava (Carlos ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Lila Says

A self-styled bad girl leads a teenage boy down a frustrating path in this drama from France. Chimo Jarjoura (Mohammed Khouas) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Electric Shadows

The beauty and tragedies of China's history are reflected in the lives of a handful of film fans in this historical drama. Mao Dabing (Xia Yu) is a delivery man working in a small village in rural China ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A young man growing up in a blighted landscape turns inside himself for comfort in this drama. Marko ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

On the Outs

Three teenage girls struggle to survive in the urban jungle of their hardscrabble New Jersey neighborhood in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


An aimless Oslo twentysomething attempts to reconcile the errors of his past while simultaneously taking control of his ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Max and Mona

A bright young man from a remote South African farming village finds his quest to become a physician thrown into question in director Teddy Mattera's thoughtful African ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Nuit de la Vérité

The end of one conflict may lead to the beginning of another in this drama, the first feature from filmmaker Fanta Regina Nacro. In a nameless African nation, a long and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Throw Down

A man who gave up on himself is redeemed by new and unexpected challenges in this drama from Hong Kong filmmaker Johnny To. Sze-To (Louis Koo) was once a respected judo champion, but he became jaded and lost interest in the sport. Now, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A impoverished young mother with few creature comforts but an unbreakable spirit determines to see that her growing daughter receives an education after suffering a crippling setback in this affecting drama ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Los Muertos

Released from prison after having served an extended sentence for the murder of his two siblings, ex-convict Vargas ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Province 77

Province 77 concerns a Thai family who has come to America. The title refers to a Thai-filled section of Los Angeles that is given the title moniker in honor of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Purgatory House

Neophyte director/producer Cindy Baer helms the quirky goth afterlife drama Purgatory House, written by the prodigious 14-year-old ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Work and the Glory

When the Steed family relocates to upstate New York from their long-time home in Vermont, religious strife threatens to destroy their close-knit relationship in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Hawaii, Oslo

It's the hottest day of the year in Norway, and seven disparate souls are about to cross paths without knowing what fate has in store for them. Frode and Milla are about to become parents, but they are ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Love & Suicide

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Agnes and His Brothers

The Tschirn brothers have their share of problems. Middle brother ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A man searching for clues to his past pays a visit to the place where he was born in this drama laced with romance and music from India. Mohan Bhargava (Shah Rukh Khan) left the small village in India where he was born and raised to travel to ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Perder es Cuestion de Metodo

Sergio Cabrera's adaptation of Perder Es Cuestion De Metodo stars Daniel Gimenez Cacho as a reporter who comes across a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Demoiselle d'Honneur

The master of French suspense joins forces with the queen of English suspense fiction for this tense tale of the treacherous love affair between a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Tony Takitani

A man who has lived a life of emotional isolation discovers the dark ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Sombra Del Caminante

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Juive

Jacques Fromental Halévy's grand opera arrives on home video in this 2003 revival performance of the 1999 Vienna ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Most High

A disastrous series of personal tragedies find a benevolent but emotionally hollow mental health ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

20 Angosht

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Rider Named Death

A small band of radicals takes on a dangerous game of political ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Garçon Stupide

An aimless gay teenager begins to realize the effect he has on others in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Trouble With Perpetual Deja-Vu

Todd Verow's The Trouble with Perpetual Déjà vu stars Devery Doleman as Danielle, a woman going through a serious personal crisis. With her marriage falling apart, she moves in with her ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Murder One: Season 01

An aggressive publicity campaign mounted by ABC in the fall of 1996 left no doubt that the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Home Beyond the Sun

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Proxima Salida

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Great Water

A man near the end of his life relives a crucial period from his youth in this powerful drama. Lem ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Quality of Life

A pair of lifelong friends whose relationship thrives on their ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story

The often-controversial story of one of the world's most popular entertainers comes to life in this made-for-cable biographical drama. Michael Jackson (played by Flex Alexander) grew up in the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Reconciled With Christ

Franklin McDowell (Ron A. Blair) is on a journey to find his estranged wife with one objective in mind: to kill her. Along the way he meets a preacher (Larry Joe Treadway) who possesses inexplicable knowledge and incredible ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Hispanic rapper Frost (aka Kid Frost) stars in this hard-hitting ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Grace and the Storm

