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Drama Movies of 2002

The Hours

Three women, separated by a span of nearly 80 years, find themselves weathering similar crises, all linked by a single work of literature in this film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Michael Cunningham. In 1923, ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Road to Perdition

The acclaimed graphic novel from crime writer Max Allan Collins becomes this big budget Dreamworks drama from director Sam Mendes and screenwriter ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Changing Lanes

Director Roger Michell follows up the hit romantic comedy Notting Hill (1999) with this thought-provoking thriller. Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson star, ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


After being attached to a number of actors, directors, and producers, this long-gestating biography of one of Mexico's most prominent, iconoclastic painters reaches the screen under the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story

Originally presented in two parts by the CBS network, Master Spy is the true story of Robert Hanssen, a disgruntled FBI agent who, for 20 years, systematically sold out his country to the former Soviet ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

People I Know

A powerful behind-the-scenes man in politics and show business finds himself skidding into a very public scandal in this taut drama. Eli Wurman (Al Pacino) was raised in the deep South, attended Harvard Law School, and has devoted his spare ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Moonlight Mile

Frequent television director Brad Silberling directs the romantic drama Moonlight Mile. Set in a Massachusetts town in the early '70s, Joe Nast (Jake Gyllenhaal) is ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Between Strangers

Three women living in Toronto find themselves confronting emotional crises regarding the men in their lives in this drama. Olivia (Sophia Loren) is a woman who spends her days looking after her husband, John (Pete ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Talking to Heaven

This two-part CBS TV movie was filmed as Talking to Heaven, the title of the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

City by the Sea

A man struggling to come to terms with the sins of his father makes the terrible discovery ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Hysterical Blindness

Two aging single women in 1980s New Jersey enact a depressing routine of deluded barroom romance in this made-for-cable drama. At least 15 years after her father walked out on her, Debby (Uma Thurman) still ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

King of Texas

Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear is transplanted to 19th century Texas in this made-for-cable drama. Patrick Stewart stars as John Lear, the wealthiest and most powerful rancher in the territory. Failing in body and mind, Lear decides to divide ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Path to War

Inspired by author Robert A. Caro's massive biography of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

My Sister's Keeper

Based on a true story, My Sister's Keeper stars Kathy Bates as Christine, who since childhood has suffered from a debilitating mental illness. Spending most of her life in and out of various institutions, Christine has long yearned ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

On the Edge

Blaxploitation icon Fred Williamson directed and stars in this action thriller written by his wife, Linda. Amidst the rough-and-tumble drug-trade of the inner city, a young, well-intentioned ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

White Oleander

The Oprah Book Club best-seller by Janet Fitch makes it to the big screen in this adaptation from British director Peter Kosminsky. White Oleander recounts the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Gathering Storm

Today, Winston Churchill is regarded as one of the great leaders of his time, and a hero for helping to guide Great Britain through the crises of World War II. But ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

John Q.

A national health care crisis in the United States yields this tense drama from screenwriter James Kearns and director Nick Cassavetes, who experienced a real-life dilemma with his daughter's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Far from Heaven

Maverick director Todd Haynes embraces the look and feel of classic Hollywood melodramas of the 1950s in this period drama. Cathy Whitaker (Julianne Moore) and her husband, Frank (Dennis Quaid), are a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Guys

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C., of September 11, 2001, Jim Simpson, the creative director of New York City's Flea ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Adapted from the Tony award-winning play by Michael Frayn, Copenhagen is set in the titular Denmark capitol in the year 1941. According to existing records, it was in that city ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Author Anita Shreve's wartime romance comes to life on the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Nicholas Nickleby

One of Charles Dickens' best-loved (and most complex) ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Sunshine State

Writer and director John Sayles returns with another multi-layered look at an American ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys brings Chris Fuhrman's well-received, posthumously published teen novel to the screen. Set in the 1970s, the film concerns two ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Auto Focus

The life and sordid, untimely death of Hogan's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Sopranos: Season 04

Sixteen months after the end of The Sopranos' third season, Season Four gets under way. And if you think THIS is a long hiatus, "Fuggeddabouddit"--wait until we ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


One man takes on the Irish family law system and the Catholic Church in a bid to be reunited with ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Last Call

This made-for-cable biopic was based on Against the Current: As I Remember F. Scott ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Gus Van Sant returned to his roots in experimental filmmaking with this offbeat feature, whose dialogue was entirely improvised by its two person cast. Two men named Gerry ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


In Neil LaBute's film adaptation of A.S. Byatt's Booker Prize-winning 1990 novel, Aaron Eckhart (who has starred in all of LaBute's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Monday Night Mayhem

Just as Jon Voight's on-target portrayal of controversial sportscaster Howard Cosell) ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

25th Hour

A man has one day to put his life in order before a long stretch in prison in this drama directed by Spike Lee. Monty Brogan (Edward Norton) is a man who came from a working class family in New York. Monty's best friends Jacob ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Live From Baghdad

As America geared itself for another possible armed conflict in Iraq, the HBO cable service offered a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Redemption of the Ghost

When an escaped convict is discovered hiding in a barn by two young children, he convinces the kids that he is a ghost while learning an important lesson in paying penance for his crimes. Witt Hampton was a convicted embezzler sentenced to year ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A literary drama offering the parallel tales of two wounded ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Hart's War

Based on the novel by John Katzenbach, author of Just Cause (1995), this prison camp drama combines elements of A Soldier's Story (1984) and the classic Stalag 17 (1953). Colin Farrell stars as Lt. Tommy Hart, a second-year Harvard Law School ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Quiet American

Graham Greene's allegorical novel about America's role in the Vietnam conflict, and ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Ralph Fiennes plays a grown man haunted by his childhood in David Cronenberg's stylized psychological drama Spider. Upon his release from a mental institution, Spider (Fiennes) takes up residence in a halfway house. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

One Eyed King

The debut feature from television producer Robert Moresco, One Eyed King is an ensemble crime ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


The first biographical film produced by the FX cable channel, RFK covers the last five years in the life of Robert F. Kennedy, here played by British actor Linus ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Larry (Burt Reynolds) is a middle-aged, ex-hippie, second-hand bookstore owner who has settled ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The United States of Leland

Produced by Kevin Spacey, The United States of Leland is a psychological drama concerning the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Conviction is a biopic about Carl Upchurch, a hardcore felon who managed to educate himself and developed a spiritual awakening during one of his numerous stints inside prison. He began to spread his message to other inmates, and ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Director and screenwriter Walter Hill returns to one of his favorite themes -- desperate and violent men using force to escape from an unforgiving environment -- in this action drama set behind bars. Monroe ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Event

