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Drama Movies of 2001

Cet Amour-Là

Noted French filmmaker Josée Dayan directs this portrait of a celebrated love affair between legendary novelist, scriptwriter, essaying, film director and ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Notoriously obsessive director Michael Mann and star Will Smith devoted nearly two years and over 100 million dollars from the coffers of Columbia Pictures and other financiers to creating this ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Shipping News

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by E. Annie Proulx becomes this drama from director Lasse Hallström. Kevin Spacey stars as Quoyle, a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Last Orders

Australian filmmaker known for such classics as The Chant of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Edges of the Lord

A Jewish boy struggling to survive the Nazi pogrom during World War II finds an unexpected ally in this period drama. As Nazi troops invade Poland, a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

When Billie Beat Bobby

This 2001 TV docudrama relates the story of tennis' 1973 "Battle of the Sexes" between ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


An American journalist takes on the dangerous responsibility of rescuing nearly a thousand ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Based on the 1969 short story Super-Toys Last All Summer Long, by Brian Aldiss, this science fiction fantasy bears similarities to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

I Am Sam

Sean Penn stars in this drama as Sam Dawson, a developmentally disabled adult who has been working at a coffee shop and raising his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) for seven years. Sam receives ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


The 1995 novel by Dr. Gene Brewer becomes this drama from director Iain Softley. After a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Life as a House

Kevin Kline stars as George, a down-on-his-luck architect in this tearjerker from Irwin Winkler (At First Sight, Guilty By Suspicion). A disdainful local character who draws disapproval from the community, particularly ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Beautiful Mind

The true story of prominent mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. is the subject of this biographical drama from director Ron Howard. Russell Crowe stars as the brilliant but arrogant and conceited professor Nash. The ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Monster's Ball

Director Marc Forster, winner of Best Feature at Slamdance for his debut film ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Quickie

A gangster finds his professional, family, and romantic lives all taking unexpected turns in this offbeat suspense drama. Oleg (Vladimir Mashkov) is a kingpin in the Russian ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Strange Relations

Originally filmed in 2001 under the title "My Beautiful Son," the made-for-cable Strange Relations stars comedian Paul Reiser in the largely noncomic role of 39-year-old Manhattan psychiatrist Dr. Jerry Lipman. Diagnosed with leukemia, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Man From Elysian Fields

George Hickenlooper directs this psychological drama about an impoverished writer lost in a world of money, power, and male escorts. Though happily married with a young child, Byron Tiller (Andy Garcia) is struggling to make ends ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Dinner With Friends

A happily married couple discover their friends are not as happy as they thought, and they begin to wonder how sound their own relationship can be, in this made-for-cable adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Donald Margulies. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Laramie Project

Laramie, WY, is a small town which became infamous overnight in the fall of 1998, when Matthew Shepard, a gay college student, was found tied to a fence after ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Big Bad Love

Actor Arliss Howard made his debut as a director with this emotional drama adapted from a handful of short stories by ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve

A group of dirty cops are forced to cover for one another when a new officer joins ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay for this action-packed drama directed by Renny Harlin and set in the dangerous, high-stakes world of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Louis de Bernières' best-selling novel of love during wartime ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Affair of the Necklace

A director of contemporary comedies, Charles Shyer makes a genre leap into period costume drama with this lavish epic based on a controversial chapter of French history. Hilary Swank stars as Jeanne de la Motte Valois, a countess ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Glimpse of Hell

On April 19, 1989, an explosion during training exercises in Gun Turret number two of the U.S.S. Iowa, a storied battleship, created more than one firestorm; ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

13 Conversations About One Thing

Following up on her acclaimed debut, Clockwatchers, Jill Sprecher spins this intricate ensemble film about life's big questions. Set in New York City, the film focuses on five different characters with radically ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


In the same year that filmmaker Richard Linklater explored the possibilities of image manipulation in digital filmmaking with Waking Life, he also embraced the new medium's potential for creating intimate character ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Invisible Circus

A young woman trying to better understand the fate of her sister finds herself following in her footsteps in this emotional drama. 18-year-old Phoebe (Jordanna Brewster) has been haunted by the memory of her sister ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Sopranos: Season 03

Being head of the Northern New Jersey branch of the DiMeo crime family is no bed of roses for Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) in Season Three of HBO's The Sopranos. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Megiddo: The Omega Code 2

In this combination sequel and prequel to the surprise box-office success ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Prozac Nation

Following up his critically acclaimed debut Insomnia (1997), Norwegian director Erik Skjoldbjaerg makes his first ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

In the Bedroom

Character actor and noted photographer Todd Field ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Focus is based on a little-known novel by playwright Arthur Miller, written when he was a very young man, just after WWII. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

American Family [TV Series]

Beyond the fact that it was seen on PBS, the dramatic series American Family bore no ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Varian's War

Varian Fry was an American journalist who was convinced, years before America become directly involved in World War II, that Nazi Germany's abusive policies against Jews and other "outsiders" would soon have ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows

From her gradual ascent to stardom in the 1930s to her death from a drug overdose at age 47 ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Judge

Based on the 1996 novel by Steve Martini, this two-part TV miniseries stars Edward James ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Body

In this religious drama concerning the struggle between science and faith, Olivia Williams plays Sharon Golban, an Israeli archeologist who discovers a skeleton within a tomb in Jerusalem. After an intensive study and the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Chelsea Walls

Actor Ethan Hawke takes the director's chair for a test drive with this independent feature, based on a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