Christopher Baldi's Grace and the Storm concerns drug dealer Evan Piper (Christopher Amitrano). Pipe, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Player to Be Named Later

This film follows four minor league baseball players in a single season with the Indianapolis Indians Triple A baseball club. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Beyond Our Ken

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Magician

A secretive street magician finds his life forever changed after being reminded of the past he once walked away from in director Jamie Aparicio's inspirational redemption drama. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Island at War

Spanning over six and a half hours, this U.K. television movie chronicles the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Two Guns

A pair of heat-packing teens with revenge in mind are the subject of this 2005 ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Hip Hop Dynasty 2: The Mixture

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Police Beat

A conservative and moralistic Muslim bicycle cop hits the streets for a seven-day shift in Seattle but fails to see the crime all around him ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Deck Dogz

Three young skaters desperate to drop out of suburbia and land a sponsor defy the rules to take part in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Aishite Imasu

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

When Beckham Met Owen

This film from director Adam Wong is a soccer movie about a character named ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Record Deal

A struggling rap artist seeks revenge after being betrayed by the corrupt CEO of his record label in first-time filmmaker Mark Clayborne's gritty urban drama. ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Two young women on the wrong side of both society and the law fall into a dangerous love affair in this ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Dejuan is at a breaking point with his wife ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

White Rainbow

When tragedy befalls a privileged Indian wife as she suddenly loses both her ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Sea Apart

A nostalgic American housewife saddled with a neglectful husband and two mischievous children must choose between her new family and a carefree existence on the idyllic Greek Island of Karpathos when her childhood love arrives in Los ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Cyrano De Bergerac

This performance of Franco Alfano's opera about ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Journey From the Heart

When an aging Chinese woman agrees to journey to America to celebrate her seventieth birthday with her two daughters, her son-in-law, and her granddaughter, her presence ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Buenos Aires 100 Km

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Colossal Sensation!

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

East of Sunset

East of Sunset stars Emily Stiles and Jimmy Wayne Farley as a couple that is going through difficult times and find that their love ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Flower and Snake

In this erotically charged drama, Shizuko (Aya Sugimoto) is a beautiful ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bakit Pa Kita Minahal

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Balahibong Pusa

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bata Pa Si Sabel

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bayarang Puso

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Beautiful Life

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bituing Walang Ningning

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bugbog Sarado

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bukas Luluhod Ang Mga Tala

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Burlesk Queen Ngayon

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Kapitbahay, Ang

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Mano Po 3

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Minsan May Isang Puso

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Minsan Minahal Kita

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Nag-iisang Bituin

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Nang Iniwan Mo Ako

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Ngayon At Kailanman

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Noon At Ngayon

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Oh My Mama

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Esteban Ramirez's melodrama Caribe stars Jorge Perugorria as Vincente a man who has gotten himself into difficult positions in both his personal life and his financial life. He ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Evel Knievel

Robert Knievel was a young man with a wild streak and a love for motorcycles who found a way to make the most of both when he got a motorcycle and learned to do tricks with it. As Knievel's stunts became more elaborate, he gained the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


An unlikely friendship is renewed under difficult circumstances in this comedy drama from the Netherlands. Simon (Cees Geel) is a loudmouthed but likable hash dealer who one day meets Camiel (Marcel Hensema), a soft-spoken aspiring dentist who ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Una Historia Comun

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Foyle's War: Series 03

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Journey

Two young girls who have fallen in love find their budding romance threatened by the prospect of an arranged marriage in director Ligy J. Pullappally's bold look at lesbianism in the Indian culture. Kieran and Delilah are best ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Timmy Turner: Burning the Map

A wave-riding high school graduate sets out for one last fling in Indonesia before taking over the family ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Battle in Heaven

In Battle in Heaven (AKA Batalla en el Cielo), director Carlos Reygadas' searing look at the inherent hypocrisies of Mexico's social structure, Marcos Hernandez is Marcos, an overweight, poverty-stricken chauffeur who ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A woman seeking to embrace both her faith and her culture finds that neither is as simple as she imagined in this drama from Israel. It's 1981, and Rachel (Michaela Eshet) has ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Place Promised In Our Early Days