Canadian filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald directs the sentimental ensemble drama The Event. Nick (Parker Posey) is a district attorney investigating several deaths in the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Laurel Canyon

Writer/director Lisa Cholodenko follows up her much-acclaimed 1997 debut High Art with this examination of a young couple seduced into a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Poolhall Junkies

A small-time pool shark with dreams of the big time ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Callas Forever

A mournful look at the last days of opera diva Maria Callas, director Franco Zeffirelli's biographical drama attempts to explore the irresistible allure of a comeback for a fallen star who hungers for the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Sins of the Father

A man must decide if his greater loyalty is to his family or to justice ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Home Front

A woman finds love during World War II, but is also faced with suspicion and a number of unanswered questions in this period drama. Camille Picou (Tatum O'Neal) is a widow raising ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Prolific production designer and art director Catherine Hardwicke makes her directorial debut with ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The West Wing: Season 04

Once the fourth season of The West Wing gets past its semi-serious two-part ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Deuces Wild

This gang warfare drama is from director Scott Kalvert, whose previous ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Film superstar Nicolas Cage's directing debut, Sonny follows a very unconventional family as they struggle to overcome ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Diane Lane is a wayward wife and Richard Gere is her suspicious husband in Adrian Lyne's Unfaithful. Connie (Lane) leaves her suburban home on ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Victor Nuñez's Coastlines centers on Sonny (Timothy Olyphant), who is returning home after his release from prison. When he asks for money owed to him by local crime boss Fred Vance (William Forsythe), Vance responds by blowing up Sonny's home ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Based upon a true story, Madison is a father-son drama based on the highly publicized efforts in Madison, IN, during the hydroplane racing season of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Emperor's Club

A dedicated teacher learns some important lessons about himself years after he retired ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Bertie & Elizabeth

The fascinating story of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth is recounted in this British made-for-TV effort. It all begins in 1920, when the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story

A wife-mother learns that her too-friendly neighbor has ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Heart of Me

In the style of a Merchant-Ivory production, Thaddeus O'Sullivan directs the British costume drama The Heart of Me, based on Rosamond Lehmann's 1953 novel The Echoing Grove and adapted by Lucinda ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 04

Formerly appearing on a recurring basis as forensic psychologist Dr. George Huang, B.D. Wong graduates to full series regular ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Blue Car

The coming-of-age drama Blue Car is the directorial debut feature from actress Karen Moncrieff. Played by newcomer Agnes Bruckner, quiet high school student Meg ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

8 Mile

Controversial rap star Eminem makes his acting debut in this hard-edged urban drama, inspired in part by incidents from the musician's own life. Jimmy Smith (Eminem), known to his friends as Rabbit, is a young man trying to make his way ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Morvern Callar

A woman's life is set onto a new path by tragedy and confusion in this offbeat drama from maverick director Lynne Ramsay. Morvern Callar (Samantha Morton) is a woman in her early twenties who wakes up in her flat in a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Pilot's Wife

Based on the best-selling novel by Anita Shreve, the made-for-TV The Pilot's Wife also bears ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Intended

Danish filmmaker Kristian Levring directs the Dogme ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Second String

This made-for-cable "feel good" picture begins with a "feel-bad" moment, as the entire first-string offensive squad of the Buffalo Bills football team falls victim to food poisoning. With no other option, the Bills' ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay

Filmed on location in Lake Havasu, AZ, this made-for-cable domestic drama stars Tim Matheson as ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mother Ghost

Rich Thorne's Mother Ghost stars Mark Thompson as a man who, as the story begins, is mourning the death of his mother. When he stumbles upon a piece of his mother's jewelry, he starts to take a hard look at his ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Due East

The topic of teen pregnancy is covered in this made-for-Showtime melodrama directed by actress Helen Shaver. Clara Bryant stars as Mary Faith, a small-town ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Ash Wednesday

A relationship between two brothers literally becomes a matter of life and death in this drama from writer, director and actor Edward Burns. Francis Sullivan (Burns) was a street-wise thug with ties to ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Black and White

Directed by Craig Lahiff, Black and White is a story about bigotry, social injustice, and a real-life murder trial that made Australian headlines ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Swimming Upstream

Based on the true story of a youth from Brisbane, Australia, who overcame family dysfunction to become a world-class athlete, director Russell Mulcahy's drama centers on young Tony Fingleton's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Rookie

The true story of a middle-aged baseball rookie ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

American Gun

James Coburn stars in this disappointing drama about a man who tracks the gun he believes killed his daughter. Living out his twilight years in a dreary, snowbound Vermont town, tragedy strikes ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Doctor Zhivago

Boris Pasternak's Nobel Prize-winning novel of love and betrayal amidst the Soviet Revolution is given a new ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mexico City

A one-day visit to Mexico City on their way south turns ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Liberty Stands Still

Liberty Wallace (Linda Fiorentino), the wife and business partner of wealthy weapons manufacturer Victor Wallace (Oliver Platt), ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A mysterious stranger brings both spiritual comfort and a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


After forays into period war drama (Regeneration) and globe-trotting bohemia (Hideous Kinky), Scottish director Gillies MacKinnon returns to social realist melodrama with this tale of a ten-year-old desperately ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mockingbird Don't Sing

Based on the actual events of one of the most horrific cases of child abuse ever to be documented, this ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

100 Mile Rule

Following in the vein of (Roger Dodger and In the Company of Men), director Brent Huff presents a crash course on the relationship between sexual and ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

CSI: Miami: Season 01

Mercurial ex-homicide cop Horatio Caine (David Caruso) heads a crack group of Florida-based forensic criminologists in season one of CSI: Miami. Adding to Horatio's mood swings is the return ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Love Liza

Love Liza is a psychological drama about a man trying to come to terms ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Antwone Fisher

The directorial debut of Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington, Antwone Fisher is an ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Love in the Time of Money

Like La Ronde, Peter Mattei's debut film Love in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Jimmy Show

Following up on his directorial debut, Joe the King, actor-turned-sometimes director Frank Whaley made this gritty ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Power and Beauty

Beauty and Power tells the sordid tale of Judith Exner (Natasha Henstridge), who claimed to have dated Frank Sinatra (John Ralston) and to have been the mistress of Jack Kennedy (Kevin Anderson, who played ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Christmas Shoes