They Call Me Sirr

This made-for-TV drama is based on the remarkable true ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

3 A.M.

New York City may be the city that never sleeps, but that means some people have to stay awake all night to look after the folks whose days begin after the sun goes down; this made-for-premium-cable drama looks at a group of cabbies trying ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Angel Eyes

Jennifer Lopez stars in this gritty, emotional drama as police officer Sharon Pogue, who covers up a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

On the Edge

A teenager finds himself reaching out to others as he tries to heal his emotional ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Shot in the Heart

This gripping drama is based on the real-life story of Mikal Gilmore, a respected journalist whose brother Gary Gilmore was a felon convicted of murder. In 1977, after he was sentenced to death, Gary Gilmore generated ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Safety of Objects

Following up on her 1998 opus Bedrooms and Hallways, Rose Troche directs this ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Following up on his innovative work Timecode, which featured four stories being told in real time simultaneously, Mike Figgis returns to a modified form of his technique in this film about ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Crash Course

Inspired by a true story, this made-for-TV drama stars Meredith Baxter as Terry Stone, a woman whose 19-year-old son, Andrew (Eric Lively), is an honor student in college. Late one night, Terry and her ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

My Husband's Double Life

Ten years after the sudden and mysterious "death" of her husband, Patrick (Jay O. Sanders), Elizabeth "Peachy" Welch (Margaret Colin) comes into possession of disturbing evidence that Patrick ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: One

When crimes make the headlines, the NYPD Major Case Squad goes to work ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Sleepy Time Gal

Two women connected by family are drawn closer by fate in this low-key drama. Frances (Jacqueline Bisset) is a woman in her early fifties who had already begun to sense time was running out for her when ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Following the life of cocaine-trafficking pioneer George ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The West Wing: Season 03

Season three of The West Wing breaks the series' established continuity with the opening ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

World Traveler

Following up on his acclaimed debut The Myth of Fingerprints, Bart Freundlich ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Mike Nichols directs Emma Thompson in this made-for-cable adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama by Margaret Edson. Thompson plays Vivian Bearing, a college professor who teaches a course on English poetry. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


In January of 1942, 15 of Adolf Hitler's right-hand men gathered together for a special meeting in Wannsee, in which over the course of two hours they debated the pros and cons of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


The intertwined lives of four couples living in and around Sydney, Australia, form the structure for this drama masquerading as a whodunit. Andrew Bovell freely adapted his play, Speaking in Tongues, opening up the action, as ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Magnificent Ambersons

This lavish, cable-TV remake of Orson Welles' The Magnficent Ambersons endeavored to prove Welles right by ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Based on a pair of memoirs by her husband John Bayley, this biographical portrait of writer Iris Murdoch stars both ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Two young hipsters go to Las Vegas to chase their ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A man struggling to do the right thing for his child finds himself at odds with his family in this emotional drama. Tony ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Hearts in Atlantis

One of the short stories in a best-selling collection by author Stephen King becomes this mystery adapted for director Scott Hicks by screenwriter William Goldman, who ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

James Dean

During his all-too-short career (three starring roles in two years), James Dean helped to radically redefine the way teenagers were portrayed onscreen (and in popular culture in general), and the expressive naturalism of his performances did ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Women In Film

Novelist/filmmaker Bruce Wagner skews the classic George Cukor film The ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Roads to Riches

A pair of mismatched, down-and-out L.A. misfits find that their luck is about to change -- thanks to a charismatic, oblivious ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Business of Strangers

Two women on different ends of the spectrum of corporate power come together with explosive ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Ruby's Bucket of Blood

Angela Bassett stars in this powerful drama set in the Deep South in the early '60s. Ruby Delacroix (Bassett) operates a rough-and-tumble night spot in Louisiana. Between running her business, raising a teenage ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Original Sin

A lonely man's search for companionship soon takes him to dangerous and unexpected places in this erotically charged drama. Luis Antonio Vargas (Antonio Banderas) is a successful coffee salesman living in Cuba in the 1880s. Luis has had little ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Things Behind the Sun

Writer and director Allison Anders, who used the world of rock & roll as the backdrop for her films Border Radio, Grace of My Heart, and Sugar Mountain, returns to the music scene for this tale of a woman struggling to come to terms with an ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Noted baseball fan Billy Crystal directed this made-for-cable drama set in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


The Romeo and Juliet story has been modernized to a high school setting previously, but this ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Rock Star

Loosely inspired by the true story of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, this ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark, who made a controversial feature debut with the disturbing drama ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Carmen: A Hip Hopera

Previously, and brilliantly, adapted as an opera by Georges Bizet, the Prosper Merimee novel Carmen served as the inspiration for this updated made-for-cable movie. Set in contemporary Los Angeles, the film stars Beynoce Knowles of Destiny's ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 03

The so-called "repressed memory syndrome" figures heavily into "Repression," the opening episode of Law & Order: ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Taking Sides

Set in Germany in 1946, Taking Sides tells the story of the investigation of Wilhelm Furtwängler (Stellan Skarsgård), the renowned conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic and Vienna Philharmonic orchestras, by the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Long Run

An elderly man tries to achieve one of his greatest ambitions by turning a rank amateur into a champion in this drama. German-born Bertold Bohmer (Armin Mueller-Stahl) was a competitive distance runner in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Christy: A New Beginning