The anime feature The Place Promised in Our Early Days (AKA Kumo No Muko, Yakusoku No Bashu) opens with an alternate ending to World War ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Mi Verdad

Juan Osorio was one of the most successful producers in Mexican television when he met a beautiful dancer from Cuba named Niurka Marcos. Osorio was struck by her charms and her talent, and soon molded her into a major television ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Reviviendo El Amor

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Carter (Roger Guenveur Smith) is a fed-up public defender who decides to take on the corrupt system the only way he knows how. He sets up a law office in the inner city and begins organizing and activist group in the hopes of exposing the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Elfen Lied [Anime Series]

In the not-too-distant future, a crop of humans emerge with extremely powerful mutations, lending them ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Bliss: Season 03

The third and final season of the adult-oriented anthology ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The King of Iron Town

The main character in the drama The King of Iron Town is blue-collar plant worker Tyler Wells. Tyler ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Las Sombra del Sahuaro

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Night Scene

A young Chinese man finds his entire perception of life altered after discovering that his father is a homosexual in this drama from filmmaker Cui Zi'en. When ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


Love forces two women to re-examine their lives in this powerful drama. Meihua (Youxin Yang) is an artist who has left her home in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Primo Mysteries

Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi's humanistic account of his harrowing ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Steve + Sky

A pair of misfits on the wrong side of the law fall in love in this offbeat independent drama from Belgium. Steve (Titus De Voogdt) thinks he's having a good night when he meets a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Only God Can Judge Me

A man accused of murdering his cousin sees his life flashing before his eyes in this religious-themed drama from director Tody ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Madlax [Anime Series]

Madlax brings together skills from some of the most influential names in anime. Directed by Koichi Mashimo of Noir, written by Yosuke Kuroda of S-CRY-Ed, and animated by Bee Train (the animation house responsible for Noir and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo [Anime Series]

This science fiction adaptation of the novel by Alexandre Dumas tells the story of a young boy named Albert, born into an aristocratic Paris family. Bored by his surroundings, he ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Koi Kaze [Anime Series]

Saeki Koushirou is a wedding planner who immerses ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Walk

A frustrated young woman seeks the aid of a dedicated Youth Minister in getting her life back on ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Hip Hop Task Force

A Chicago detective finds his undercover investigation of a wanted crime lord thrown into chaos when he falls for a girl with close ties to the case in this thriller from filmmaker Corey Grant. Summoned ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

North and South

A privileged middle-class girl raised in rural southern England gets a rude awakening to the world when a family move forces her to contend with the unseemly inhabitants of a northern mill town in director ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Pastor Jones

Jean Claude LaMarre's Pastor Jones concerns a woman who, after being inspired by a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Bear Named Winnie

Discover the true story behind author A.A. Milne's beloved children's character in this tale of the remarkable friendship between a Canadian soldier, and the cub that stood as a symbol of friendship and hope in a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Ice Men

Old friendship falls prey to new tensions as a group of childhood friends come together for a weekend hunt, but find themselves torn apart ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Personal Sergeant

The family friendly film Personal Sergeant concerns a Korean war veteran who looks back fondly on his time in the military. Five decades later he spends his time looking after his twelve-year-old granddaughter who is ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Or (My Treasure)

A girl struggles not to make the same mistakes that have tainted her mother's life in this drama from Israel. Or (Dana Ivgy) is a high-school-age girl living in a small Tel Aviv apartment with her mother ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Affair

A lonely artist living in a luxurious palace with her emotionally ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The plot of Arnold Wesker's Denial concerns a woman named Jenny (Nicola Barber) who begins to believe she suffered terribly at the hands of her parents after she talks to a therapist. The family ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A young woman surrounded by war and death attempts to find ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Mujeres Infieles

Jose Alonso, Enrique Rocha, and Lina Santos star in an erotic drama detailing the consequences of infidelity for three women in different stages of their lives. In the first tale, temptation presents itself to a woman ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

A Boy Called Twist

Writer/director Tim Greene takes Charles Dickens' classic novel of an orphan in Victorian England and transports it to present-day Cape Town, South Africa, for his feature debut, Boy Called Twist. Newcomer Jarrid Geduld stars as the boy, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Tears of Kali