This sentimental made-for-TV drama was based on the bestselling novel by Donna ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

ER: Season 09

As season nine of ER opens, a grieving Dr. Elizabeth Corday ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Oz: Season 05

Previously fired from his job as manager of "Emerald City," ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

3 Days of Rain

Writer/director Michael Meredith's ambitious first feature, Three Days of Rain, weaves together a large number of tales, loosely based on short stories by Anton Chekhov, and set in present-day ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Pianist

Filmmaker Roman Polanski, who as a boy growing up in Poland watched while the Nazis devastated his country during ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The City of No Limits

Max (Fernando Fernán Gómez), the wealthy family patriarch and head of a pharmaceuticals business, is dying of cancer and has ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Rosa Parks Story

Angela Bassett plays the title role in this meticulously detailed biography of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Charms for the Easy Life

Charlie Kate Birch (Gena Rowlands) is a peculiarly powerful Southern matriarch, an anachronism in the early 20th century. She's a self-educated woman ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

La Vie Promise

Sylvia (Isabelle Huppert) is a 40-year-old prostitute who works on the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Searching For Paradise

Gilda (Susan May Pratt of Center Stage) is a confused young woman, obsessed with iconoclastic actor Michael De Santis (Chris Noth). She repeatedly watches a tape of De Santis being interviewed by an unctuous, James Lipton-type ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Our America

Our America is the story of LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman two inner-city Chicago teenagers who eloquently distilled their lives on the Mean Streets into ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Slaughter Rule

A teenager at a personal crossroads finds himself questioning the things that have given his life meaning in this independent coming-of-age drama. Roy Chutney (Ryan Gosling) is a high school senior in a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan explores his Armenian heritage, and how the country's tragic history has touched several generations of the nation's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

West of Here

West of Here, the directorial debut of filmmaker Peter ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Hope Ranch

Not dissimilar to such earlier Hollywood features as Boys' Ranch and Johnny Holiday, this made-for-cable drama stars Bruce Boxleitner as ex-cop and former marine J.T. Hope. The owner of a 2,000-acre ranch in Utah, Hope makes it ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Cinema Paradiso: The New Version

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Jury

First telecast in the U.K. on February 17, 2002, the five-part British miniseries The Jury probes the workings of justice from the viewpoint of the 12 men and women chosen ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Little John

This Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation stars a heavily (and effectively) "aged" Ving Rhames as taciturn Texas rancher John Morgan. Long estranged from his daughter Natalie (Gloria ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Talk to Her

Pedro Almodóvar follows his international success All About My Mother with an offbeat drama that ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Volunteering to teach literature to the inmates of the Dalesboro Correctional Institute, novelist Paul Freeman (Matthew Modine) becomes fascinated with the plight of Charles Henderson (Obba Babatunde), a former Black Panther ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Forsyte Saga

The Forsyte Saga was a remake of the classic 1960s British miniseries which put the PBS anthology Masterpiece Theatre on the map. Whereas the original version covered all of John ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Shield: Season 01

The first season of The Shield almost instantly establishes Detective ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Green Dragon

In 1975, as the war in Vietnam finally draws to a close, a number of Vietnamese refugees ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mothers and Daughters

Sally Kirkland produced and starred in this lighthearted family drama about three generations of women. Priscilla (Sheri Hellard) and her ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


An outgrowth of the MTV cable network's 1998 documentary True Life: Fatal Dose, Wasted is a cautionary modern fable about the pitfalls of heroin addiction. The three teenaged ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Interrogation of Michael Crowe

Based on a true story, this made-for-cable drama focuses on the plight of 14-year-old Michael Crowe (Mark Rendall). When his ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Blue Crush

Move over, Gidget -- a new breed of female surfers with style, guts and attitude hit the screen in this feature, which combines romance with a sports drama. Anne Marie ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


An international party of astronauts crash lands on Mars. Bummer. Since rescue is, oh, 26 months away, and they only have air, food, and water for a few days, the astronauts must come to grips with the idea of dying slow and painful ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


German filmmaker Tom Tykwer made his English-language debut with this feature, which was adapted from a screenplay co-authored by the late Krzysztof ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Paid in Full

Paid in Full marks the feature debut of director Charles Stone III, who rose to fame after creating Budweiser's "Wassup" commercials. The urban gangster drama is loosely based on the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Gaspar Noé's Irreversible utilizes the same storytelling technique used by Christopher Nolan in Memento and ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Till Human Voices Wake Us

Young adolescent Sam Franks (Lindley Joyner) spends his summers away from school with his physician father (Peter Curtin), whose schedule barely allows for quality father-son time. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 03

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation entered its third season still riding high as network television's top-rated drama program. There was, therefore, no need for CBS ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Touching Wild Horses

Eleanore Lindo's Touching Wild Horses tells the story of Mark, a 12-year-old boy who is sent to live on a remote island with ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Without a Trace: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Where Eskimos Live

A man and a boy, both of whom have been victimized by war, are brought together by the same conflict that threatens them both in this drama. In 1995, Bosnia is being torn apart by war, and nine-year-old Vlado (Sergiusz Zymelka) is one of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Rabbit-Proof Fence

After directing a number of major motion pictures in the United States, Australian-born filmmaker ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Good War

Giorgio Serafini's World-War II prisoner-of-war drama The Good War stars Roy Scheider as an American colonel at a detention camp for ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Season on the Brink

One of the most unabashedly profane (albeit honest) TV movies ever produced for "basic" cable, A Season on the Brink is based on John Feinstein's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Chen Kaige's first Chinese film since the poorly received, Hollywood-produced Killing Me Softly is based on a true story of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Separate Peace

John Knowles' celebrated allegorical novel has been given a new screen interpretation in this made-for-cable adaptation. Gene (J. Barton) and ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Filmed in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, this massive ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A man finds himself having to decide between one of two women -- not once, but twice -- in this independent drama. In 1993, Coles (Mark Ruffalo) is a film student at Sarah ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


The collective crimes against humanity known as the Holocaust have been well-documented since the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Hometown Legend

Produced by Jerry B. Jenkins of Left Behind and Navigators fame, ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Carnage, an example of what the French call un film chorale, tells several ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Rising Place

A woman learns a valuable lesson about her family as she and her aunt look back at her troubled past in this independent drama. As ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Guilt by Association

Based on a true story, the made-for-cable Guilt by Association was ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Civil Brand