Based on Catherine Marshall's novel of the same name, Christy: A New Beginning is the second episode of the two-part TV miniseries Christy: Return to Cutter Gap. Set in 1913, the story concentrates on feisty young schoolteacher ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Love, death, and troubling secrets lurk beneath the surface of a quiet Iowa farming community in this independent ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

No Ordinary Baby

When their young daughter is killed in a tragic car accident, a devastated couple goes to extreme ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Seventh Stream

John Gray wrote and directed this 2001 television production set in a fishing village on the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Gentleman's Game

A boy learns more than he expects when he tries to improve his golf game in this drama. Timmy Price (Mason Gamble) is a 12-year-old boy who has begun to display a precocious talent for golf. Hoping to hone ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Sword of Honour

First adapted as a three-part TV miniseries by the BBC in 1967, Evelyn Waugh's darkly humorous novel trilogy Sword of Honour was remade as a two-parter by Britain's Channel 4 34 years later. On this ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

An American Rhapsody

A true story based on the life story of writer/director Eva Gardos, this film depicts the personal odyssey of a family's escape from Communist Hungary. One night, Margaret (Nastassja Kinski) and Peter (Tony Goldwyn) arrange to escape Hungary with ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Deep End

A mother is drawn into a sinister web of blackmail while trying to protect her son in this drama. Margaret Hall (Tilda Swinton) is a wife and mother of three living in Lake Tahoe, whose husband is ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Lost and Delirious

Three schoolgirls learn about the joys, sorrows, and varieties of love in this drama based on the novel The Wives of Bath by Susan Swan. Mary (Mischa Barton) is a quiet ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Within These Walls

A woman behind bars learns to reach out to someone with whom she has almost nothing in common as she begins to help others in this made-for-TV drama, inspired by a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Zigzag is the directorial debut of screenwriter David S. Goyer (Blade, Blade 2). Based on the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was an ordinary girl forced by circumstances to bear witness to the most extraordinary tragedy of the 20th ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Piano Teacher

How far is a man willing to go to be with the woman he wants? Erika (Isabelle Huppert) is a veteran piano instructor at a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Dodson's Journey

Gregg Champion's heartwarming drama Dodson's Journey stars David James Elliott as James ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Believer

In this powerful and disturbing drama, Danny Balint (Ryan Gosling) is a member of a gang of racist skinheads who espouses a vile but ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


One man's sexual obsessions and emotional weaknesses are laid bare in this controversial drama. Jay (Mark Rylance) is a cold, emotionally distant man who abandoned his wife and children several years ago andnow works in a nightclub. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

By Dawn's Early Light

This made-for-cable Western stars Richard Crenna as an aging rancher whose daughter has a son she can no longer control. The boy is sent to live ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

My Louisiana Sky

A young girl learns a difficult lesson about the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Millennium Mambo

Master filmmaker Hou Hsiao-Hsien directs this look at life in modern Taipei, the first part of a planned ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

What Girls Learn

Two young girls find themselves growing up fast when love and tragedy visit their mother in this made-for-cable drama based on the novel by Karin Cook. Elizabeth (Tamara Hope) and Tilden (Alison Pill) are sisters growing up in Atlanta, GA, with ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Cat Storm (Dominique Swain) is a bored high school girl in New York City who ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Under Heavy Fire

The members of Echo Company, lead by rookie captain Ramsey (Casper Van Dien), experience a disastrous tragedy when several Marines are killed ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Taking Back Our Town

Based on a true story, Taking Back Our Town is a Lifetime original movie. Laura ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Mayor of Casterbridge

Produced for the BBC in 2001, The Mayor of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Time for Dancing

A girl with powerful dreams for her future may not have the chance to live them out in this drama based on the novel by Davida Wills Hurwin. Samantha (Shiri Appleby) and Juliana (Larisa ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Majestic

Director Frank Darabont created this Frank Capra-inspired drama based on a screenplay by his friend and one-time schoolmate Michael Sloane. Jim Carrey stars ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Love in a Cold Climate

The first British TV version of Nancy Mitford's autobiographical novel Love in a Cold Climate was telecast in seven hour-long installments in 1980. This 2001 version attempted to crystallize Mitford's long and labyrinthine ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Save the Last Dance

In this romantic drama, two teenagers in love struggle to look past their differences. After the unexpected ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Miguel Pinero became a leading figure in New York's art scene during the 1970s as a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


In 1955, an African-American woman named Rosa Parks ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Pavilion of Women

A woman defies convention to find happiness, only to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


The remarkable life and tragic death of Marilyn Monroe has fascinated film fans for decades, but this two-part TV miniseries, based on a novel by Joyce Carol ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Healer

Faith, family, and devotion are all explored in Polish director Agnieszka Holland's intense family drama. Julie (Miranda Otto) and her twin children, Nick (Ryan Smith) and Nicole (Bianca Crudo), cut short a ski ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Felicity: Season 04

The fourth and final season of Felicity also represents the heroine's fourth and final year at the University of New York in Greenwich Village. Having had a falling out with her dad over "wasting" her education, Felicity vows to finance her ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Doe Boy

Hank Kirk (Kevin Anderson) is a Caucasian man who objects to his half-Cherokee son Hunter's (James Duval) tendency to believe the stories of his Native American grandfather. Hunter is a hemophiliac, which makes it difficult ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Grey Zone

Actor, writer, and director Tim Blake Nelson adapts this grim look at the Holocaust from his own play, based on Miklós Nyiszli's book, Auschwitz: A Doctor's ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Julie Johnson