Helmed by writer-director Andreas Marschall - and a piece of fiction passing as fact - the direct-to-video horror indie Tears of Kali returns to the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Yugo the Negotiator [Anime Series]

Yugo has a gift that can disarm the fiercest and most dangerous terrorists. He doesn't have a talent for guns, hand-to-hand combat, or even superhuman powers; he is simply the best negotiator there is. With a ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Las Lloronas

Director Lorena Villarreal takes the help to adapt a classic romantic drama concerning three generations of women within one Mexican family that continues to suffer from a curse handed down for ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Diamond Daydreams [Anime Series]

There is an old wives' tale that says if a couple gazes upon the Diamond Dust together, their love is sure to last for eternity. For six girls from the beautiful ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Deadbeat Club

The closed minds of a small town leave a devastated outsider all alone in dealing with the tragic loss of his family in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


In the tradition of the bestselling memoirs, Maria Flook's My Sister Life and Jennifer Egan's Invisible Circus, ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Welcome to September

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Hilde's Journey

Upon learning that his deceased ex-lover has willed him a substantial sum of money after succumbing to AIDS, a young Swiss man finds his life endlessly complicated by the deceased man's homophobic mother and headstrong recent boyfriend in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Charlie White

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Gideon's Daughter

U.K. writer/director Stephen Poliakoff -- the cinematic artist responsible for the critically acclaimed favorites The Lost Prince (2003) and Friends and ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Apuesta por un Amor

The Mexican television program Aquesta por un Amor concerns a man who makes his living ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Carrie's War

Author Nina Bawden's beloved novel springs to life as the story of a fourteen-year-old girl and her younger brother forced to separate from their mother and reside with a troubled family at the onset of ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Third

A film that inevitably recalls Roman Polanski's 1962 Noz w Wodzie, Polish director Jan Hryniak's tense psychodrama The Third (Trzeci) ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Cam'ron: Killa Season

Paid in Full star Cameron Giles steps behind the camera for an intense tale from the street concerning a rising ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Woh Tera Naam Tha

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

In Your Eyes

A young interracial couple discovers just how painful love can be when the intolerance of those who surround them threatens to destroy the feelings they share for one and other in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Demolición

As a demolition crew prepares to raze the ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Last Quarter

Chiaki Kuriyama, Hyde, and Hiroki Narimiya bring Ai Yazawa's best-selling manga to the screen in ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


An 18-year-old orphan teetering on the verge of womanhood attempts to unlock the secrets of her shrouded ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Cowboy Junction

Gregory Christian's Cowboy Junction concerns a married, but closeted homosexual who, after having an affair with a rugged man ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Heartland Son

Richard Archer stars in Jeremy Major's low-budget, direct-to-video inspirational drama Heartland Son. Archer plays Charlie "Champ" Hannen, a bruised, shattered, and spiritually isolated man teetering on the verge ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Buscando a Leti

The Mexican drama Buscando A Leti concerns a ten ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


A once-contented wife struggles to maintain her dignity when her husband abandons her for a younger ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Angel in the Family

Weary and dispirited following the death of his wife Lorraine (Meredith ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]


The title character of Aleks Rosenberg's drama Zelimo is a Jewish boy attempting to assimilate to a new life in the United States. Flashbacks ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Las Huellas que Devuelve el Mar

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Tequila 5

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Young Cesar

An incarcerated father is forced to stand by and watch as his two young sons struggle to survive on the streets in a gritty urban drama ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Esclava Laura

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Lucky Ones

Tim Robbins, Rachel McAdams, and Michael Pena star in director Neil Burger's bittersweet road drama concerning three soldiers who return from ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Eighth Color of the Rainbow

Desperate to save his ailing grandmother before she slips beyond the point of no return, a young boy from the country ventures forth into the big city on a mission to sell his only asset, and procure ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

The Overlookers

A reclusive web designer, an acerbic photographer, a smooth ladies man, a skittish housewife, and an obsessed ... [ Drama movie - 2004 ]

Soul Food: Season 05

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

La Puta and La Ballena

[ Drama movie - 2004 ]

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