Television director Neema Barnette directs the forceful drama Civil Brand, based on a story by Preston A. Whitmore II. Shot with a micro-budget of 500,000 dollars, the film stars confrontational ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Madrid in the wake of the Spanish Civil War serves as the setting for this epic period romance, starring Leonor Watling of Talk to Her fame. Watling is cast as Elvira, a young woman ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Three strangers' lives converge when pitted against a corrupt hospital administration in this film about the hope that people find ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

El Embrujo de Shanghai

Fernando Trueba's El Embrujo de Shanghai (The Shanghai Spell) is a drama set just after the Spanish Civil War. Dani (Fernando Tielve) is a 14-year-old would-be artist who is hired to care for the elderly Captain Blay (Fernando Fernán Gómez). ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Tornado Warning

Gerald McRaney stars in this made-for-TV nailbiter as Jake Arledge, a dedicated meteorologist. Having invented a device to predict the patterns of tornadoes, Jake is unable to convince the higher-ups of the device's value. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Whale Rider

Based on the novel of the same name by Maori writer Witi Ihimaera, Whale Rider is a unique family drama directed Niki Caro. On the eastern coast of New Zealand, ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Year That Trembled

American independent filmmaker Jay Craven directs the Vietnam-era coming-of-age drama The Year That Trembled, based on the novel by Scott Lax. Using stock footage along with a traditional ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Smallville: Season 02

Season two of the WB network's popular Smallville upheld its excellent ratings by adhering religiously to the same mixture as before: combining ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Rose's Songs

Hungarian director Andor Szilagyi received a much-coveted ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Food of Love

Adapted from David Leavitt's book The Page Turner, Food of Love tells the story of a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Joe and Max

In the 1930s and '40s, the rivalry between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling was one of the greatest in the history of professional boxing. Louis was ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Snake of June

Shinya Tsukamoto's Rokugatsu No Hebi (A Snake of June) is an erotic drama abut a married couple. Rinko (Asuka Kurosawa) and her husband Shigehiko (Yuji Koutari) ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Junction Boys

Long before his legendary association with the Alabama Crimson Tide, football coach Paul "Bear" ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Ordinary Sinner

A young man struggles to sort out his feelings and his future as a wave of intolerance sweeps through a college town in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

All or Nothing

After a rather decided departure with his 1999 homage to Gilbert and Sullivan, Topsy-Turvy, Mike Leigh returns to his usual form for All or Nothing, a melancholy look at the day-to-day lives of a dysfunctional ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Other Side of Heaven

A young man from Idaho finds himself in a beautiful but dangerous land in the South ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Filmmaker Chris Eyre, who directed the independent success story Smoke Signals -- one of the first motion pictures directed by, written by, and starring Native American talent -- offers another ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Todas las Azafatas Van al Cielo

Distraught over the unexpected suicide of his flight-attendant wife, portly dentist Julian (Alfredo ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Italian director Emanuele Crialese's Respiro tells an intimate tale of a family living in a quiet ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Friday Night

Paris resident Laure (Valerie Lemercier) has just finished packing her belongings in preparation for moving in with her lover, though she is oblivious to her apparent jitters at doing so. As she leaves ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mondays in the Sun

Set in the Spanish port city of Vigo, Fernando León de Aranoa's Mondays in the Sun is a touching drama about a group of working-class men who find themselves suddenly unemployed and unwanted in their middle age. Laid off from the local shipyard, ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Tipping the Velvet

Originally produced in the U.K. for BBC1, where it first aired on October 9, 2002, the three-part ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Everwood: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Road Dogz

Three lifelong friends from East L.A. reach significant turning points in their lives that challenge their unshakable loyalty to one ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Washington Heights

Carlos (Manny Perez) is a talented artist who draws comics for a living. He's desperate to move out of his Washington ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Crime of Padre Amaro

A priest discovers the path of virtue can be steep, and temptation can demand a heavy price, in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Wire: Season 01

Setting the tone for all seasons to come, season one of HBO's The Wire divides its attention equally between cops and dealers, offering a fascinatingly objective overview of the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Yet another American filmmaker inspired by the storytelling economy of Dogme 95, writer/director Eric Eason shot his feature debut, Manito, on digital video with a tiny budget and cast the film ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Better Luck Tomorrow

A group of unlikely high school students take up crime as an extracurricular activity in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Bloody Sunday

Paul Greengrass (The Theory of Flight) wrote and directed this powerful look at ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Interview With the Assassin

The old man who lives across the street, Walter Ohlinger (Raymond J. Barry), invites his neighbor, Ron Kobeleski (Dylan Haggerty), over because he has a secret that he's never told anyone: He claims he was the grassy knoll ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Julie Lopes-Curval's debut feature, Seaside, closely observes the lives of about a dozen citizens in a small French village. Paul ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Writer-director Christopher Scott Cherot (Hav Plenty) based his second feature, G, on F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby. Tre (Andre Royo), a writer for a music ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Bang, Bang, You're Dead

Inspired by a play that has been presented dozens of times to middle- and high-school students throughout the United States, Bang, Bang, You're Dead ponders the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Magdalene Sisters

One of the Catholic Church's most infamous institutions is the focus of this controversial ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Almost Peaceful

A group of Jewish Holocaust survivors attempt to restart their lives after Europe's liberation from Nazi ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Shakti: The Power

A rare attempt to marry the widely appealing standards of commercial cinema with the decidedly darker elements of realistic cinema, director Krishna Vamsi's bleak drama explores the horrific results of a marriage haunted by ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

La Virgen de la lujuria

Legendary Mexican director Arturo Ripstein explores the mundane and sexual obsession ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Christmas Visitor

William Devane and Meredith Baxter star in this sentimental made-for-cable drama as John and Carol Boyajian, a couple facing a bleak Christmas due to a surfeit of personal tragedy. Having already lost their son in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Harp in the South

One family's search for a better life leads them away from the land of their birth to a new ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Irishman

A devoted Irish-Australian teamster determined to hold on to his old ways finds that his reluctance to advance with ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Poor Man's Orange

The Darcy family continues their struggle to build a new and better life despite the forces lined up against them in this sequel to the popular made-for-TV film Harp in the South. It's the early '50s and the Darcys ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


In this gritty urban drama, a group of young people from a ghetto neighborhood where crime is a part of daily life find themselves on the wrong side of the law -- and under arrest. When ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

State Property

One man's efforts to get ahead on the streets lead him into a life of danger in this ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Fear of a Punk Planet, Vol. 1