One woman's decision to improve her mind has unexpected, life-changing results in this drama. Hoboken-born housewife Julie Johnson (Lili Taylor) left high school at the wishes of Rick (Noah Emmerich), ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Anna Karenina

In 1978, America's PBS made the wise decision of running the ten-part 1977 British adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's tragic novel Anna Karenina. Twenty-two years later, the Boston-based public TV station WGBH entered into ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Director Michael Polish and his twin brother Mark, who co-wrote and co-starred in the low-key, yet bizarre Twin Falls Idaho, about a woman who falls in love with a conjoined ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Bank

A young man fascinated with the workings of the world of banking forms an alliance with an unscrupulous corporate predator in this ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Falling Like This

Nice girl falls for bad boy and lives to regret it in this independent coming of age drama. Katie (Megan Wilson) is a high school ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Facing the Enemy

Rob Malenfant's psychological thriller Facing the Enemy concerns psychotic killer Harlan Moss who plots revenge against the police detective who Moss believes caused the death of his ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Knight Club

A failed actor-turned-L.A. bouncer struggles ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A woman accused and her lawyer risk their lives to defend the rule of God in this Christian drama, the third sequel to Apocalypse: Caught ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Bride of the Wind

Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy) delivers this fact-based drama about one of the most fascinating private lives of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

My Father and I

When the grown-up children of a missing parent are reunited with their father, they discover it raises more questions than it answers in a well-crafted mood piece from ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Love and war divide two brothers in a drama from award-winning director Milcho Manchevski, his first since his acclaimed 1994 debut Pred Dozhdot. After an ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Now & Forever

Two young people learn an invaluable lesson about what love really means in this romantic drama. Angela (Mia Kirshner) and John (Adam Beach) have ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

And Never Let Her Go

Based on a true crime story, the two-part TV movie And Never Let Her Go recounts the disappearance of Anne Marie Fahey in June of 1996, and the subsequent arrest and ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

ER: Season 08

Resolving the cliffhanger ending of season seven, season ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Diary of a City Priest

A man of faith finds his responsibilities changing with the world around him as he struggles to keep up ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Pornographer

A man who traded in his artistic ambitions for commercial success now finds himself at a personal and professional impasse in this drama. Jacques (Jean-Pierre Leaud) is a filmmaker who in the 1970s directed ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

La Repetition

Friendship turns to love, and unrequited love leads to a dangerous obsession in this moody drama. Nathalie (Emmanuelle Beart) and Louise (Pascale Bussieres) grew up together and had been close ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Snow in August

A boy learning the lessons of the Torah wonders if they can be used to avenge an attack on his best friend in this drama based on the novel by Pete Hamill. Michael (Peter Tambakis) is an ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Feast of All Saints

Based on a story by Anne Rice, this made-for-cable miniseries ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

After the Harvest

The made-for-cable drama After the Harvest was based on Martha Ostenso's 1927 novel Wild Geese, and was first broadcast in Canada under ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Women of Camelot

In response to the public's insatiable fascination with the Kennedy family, the NBC network brought forth this two-part miniseries, based on a book by Randy Taraborelli. Described by the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Alex in Wonder

A gifted teenager is thrown for a loop when her parents' marriage falls apart in this coming-of-age drama set ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Me Without You

The joys and horrors of female friendship are explored in writer/director Sandra Goldbacher's Me Without You. Bold, brash, and fashionable Marina ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


The political thriller B-movie Ignition was released straight to video in the U.S. Bull Pullman ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Personal Velocity: Three Portraits

Three women whose lives have followed very different paths ponder their pasts and their futures in this omnibus film from second-time director ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Ed Gein

By day, Ed Gein was a quiet man who kept watch over the farm left to him by his late mother in Plainfield, a small rural community in Wisconsin. But by night, Gein was one of the most bizarre and dangerous psychopaths in recorded ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Actor and dancer Gregory Hines served as both executive producer and star for this biographical drama that chronicles the life of legendary entertainer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. In 1916, Robinson was a successful ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Dark Blue World

The friendship of two men is tested by war, political upheaval, and romantic rivalry in this ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Out of the Black

A family faces new crises while trying to resolve an old one ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Bitter Harvest

Veteran Serbian director Goran Paskaljevic leaves the battles in the Balkans behind for this drama set in rural Ireland. Believing that "a man is measured by his enemies," Harry Maloney (Colm ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Mystic Masseur

Ismail Merchant, best known as the producing half of the successful Merchant-Ivory team, once again steps behind the camera as director for this story of life among Indian expatriates in the 1950s. Ganesh (Aasif Mandvi) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


This British TV production of Othello is more than a mere updating of the classic William Shakespeare tragedy; with freshly rechristened characters and brand-new dialogue, the film qualifies as a "rethinking" of the 17th century ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Way We Live Now

The six-part British miniseries The Way We Live Now ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season 02

The freshman season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation had ended with a dramatic rescue, as the head of the Las Vegas crime-lab unit, Gil Grissom (William L. Petersen), was saved from ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Baby Boy

Ten years later, writer and director John Singleton ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Brian's Song

Based in part on the autobiography of Gale Sayers, an Football Hall of Fame inductee and one of the finest halfbacks in the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Las Caras De La Luna

Five women from wildly divergent backgrounds find themselves swapping views on feminism, politics, and culture in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Alias Betty

A woman's grief and her mother's madness lead to strange and unforeseen consequences in this offbeat ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

100 Kilos

One young man's desire to rise from his ghetto upbringing leads him into a life of crime, an action which has unexpected worldwide consequences, in this urban drama. Ricky Ross (Glenn Plummer) ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Sólo Mía