Lawyer, founder of Kung Fu Records and Kung Fu Films, and bass player for the punk band the Vandals, Joe Escalante adds one more hat to his collection with the television show ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Business of Fancydancing

Shot on digital video and taking its title from his 1992 book of poetry, Sherman Alexie's The Business of Fancydancing is a portrait of the conflicted relationship between two Native American men. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Three Marias

Brazilian filmmaker Aluizio Abranches, who garnered international attention with his debut feature Um Copo de ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

This Is Not a Love Song

A pair of desperate criminals attempt to make their way through the countryside in this bleak thriller scripted by Full Monty scribe Simon Beaufoy. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A man on the brink of suicide regains the will to ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Death in the Family

Adapted from James Agee's posthumously published, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Death in the Family is set in Knoxville, TN, in 1915. The death of husband ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow

Three girls on the edge of adolescence find themselves dealing with the emotional consequences of growing up in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Race To Space

A chimp helps bring together a boy and his father -- as well as putting America in the lead of the space race -- in this drama, which was inspired by the true story of the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Nothing So Strange

A poker faced mockumentary investigating the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Hukkle, named for the sound of an old man's hiccups, which recur throughout the film, is a nearly wordless aural and visual exploration of life in a depressed ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Jacob's Gift

The Christmas tale Jacob's Gift concerns a boy named ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Tracker

Experimental director Rolf DeHeer's film The Tracker depicts a controversial moment in the Australian justice system, in doing so taking on a popular topic among Australian ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Roaring Across The Horizon

Coinciding nicely with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Leyendas de Durango

Hugo Stiglitz stars in this collection of four short stories, each of which ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Ten Tiny Love Stories

Directed and written by Rodrigo Garcia, Ten Tiny Love Stories features ten ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Better Dayz

Norman Linton directs Better Dayz, a low-budget urban drama about life on the streets. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

After Freedom

For his debut feature film, Iranian-American filmmaker Vahe Babaian wrote and directed this drama about the cultural struggles ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Dandelion Dead

A man who knows the importance of clearing out the weeks in one's garden begins to wonder if the same ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mama Africa: Growing Up Urban

Mama Africa, hosted by rapper/actress Queen Latifah, ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Al Qods Fee Yom Akhar

Rana (Clara Khoury) is a young Palestinian woman, living in Jerusalem. Her ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

City of God

Fernando Meirelles' City of God is a sweeping tale of how crime affects the poor population of Rio de Janeiro. Though the narrative skips around in time, the main focus is on Cabeleira who formed a gang called ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Roberta Torre's Angela is a love story set in the mob world. Angela (Donatella ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Award-winning Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami uses the casual setting of one woman's automobile as the setting for a subtle but potent look at gender issues in the Middle East. Mania Akbari plays a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Sweet Sixteen

Paul Laverty writes his fourth script with director Ken Loach for the gritty coming-of-age drama Sweet Sixteen. Set in the port city of Greenock, Scotland, local kid Liam (Martin Compston) spends his days trying to make money with his ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Vicious Circle

Carlos (Bradley Gregg) is an aspiring writer who has completed a novel of accomplishment. It describes the turmoil that ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Renowned Korean director Im Kwon-Taek (Chunhyang) tells the story of legendary iconoclastic Chosun Dynasty ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Matir Moina

The Clay Bird takes place in the late '60s, in East Pakistan, on the eve of a violent revolution that created the independent state of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Son

This downbeat drama by acclaimed Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne bears a thematic and formal resemblance to their previous works, La Promesse and the Palme D'Or winner Rosetta. Dardenne brothers' regular Olivier Gourmet is ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Nine-year-old Amine (Hamza Moctar Aguid) and his older brother, Tahir ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai directed this historical drama based on a true story of the conflict between ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Directed by Yamina Bachir, this French film chronicles the life of Rachida, a young divorcee who lives with her mother and works as a teacher at a local ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures takes place in China, in the small city of Datong, in 2001, where disaffected teenagers look for any kind of excitement to enliven ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Madame Satã

João Francisco dos Santos was a figure of no small infamy in Brazil during the 1930s -- he was a flamboyantly gay drag performer ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Red Bear

Oso (Julio Chávez), also known as "The Bear," is released from prison after seven years. In flashback, we see the robbery and shoot-out with police that led to his arrest, which took place on his ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Sud Sanaeha

Min (Min Oo) has an itchy, flaky rash that covers the upper part of his body. When Roong (Kanokporn Tongaram), the young factory worker who cares for him, and Orn (Jenjira ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Cuando Todo Este en Orden

Directed by Cesar Herrada, Cuando Todo Este En Orden follows widower Ignacio (Santiago Ramos) on his return to his hometown. Things have changed ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Charlotte Sometimes

Four twentysomethings living in the hip L.A. suburb of Silverlake struggle with love, lust, and ennui in this independently produced feature, nominated for two 2003 Independent Spirit ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Set in 1978 England, AKA opens with 18-year-old Dean (Matthew Leitch) being kicked out of his working-class home by his abusive father. Shy but socially ambitious, Dean subsequently ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Barrio Wars

Experience Shakespeare's classic tale of love and tragedy in an entirely new setting as the tale of Romeo and Juliet plays out against the backdrop of the Latin barrio in this moving crime drama from director Paul Wynne. Despite their ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Ghetto Dawg

Well-meaning Tariq (J. King) looks to escape his job as a mechanic and car thief for a mobster, Gresh (Lawrence Winslow), after he meets the lovely Robin ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Two Brothers

Richard Bell directed this short independent drama about two brothers trying to patch up the holes in their relationship, while coming to terms with their personal differences. One brother has moved away from home rather than ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Bedtime Fairy Tales for Crocodiles

A man faces an old family curse in this dramatic ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

15 to Life

Moon Jones directs the prison drama 15 to Life. Starring Big Slack, Black Menace, and Stephanie Tremblay. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Man I Love

L'Homme Que J'Aime (The Man I Love), a Gallic feature from ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

All Night Bodega

French director Felix Olivier explores the very few options an at-risk Latino ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Bastoni - The Stick Handlers

Set in the world of the Japanese Adult Video (AV) ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Crossing the Line

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing for the Lady ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Damaged Care

Damaged Care is fact-based drama about the managed care industry. It originally aired on Showtime. Laura Dern co-produced and stars in the film as Dr. Linda Peeno, who gives up her ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Door to Door

Door to Door is the inspirational true story of a man who ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

God's Sandbox

Israeli director Doron Eran attacks the subject of ritual female circumcision in his 2002 film God's Sandbox. Hunting for her runaway daughter Rachel (Orly Perl) in Sinai, well-to-do author Liz (Razia Israeli) finally locates her -- and her ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Happy Birthday

The debut feature of Malaysian-born director Yen ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Loving Father

A father and his estranged son hit the road under less than ideal circumstances in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Play'd: A Hip Hop Story

The intense and often deadly "rap wars" between the East and West Coast ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Sucker Punch

Mike (Paris Campbell) feels bad about the way he earns his money, conning and drugging runaway girls to get them ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

We Were the Mulvaneys

Can it truly be said that a family is torn apart when they were ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Carol's Journey

Spanish director Imanol Uribe examines social upheaval as it relates to a young prepubescent's life in his 2002 coming-of-age tale Carol's Journey. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Two people with nothing in common but love find both joy and struggle ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Leaving Metropolis

Successful Winnipeg-based artist David (Troy Ruptash) has become isolated from humankind due to his fame and notoriety, which negatively affects his inspiration for ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Madame Brouette

Focusing on the plight of poor Senegalese women, Madame Brouette follows the story of one such woman who has decided to take matters into her own hands on multiple occasions. Single mother Mati ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Deserted Station

A man and his wife encounter some unanticipated delays en route to a religious shrine in Iranian director Alireza Raisian's 2002 drama The Deserted Station. As he drives ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


In the wake of his rise to power, Adolf Hitler became known as perhaps the most villainous and destructive political leader of the 20th century. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Korean director Lee Chang-dong's drama begins on the day that Jong-du (Sol Kyung-gu), a mentally handicapped young man, is released from prison. He is immediately arrested again for being unable to pay a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

September 11

In the aftermath of the tragedies on September 11, 2001, the French film company Studio Canal called upon a group of filmmakers, representing various regions of the world, to address the scope of the situation in however broad or intimate a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Trick Dribble

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Springtime in a Small Town

For his first feature since 1993's acclaimed The Blue Kite, director Tian Zhuangzhuang chose to remake a classic 1949 Chinese film, Springtime in a Small Town. The film takes place in 1946. Yuwen (Hu Jingfan) lives ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Renee Fleming: A Film by Tony Palmer

Renee Fleming: A Film by Tony Palmer documents the life of one of the most respected American sopranos of her time. The film includes many clips of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Master filmmaker Takeshi Kitano returns behind the camera for the first time since his indifferently received English-language effort Brother (2000) with this operatic tale of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Namehay Bad

Iranian director Ali Reza Amini's Namehay Bad (Letters in the Wind) is set in the familiar world of basic training. A group of uneducated cadets is abused, toughened up, and shaped by military men. Many of the young men have to ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Life Show

In this low-key drama from China, Lai Shuang Yang (Tao Hong) is a single woman in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Everybody Loves Raymond co-star Brad Garrett brings "The Great One" to life in this made-for-TV biography of video icon Jackie Gleason. The product of a fractious Brooklyn childhood, capped by ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Big Girls Don't Cry

Maria von Heland makes her feature-length directorial debut with the teen drama Grosse Mädchen Weinen Nicht (Big ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Kwak Kyung-taek's Champion is a biopic of Korean boxer Kim Deuk-gu. The film opens at Kim's fateful final fight ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Zensan-e Zanan

Iranian social issues are intimately explored in this thoughtful prison drama from director Manijeh Hekmat. When midwife Mitra (Roya Nonahali) is sentenced to an extended stay in prison ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Tio's Game

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Soap Girl

A seemingly innocent woman becomes involved in the netherworld of massage parlors in this drama. Maya (Kerry Liu) is a young Asian woman who arrives one day at a seedy massage parlor in a run-down neighborhood in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Way Home

A youngster learns a valuable lesson about family, friendship, and love in this family drama from South Korea. Sang-woo (Yu Seung-ho) is a seven-year-old boy whose parents are divorced, and whose Mother (Dong ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Open My Heart

Directed by Giada Colagrande, Aprimi II Cuore follows the obsessive and sometimes incestuous relationship between ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Wildfire 7: The Inferno

Tracey Gold stars as Nell Swanson, unjustly convicted of murder and serving a long prison sentence. In order to secure a parole, Nell agrees to join a tough forest firefighting ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Reign: The Conqueror

Drawing together elements of history, science fiction, fantasy, and film noir, Reign: The Conqueror re-imagines the life of Alexander the Great. Based on the novel by Hiroshi Aramata, this anime proposes that ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mary Higgins Clark's We'll Meet Again

Another of the many Mary Higgins Clark adaptations produced by and for the PAX Network, We'll Meet Again was one of four such adaptations filmed back-to-back in Vancouver during the summer of 2002. Laura Leighton stars as TV reporter ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Sea

A family reunion staged to welcome an exiled relation turns out to be a study in tension and unpleasant feelings in this ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Secret Things

Two young women try to climb the corporate ladder using their feminine wiles in this erotic melodrama from French director Jean-Claude ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

In My Skin

Marina de Van, a frequent collaborator of director ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

El Leyton: Until Death Do Us Part

Gonzalo Justiniano's El Leyton (Hasta que la Muerte Nos Separe (El Leyton: Until Death Do Us Part) is about a man facing up to an angry ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Pennsylvania Miners' Story

In July of 2002, nine men were trapped 240 feet below the ground in a Somerset, PA, coal mine. For the next 77 hours, the attention of a war-beleaguered and economically strapped America was focused upon the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Last Supper

Directed by Fereydoun Jeyrani, Shaam-E-Akhar (The Last Supper) ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Les Enfants de l'Amour

Geoffrey Enthoven's debut feature Les Enfants de l'Amour (Children of Love) reveals the emotionally difficult realities of broken homes. Nathalie (Nathalie Stas) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Kimusho No Naka

Yoichi Sai's prison film Doing Time stars Tsutomu Yamazaki as Hanawa, a man serving a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mango Yellow

The destinies of the downtrodden citizens of a Brazilian shantytown converge in director Claudio Assis' stark ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Joseph Pierson's Evenhand is a film about a pair of police officers in a fictional but realistic Texas town. Francis (Bill Dawes) and Morning (Bill Sage) have the same goals as ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Miss Lettie and Me

Based on "Poor Little Innocent Lamb," a short story by Katherine Patterson, Miss Lettie and Me stars Mary Tyler Moore as Lettie Anderson, an ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