The feature debut of writer/director Javier Balaguer, Sólo Mía opens on a scene of a relationship gone terribly awry. Some type of violence is occurring ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Jed Weintrob directed this look at how Internet sex sites bring ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Just Ask My Children

A couple's worst nightmare becomes a reality as they find themselves behind ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A thief plans one last heist -- though hardly for the typical reasons -- in this offbeat drama. Neicy (Kerry Washington) is a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


This first feature for filmmaker Jordan Melamed uses the verite style of the Dogme 95 movement for a hard-hitting drama centering on a group of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Smallville: Season 01

"What was life like for Superman before he grew up to be Superman?" That was the questioned posed, and brilliantly, answered, on the weekly sci-fi/adventure ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Carman: The Champion

A feature debut for Emmy-winning TV director Lee Stanley, this film centers around the wheeling and dealing lifestyle of the world of boxing. Christian pop singer Carman stars as Orlando Leone, a former cruiserweight champ who now works as a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


The acting debut of pop music diva Mariah Carey loosely traces the singer's real-life trajectory to fame. Carey ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Sound of the Sea

Directed by J.J. Bigas Luna, Son De Mar (Sound of the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Keep the Faith, Baby

The life and times of controversial ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Disco Pigs

A friendship between two young people grows into a dangerous obsession in this drama based on the acclaimed stage play by Enda Walsh. Darren (Cillian Murphy) and Sinead (Elaine ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

China: The Panda Adventure

In this visually striking tale of adventure, Ruth (Maria Bello) is an American widow who during the 1930s travels to China in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Werner Herzog returned to dramatic filmmaking for the first time in a decade with this historical drama, based on a true ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


One dysfunctional family's problems hold up a mirror to larger issues of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Inch'Allah Dimanche

Set in 1974, when the French government decided to allow the families of Algerian men working in France to legally emigrate to join them, Inch'Allah Dimanche tells the story of one such family. Upon arriving in France with her three children, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Everything seems to be going right for Julius Morlang ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Son's Room

A family struggles to go on after a devastating loss in this deeply emotional drama from Italy. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

His Most Serene Highness

This historical drama depicts the waning days of the life of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the 19th century president of Mexico who, in 1847, waged a war against ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Television commercial director Christine Jeffs makes her feature debut with this intense family drama about the collapse of a marriage and ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Ted Bundy

Director Matthew Bright (Freeway) directs this tale of one of the most ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Cazalets

In the summer of 1937, wealthy timber importer William Cazalet (Frederick Treves) and his wife, Kitty (Ursula Howells), host their children -- Hugh, Edward, Rupert, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Fat Girl

Director Catherine Breillat, who courted international controversy with her film Romance, once again pushed the envelope with this disturbing (if somewhat less explicit) look at adolescent sexuality. Anaïs (Anaïs Reboux) ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story

Between 1934 and 1940, Shirley Temple was the biggest little star in Hollywood; the curly-headed tyke began doing song-and-dance numbers in one-reel comedies at the age ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Living The Life

Two girls who grew up in a rough and tumble neighborhood try to find a way out of the cycle of gang violence and crime in this gritty urban drama. Cata (Katrina Marie Gibson) and Ana (Melida Prado) are two young women ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Stray Dogs

A woman looking for some familial support as she tries to break things off with her no-good husband finds that her ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Time Out

French director Laurent Cantet's sophomore effort is a somber and complex meditation on work -- specifically, how work has become the defining feature of the contemporary individual as well as the quintessential symbol of quotidian ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Warrior

Touted as the most expensive Korean film ever produced, Musa is a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Three generations of Chinese-American women struggle to reconcile tradition and family with their own ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Lady and the Duke

Having finished his acclaimed cinematic quartet "Contes des quatre ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Behind The Sun

A young man is forced to choose between family tradition and his own dreams and desires in this drama from Brazilian filmmaker Walter Salles. In 1910 ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

El Lado Oscuro Del Corazon 2

One man's search for love takes him on an unexpected journey in this purposefully offbeat romantic ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Bella Ciao

A man struggles to support his family while remaining true to his ideals in this drama set in Europe during the 1930s. Orfeo Mancini (Jacques Gamblin) and his wife Nella ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Safe Conduct

During the Nazi occupation of France during World War II, the nation's movie studios continued to operate; some filmmakers and technicians simply went along with what ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Samurai X: The Motion Picture

Edited together using scenes from the Rurouni Kenshin TV series, this full-length ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Short: International Release, Vol. 3

This release collects eight short films from around the world. The films are Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life, starring Richard E. Grant as the legendary writer; Building the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Down Time

A man who turns to crime to survive finds it even more difficult to get by behind bars in this hard-edged drama. Slim (William Van Nolan) is a drug dealer ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

MacArthur Park

Playwright Tyrone Atkins lost a promising career in theater and film -- as ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Virgil Bliss

In this stark independent drama, Virgil (Clint Jordan) is a small-time thief with a bad temper and poor social skills who winds up in prison for armed robbery. But Virgil wants to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Az Kenar-e Ham Migozarim

This variation on the road movie follows four separate carloads of people as they simultaneously traverse the same highway from Tehran to the Caspian Sea: a widow and a woman who had an affair with her ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Following up on his masterfully told art house successes The Children of Heaven and The Color of Paradise, Majid Majidi directs this quietly ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