When Ruoma Was Seventeen

Directed by Zhang Jiarui, Ruoma de Shiqi Sui (When Ruoma Was Seventeen) follows perky teen Ruoma (Li Min) as ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Park Yeong-hun's Jungdok (Addicted) stars Lee Byeong-heon ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


When loyalty between family and friends is brought into question, the ramifications may change a young man's life forever in this independent drama from director Juan E. Martinez Jr. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Just One Look

Featuring an appearance by Cantopop megastars Twins and set in 1970s Hong Kong, this nostalgic comedy drama from director Riley Ip concerns itself with a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Lovers' Concerto

Written and directed by Lee Han, Yeonae Soseol (Lover's Concerto) explores the occasionally overlapping boundaries between ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Daniel Deronda

Produced for British television, Daniel Deronda was adapted from George Eliot's final novel, written in 1874 (and first filmed in 1921). As was her habit, Eliot laid bare the hypocrisy and venality of Victorian-era ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


First-time writer/director Somnath Sen presents this film about the identity crises experienced by South-Asian Indians living in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Let's Love Hong Kong

Directed by Yau Chingmy, Ho Yuk (Let's Love Hong Kong) is an ultra-low-budget video drama chronicling the connections between life, lesbian love affairs, real estate, and Internet pornography. Set amongst a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Me & Mrs. Jones

Though its title is lifted from the popular 1970s song, the British drama Me & Mrs. Jones is eminently up-to-date in its tone and content. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


This anime saga chronicles the love story between two male college students in modern-day Tokyo, as well as the dynamics of the relationship ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

In This World

Prolific British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom adds to his impressively diverse oeuvre with this harrowing account of two Afghan refugees' passage to the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Twilight Samurai

Veteran filmmaker Yoji Yamada -- who is perhaps most famous for cranking out most of the 48 films of the Tora-san series -- directs this good-natured drama set in ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


L.A. street hustler Brian Lovero (Johnny Green), a decent-seeming young man with an ex-cop for a father (David Proval), is actually a pitiless opportunist who finds himself between ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Piotr Trzaskalski's debut film, Edi, was Poland's entry for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. The title character, played by Henryk Golebiowski, is a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A teenage girl still reeling from the death of her mother finds a novel means of venting her anger in the feature directorial debut from filmmaker Guy Bennett. It's been years since Ariel's (Sonja Bennett) ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


N.R. Acharya follows up on his directorial debut Azad with this melodrama about Beena (Leela Chitnis), the daughter of a wealthy landlord. Though she is betrothed to marry the villainous Suresh (Shah Nawaz), she is ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Banged Up

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Particles of Truth

Lilli (Jennifer Elster, who also wrote and directed the film) is unhappy. She's a struggling artist, living in New York City and cynical about everything, including her own talent. Her father (Alan ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Last Year

A conflicted bible college student faces the wrath of his homophobic classmates when ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Child I Never Was

A serial killer dispassionately discusses the nuts and bolts of his grisly avocation, as well as the youthful traumas which helped to mold him into a psychopath, in this ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Soul Food: Season 03

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Saint Monica

Written and directed by Terrance Odette, Saint Monica centers on a young girl named Monica (Genevieve Buechner), whose fervent ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Ben & Arthur

Directed by Sam Mraovich, Ben & Arthur follows a gay couple determined to ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Return From India

Directed by Menahem Golan, Return From India centers inside of a chaotic Tel-Aviv hospital, where administrator Lazar (Assi Dayan) requests that a young surgeon named Dr. Rubin (Aki Avni) ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Killing Zone

The sophomore effort from writer/director Joe Brewster, this psychological drama centers on Malcolm (Isaach de Bankolé), a man who sees his entire reality torn apart ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Hollywood Vampyr

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Down the Barrel

A small town girl with silver screen dreams falls prey to Tinseltown's dirty little secret in this cautionary tale directed by Diana Valentine and starring Beverly Hills 90210's Luke Perry. All Sara ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Madame Bovary

A three-and-a-half hour epic adaptation of Flaubert's hallowed novel, Madame Bovary originally premiered ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Voices From the High School

This independent drama is an ensemble piece that follows the lives of several regular teens who face a number of everyday struggles in the halls of an average American high school. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Journey

After the Soviet collapse of 1991, a girl named Eve escaped the turmoil of her home in Armenia by immigrating to New York City with her parents. Many years have passed now, and Eve supports herself by waitressing ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Parris Reaves' Trust offers a tale about three people whose lives become dangerously intertwined. Deandre is a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Annarth follows brothers Jimmy (Sunil Shetty) and Raghav (Ashutosh Rana), the elder of the two, who has recently killed a member of his own ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Anne B. Real

Cynthia (Ja Nice Richardson), a teenager growing up fatherless and impoverished in the city, spends her free time reading and writing rhymes. She carries around the tattered copy of The Diary of Anne Frank that her ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A pair of partner-swapping lovers finds their romantic games leading to tragedy when jealousy begins to factor into their free-love lifestyle in this erotic drama from Korean filmmaker Eung-Su Kim. ~ Jason Buchanan, All ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

A presentation of ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre, Goodbye, Mr. Chips aired on PBS in October 2003. Based on the novel by James Hilton, this adaptation ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


The terror of the holocaust proves itself to be a lasting force, even between generations, in this film ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure

Filipino filmmaker Chito S. Roño directs the action-drama Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure. Lolo Melo (Armando Goyena) is an old Filipino man living the U.S. ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Filipino filmmaker Joel C. Lamangan directs the downbeat drama Hubog (Wretched Lives). Assunta de Rossi plays Vanessa, a poor girl trying to survive in a shanty town in the Philippines. She is interested in the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Lucky Day

Unemployment among the young in Buenos Aires is the focus of this docudrama, the first feature from director ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Love Forbidden

Rodolphe Marconi writes, directs, and stars in the coming-out drama Défense d'Aimer (Love Forbidden). Marconi plays Bruce, a young student from Paris who accepts a fellowship in Rome. He takes a flat at ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Harassed on Carnival Monday

Malena Roncayolo's Acosada En Lunes De Carnival stars Luis Felipe Tovar as the head of a small village called San George. He falls into a mutually self-destructive relationship with a local worker's wife (Mimi Lazo). She rebuffs his ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Un Titán en el Ring

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Marriage Is a Crazy Thing

A clash of expectations could leave two people broken hearted in this film about sex and love. Joon-young is a college ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Full Ride

A troubled teen finds his way back on track by following the gridiron in this romantic sports ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Wedding Days