La Ciénaga

Two families try to make the best of a bad situation as they suffer through a crippling heat wave in this neo-realistic drama, featuring a primarily non-professional cast. Tali ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

His Secret Life

A woman dealing with the loss of her mate learns he had a surprising secret life in this drama from Italy. Antonia (Margherita Buy) is a doctor who finds ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Hidden Half

Made by Tahmineh Milani, one of Iran's most prominent woman directors, The Hidden Half stars Niki Karimi ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Song for Martin

After a number of big-budget international projects, writer and director Bille August scaled himself back with this intimate story about two people who find both love and tragedy late in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Beijing Bicycle

A young man from rural China struggles to make good in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Stranger Inside

In this gritty drama, a woman discovers that her long-lost mother is now her partner in a cutthroat prison gang. Treasure (Yolonda Ross) is a young African-American woman who grew up without a mother and has been in trouble with the law ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Under the Moonlight

A seminary student on the verge of realizing his lifelong dream of joining the clergy gains a better understanding of the outside world when his clerical supplies are stolen in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Under the Skin of the City

Rakhshan Bani Etemad's urban drama centers on Tuba (Golab Adineh), a factory worker and matriarch of a raucous Tehran family. Her older daughter is pregnant and married to an abusive ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Lorna Doone

Filmed in London and Wales, this two-part adaptation of the oft-dramatized R.D. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Catherine Cookson's The Girl

A beautiful young girl raised by her philandering father and resentful stepmother following the death of her real mother must fight for her life when her stepmother turns against ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

25 Watts

Three teenage guys try to figure out what they're supposed to be doing with ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A woman struggling to make a better life for her family finds that her efforts have caused a rift between her and her children in this downbeat family drama. Josie (Vilma Santos) is a mother of three from the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


This historical action drama puts a modern-day spin on a story inspired by actual ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Political turmoil turns two lifelong friends into enemies in this drama. In the African nation of Tanzania, Dijmi (Haikail Zakaria) and Koni (Abdoulaye Ahmat) grew ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A young man takes a wrong turn down the lost highway of criminal delinquency in this powerful ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

No Te Fallare

Two lovers are brought together by chance and led into dangerous circumstances by fate in this drama. Valle (Eva Santolaria) and Quimi (Antonio Hortelano) fell in love while they ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Fernanda (Ingrid de Souza) is a transgendered youth who was born and raised in a small ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


One mistake causes the lives of two women to fold like a line of dominoes in this independent drama. Carrie (Darling Narita) and Michelle (Ali Raymer) are a pair of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Where Angels Dance

Patrick Coppola wrote, produced, directed, and stars in this streetwise drama. Alex Blake is a washed-up boxer whose ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Corazones Rotos

Humor and tragedy mingle in this film, which examines the lives of a handful of people living in a large Mexico City apartment complex. Teresa ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Ever Since the World Ended

This pseudo documentary imagines the possible outcome after a strange and virulent virus sweeps the world, killing the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

I Love Budapest

A girl looking for excitement in the big city finds it -- in all the wrong ways -- in this streetwise drama. Aniko (Gabriella Hamori) is a teenager from rural Hungary who decides to strike out on her own. She heads to Budapest, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Once and Future Queen

A rock diva sinks deep into the gutter as she makes a futile attempt at rising to stardom in this bizarre underground feature, shot using digital video equipment. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Piedras Verdes

One woman searches for peace in a life that offers her little respite in this melodrama from Mexico. Mariana (Vanessa Bauche) has lived a life that began in chaos when her mother was ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A handful of preteen boys struggle against abuse and neglect in this grim drama. In 1960, Aron Soproni (Tamas Meszaros) is a nine-year-old boy whose parents' marriage has fallen apart in the wake of Hungary's ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Tunnel

The true story of Hasso Herschel inspired this epic Cold War drama from Germany. Harry Melchoir (Heino Ferch) was a respected German athlete when the Berlin Wall forcibly divided the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Christy: A Change of Seasons

Based on Catherine Marshall's novel of the same name, Christy: A Change of Seasons is the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

America So Beautiful

A young man who only wants to dance finds that isn't so simple when you're an Iranian in America in this independent drama. Houshang ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

In Praise of Love

Cinematic iconoclast Jean-Luc Godard returns to the front ranks of contemporary filmmaking while embracing the digital video revolution (no great surprise, given his eager and early ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Holy Land

A young man discovers the holiest city in the world can also be full of seductive temptations and ethical challenges in this independent coming-of-age drama. Mendy (Oren Rehany) ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

What Time is it There?

Master Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang directs this look at three people looking for human connection. Hsiao-kang ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Pauline and Paulette

An elderly woman who can't take care of herself ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf examines the troubling story of life in neighboring Afghanistan in this compelling drama. Nafas (Niloufar Pazira) is a reporter who was born in Afghanistan, but fled with her family to Canada as a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Silencio Roto

In the wake of the Spanish Civil War, a number of the Republican guerillas who fought against Franco's fascist army went into hiding and continued their battle as resistance fighters hiding out in the mountain ranges of Spain; this drama ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A man leaves the life he's known behind to support his family as an undocumented worker in this realistic drama. Freddy (Freddie Flores) was born and raised in Bolivia, but when the intervention of American ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Conflicting criminal alliances turn old friends into mortal enemies in this taut drama. Thoughtful Sang-taek (Tae-hwa Seo), hot-tempered Jeong-suk (Yu ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Das Experiment

A man taking part in a scientific study finds the fine line between play-acting and reality has been blurred beyond recognition in this taut drama. Tarek Fahd (Moritz Bleibtreu) is a journalist who is temporarily making ends meet by driving a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Lan Yu

Stanley Kwan, one of Hong Kong's few openly gay filmmakers, directed this drama that blends a same-sex love story into a tableau of China's tumultuous recent history. In 1988, Lan Yu (Liu Ye) is a college ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


In this downbeat drama, Lena (Marta Larralde) is an 18-year-old who has grown up in a seaside town on the northeast coast of Spain; while fishing was once the backbone of the local ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Follow the Stars Home

A woman gets a crash course in the realities of love and commitment when she ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Amour Infinity

A man finds himself torn between two women in this urban drama. Derek (Jerry LaMothe) is a single father trying to raise a young son in a rough-and-tumble Brooklyn ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A political adventure that incorporates documentary footage and real-life events ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A man hoping to move out of the closet falls into a trap of drug-fueled hedonism in this cautionary drama. John (Jonathan Wade Drahos) is a police officer from a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

John John in the Sky

Christian Craft stars in this 2001 coming-of-age drama from ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

El Juego de Luna

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Taxi, an Encounter

A professional thief has to decide if doing the right thing for a stranger is worth the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Fixing Frank

Ken Hanes wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of his ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A man deciding if he should stay with his lover or explore new options looks at his story from ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Motevalede Mahe Mehr

A young Iranian couple find it all but impossible to reconcile their love with the strict moral and religious strictures that ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Keepin' It Real

Brian Cox directs the urban comedy Keepin' It Real. Rap star Kurupt appears as hip-hop wannabe Raw-D, who convinces his girlfriend, Joslyn (Portia Realer), to steal a recording from her father, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

New Port South

Teen movie icon John Hughes returns to the genre he helped revolutionize as producer of the first ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Treading Water

A woman trying to come out of the closet must contend with her family, whose closets have some skeletons of their own in this independent drama. Casey (Angela Redman) is a woman from an ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Journey To Kafiristan

Set in a Europe on the brink of war, The Journey to Kafiristan is the story of two women who leave their home in Switzerland to journey together to Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1939. Annemarie Schwarzenbach ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Navigators

Acclaimed filmmaker Ken Loach follows up on his 2000 opus ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A girl coming of age in India discovers the ugly realities of a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

No Turning Back

After fate conspires to make a man into an outlaw, he struggles to protect his child, the only thing he has left ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Mostly Martha

Sandra Nettelbeck spins this gentle drama about how a child's ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Dog Days

Famed for his controversial documentaries Models and Animal Love, Ulrich Seidl makes his first fiction film with this impassioned attack on the banality and ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Light of My Eyes

Giuseppe Piccioni follows up on his 1999 opus Not of this World with this understated drama about fantasy and reality. The film centers on Antonio (Luigi Lo Cascio), a youngish chauffeur who is a model of professional promptness and ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Honey For Oshun

A Cuban exile searches for his long-lost mother, as well as his cultural heritage, in this drama. Roberto Delgado (Jorge Perugorria) is a college professor living in Miami who was born in Cuba; Roberto and his father fled Cuba shortly before the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Cold Heart

A woman discovers becoming attracted to the wrong man can have deadly consequences in this tense erotic thriller. Linda (Nastassia Kinski) is a woman whose life would seem ideal on the surface: she ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Karmen Geï

The story of tempestuous Carmen, first told in a short story by Prosper Merimee and made famous in an opera by Georges ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

All About Lily Chou-Chou

Wildly popular filmmaker Shunji Iwai breaks a three-year hiatus following his less than successful April Story with this elliptical drama about teenaged alienation, violence, and ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Lavoura Arcaica

One young man's forbidden love threatens to destroy his life and tear his family apart in this epic-length period drama from Brazil. In the early '40s, teenaged Andre (Selton Mello) is being raised in a strict and deeply religious ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Black and Blue

After a children's birthday party ends in a hail of gunfire, RoRo and Samuel decide to clean up their crime-ridden ghetto neighborhood in the hard-hitting urban drama Black and Blue. The low-budget intensity of the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Her Majesty

Which is more important -- loyalty to your friends, or making your dreams come true? A young girl is forced to make that difficult choice in this comedy-drama set in the early '50s. Elizabeth Wakefield ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


This satiric comedy-drama from the Philippines examines ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Last Leaf

William Sydney Porter became one of America's most beloved writers under his pen name of O. Henry. The master of the short story captured the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

One Week

In this independent drama, Varson (Kenny Young) is a week away from marrying his long-time girlfriend Kiya (Saadiqa Muhammed), and things ought to be ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Following up on his award-winning opus Shower, Zhang Yang directs this biographical film concerning and starring Chinese film icon Jia Hong-Sheng, who starred in such groundbreaking works as ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Address Unknown

Following up on his hallucinatory meditation on sex, death, and fish hooks in The Isle, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Smokers Only

In this downbeat drama, Reni (Cecilia Bengolea) is a woman in her early twenties who sings with a struggling rock group; she hasn't been ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Plain Jane

In this made-for-TV period drama, Kevin Whately stars as David Bruce, who, in 1911, receives an important promotion at the gas company for which he works. Born and raised in a working-class family, David is ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Jan Dara

Widely considered Thailand's leading director of the late '90s, Nonzee Nimibutr spins this erotic drama based on one of that country's most ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Tricky Life

Turf wars between Uruguayan hookers and Brazilian drag queens are just one of the highlights of Tricky ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Barrio Murders