When an ambitious and promiscuous writer willing to go to any length to further his career becomes engaged to the beautiful daughter of a prolific editor, her dreams of the perfect wedding day are shattered by the selfish motivations of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Sam & Janet

Rick Walker's romantic drama Sam & Janet concerns two people recovering from disastrously failed marriages who meet and fall in love. Sam feels that he will never marry ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Espejo Retrovisor

Manuel Ojeda stars in this unsettling look at dangerous love turned deadly obsession. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Paradise B

From director Nicolas Acuña comes this tale of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


Take a trip back to the Tokugawa era for this tale of friendship and loyalty from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike. When Eiji is wrongly imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit, his bad ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Gift of the Magi

This screen adaptation of O. Henry's story of the same name tells the story of two people who give everything they have for each ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Ibiza Dream

The three main characters in Ibiza Dream are old friends who have each come to a crossroads in their lives. Carlos (Paco Marin) has decided he is a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

American Dreams: Season 01

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Una Pasión Singular

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Wire in the Blood [TV Series]

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Wire in the Blood: Shadows Rising

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Wire in the Blood: Series 01

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Witch Hunter Robin [Anime Series]

Making its Japanese TV debut on July 3, 2002, the half-hour anime series Witch Hunter Robin was ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Barrio 13, Part 2

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Alas Rotas

Carlos Gil's sophomore directorial effort, Alas Rotas, centers on Carlos Ayala (Fabio Fulco), a man who wants nothing more than to fly ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Master of the Game

A prisoner plays a dangerous game with his captors in this psychological drama set during World War II. In ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A runner-up in HBO's popular series Project Greenlight, this touching tale of common threads and self-discovery stars David Strathairn, ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Farewell To Harry

When a writer returns to his hometown in the Pacific Northwest to pen his latest novel, an unexpected friendship with a local legend offers one last chance at redemption in this nostalgic drama from actor-turned-director ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


When a trio of American lawyers make their way to Manila to defend a multi-national corporation, their mission is soon overshadowed by the apparent coming of the Apocalypse in director Tim Chey's thought-provoking biblical ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Accidental Hero

A tragic accident brings a rebellious son closer to understanding the plight of his single mother in this family drama from French ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Wolves In the Snow

When Lucie discovers that her husband Antoine has been cheating on her for years, she loses control and in the ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Family Secrets

A young boy grieving the loss of his grandmother struggles with his new live-in tutor in this period-family drama from director Sally Champlin. Trapped in an endless cycle of depression following the death of his grandmother, Brian ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Falling Hard

Mike is in a steady relationship, has a good job, and is lucky enough to be rooming with his best friend Eddie. However, despite having everything going for him, he feels an imminent sense that his life ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mano Po 1

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Saikano [Anime Series]

Saikano carefully explores the somewhat popular theme in anime of the paradoxical nature of human beings needing both love and war. We are first introduced to high school students Shuju and Chise, who have recently revealed romantic feelings ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

La Frontera

Writer/director Robert Carminati spoke with over 100 Brazilian immigrants to ensure the authenticity of this drama following two Brazilian men and their families as they ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

My Beautiful Girl Mari

My Beautiful Girl Mari concerns a lonely boy who must ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]


A recently released ex-convict learns that there are many different forms of imprisonment in this fact-based tale ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

A Young Prisoner's Revenge

The life of one couple in China is forever changed when their ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

I'll/CKBC [Anime OVA Series]

I'll/CKBC is about the way that two best friends can still be fierce rivals. It tells the story of Tachibana and Hiragi, two high-school boys who are slated to compete against each other in a basketball game ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Piano [Anime Series]

When Miu was a young girl, she expressed all of her feelings through the piano. Blessed with an incredible gift, she let herself feel completely free when her fingers touched the keys. The ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Spiral [Anime Series]

Kiyotaka Narumi uttered one cryptic phrase before he disappeared: "I'm going to pursue the mystery of the Blade Children." Two years later, his younger brother, Ayumi, is still ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

En las Arenas Negras

The drama En las Arenas Negras tells the story of a woman who interviews a variety of people in order to research the various myths, legends, and religious beliefs they hold dear. As she hears more ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Frente al Mar

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Endless Way

The tireless and ultimately tragic efforts of an impoverished Chinese villager to care for his family are detailed in director Shen Wensheng's tale of one man's broken dreams, and his noble ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Autopsy: A Love Story

An obsessive body collector working for the county coroner and dabbling in a bit of black market organ harvesting on the side finally steps off of the deep end when a beautiful ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Sin Destino

Leopoldo Laborde's drama Sin Destino follows the exploits of a fifteen year old boy living Mexico City. The kid survives buy ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Last Blues

The Last Blues concerns a man leading a double life. Andris is ahappily married man with a young son he loves. He is well-off thanks to his career. However, six months of the year he tells his family he must be ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Wedded Bliss?

The wedding day and the early hours of marriage are said to be the happiest of times, but are they really? Raj and Niki have recently tied the knot, and though they've both ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Saint Christopher

A charismatic ex-convict seeking redemption in the outside world finds that his making amends for the past doesn't necessarily mean that you can leave it behind in an intimate portrait of the struggle ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Lolo's Child

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Ocean Park

The hunger for success forces a failed actor to cover-up a murder he believes to have been committed by his more successful brother-in-law in director David Warfiend's ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Seasons of Life

The drama Seasons of Life stars Lily Melgar as Lauren, a woman who lives a fulfilling life with her husband and two children. That life ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

For the Children

A grieving peasant still mourning the death of her husband and young son opens a school in the remote and barren landscape of ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

A popular writer looking for a peaceful environment in which to finish his latest novel gets an unexpected surprise upon arriving at the remote summer home he once shared with his ex-wife in this romantic ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

The Wait

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Entre Lammos

[ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Lost By Dead

The gritty, downbeat drama Lost by Dead observes the personal crisis that befalls musician Akira, who slides headfirst into a ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion

Told from the perspective of a family who witnessed the historic tragedy firsthand, director Bruce Pittman's painstakingly detailed ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

Stolen Good

Abandoned by family and friends, three snowboarding thrill seekers discover that the only ones that can count on when times get tough are each other. Jeff Ryker, Jake O'Connor, and Sean Pierce are three ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

La Otra

Benjamin Cann's epic telenovela La Otra observes the schemes and manipulations at the heart of a wealthy family. Carlota is the bastard ... [ Drama movie - 2002 ]

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