In this hard-edged urban drama, when a shocking murder is committed in a Hispanic neighborhood in East Lost Angeles, the local residents are up in arms and ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

In Love and War

War turns two strangers into lovers at a most inopportune moment in this made-for-TV drama based on a true story. Eric Newby ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Bad Guy

Korean director Kim Ki-duk's film begins with Han-ki (Jo Jae-hyeon), the leader of a gang of street thugs who patrol a Seoul red light ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Take Care of My Cat

Five girlfriends graduate high school in the Korean port city of Inchon. They set out to pursue their limited opportunities, vowing to continue their ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Flower Island

Following up on his prize-winning short The Picnic, Song Il Gon spins this metaphysical fairy ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Range of Motion

As the result of a freak accident, Jay Berman (Barclay Hope) lies comatose in a hospital bed. Despite the admonitions of friends, family members and medical experts, Jay's ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Millennium Actress

Following up on his highly acclaimed animated psychological thriller Perfect Blue, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

When forbidden love tears a tightly knit Indian family apart, a mother's heartbreak prompts her son to reunite the shattered clan in this family drama from filmmaker Karan Johar. Business tycoon Yashovardhan Raichand ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Johnny Greyeyes

A woman who has committed a capital crime finds love and strength behind bars in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story

The saga of pop metal superstars Def Leppard is told in this biopic, produced by cable television ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Smile Now, Cry Later

Sir Dyno and A.L.G. of the Latino rap crew DarkRoom Familia star in this hard-edged urban drama about two close friends struggling to get out of the ghetto. Both young men are talented musicians, but while they strive to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Following up on his gritty Dogma-certified look at street life in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Nowhere in Africa

A family on the run for their lives finds themselves in a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Hard Luck

Two old friends have an unusual and unexpected reunion in this offbeat independent drama. "Lucky" O'Donnell (Kirk Harris) is a charming but slightly unstable man who has spent the past seven years in a mental hospital after being ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Chasing Holden

Newly discharged from a psychiatric hospital, 19-year-old Neil Lawrence (D.J. Qualls), the son of the governor of New York, enrolls in an ivy-covered prep school to straighten out his life. Things look ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Jacked Up

Andre Carter (RonReaco Lea) is a 17-year old pushed to the edge one day in his Ohio ghetto neighborhood when a carjacking goes awry and he ends up shooting dead the driver. Wracked by guilt and inspired to confess his crime, Andre does ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A woman taking a long hard look at her life finds love along the way in this romantic drama. Fox Giovanni (Victoria Dillard) is a stockbroker who has focused on her career at the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Fire and Ice

While many celebrities believe their fame gives them good luck with the opposite gender, one man ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

One Special Moment

Nelson George directs the made-for-TV movie One Special Moment, based on the romance novel by Brenda Jackson. Hollywood film star Silver (Kirk Taylor) falls for schoolteacher Colby (Tamara ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Hip Hop 4 Life

David Velo Stewart's Hip Hop 4 Life follows the struggling MC Devon (Q-Nice) as he uses his verbal skills to start a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Bent Keltoum

Mehdi Charef directs this gritty drama about the difficulties of being a women in the strict patriarchal societies of Northern Africa. The film centers on Rallia, abandoned by her mother as a baby and raised by a foster family in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Beach Café

Adapted from a work by Paul Bowles and co-written by Andre Techine, this film -- directed by Benoit Graffin) -- is ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


One of the most expensive miniseres ever assembled for Australian television, Changi covered a time-span of nearly 60 years. The story was told in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


A drama about identity and living with HIV, Days has as its protagonist Claudio (Thomas ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Desperado Square

Director Benny Torati's bittersweet ensemble film Desperado Square spins a tale of respect, long-lost loves and village history amongst a settlement of Greek Jews near Tel Aviv. On the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within

The long-running CBS drama series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was briefly resurrected in this made-for-TV feature film. Jane ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Fall of the Louse of Usher

Murder, mayhem, insanity, mini-skirted nuns, and inflatable doll orgies are only part of the fun in Ken Russell's predictably ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Stefanie Sycholt makes her directorial debut with this odd couple road movie about whites and blacks who have ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Otilia Rauda

Acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Dana Rotberg returns to the screen following an eight year absence with this hypnotic drama about love and revenge. Set in a small village during the beginning of the 20th ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

I Love You Too

The Dutch romantic drama Ik Ook Van Jou (I Love You Too) is based on a novel by Ronald Giphart. A student begins an affair with a young woman who is overcome with borderline personality disorder. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


American independent filmmaker Melvin James makes ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Giuseppe Verdi's Macbeth

This filmed performance of Opernhaus Zurich's innovative ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Führer EX

Two young East Germans are forced into joining the Neo-Nazi subculture with the Communist East German government largely to blame in director Winfried Bonengel's 2001 feature film debut Führer EX. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairytale

Originally seen on British television, this two-part filmed biography of famed Danish fantasist Hans Christian Andersen bears more resemblance to the truth than the 1952 ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Louder Than Bombs

Przemyslaw Wajcieszek directs the Polish coming-of-age drama Louder Than Bombs, named after the 1987 essential Smiths album. 21-year-old Marcin (Rafal Mackowiak) ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Kira's Reason: A Love Story

Ole Christian Madsen follows up on his debut Pizza King with this Dogma 95 approved character study of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. At the film's outset, Mads (Lars Mikkelsen) ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Prison Song

Elijah (rapper Q-Tip) has been bounced from group home to group home throughout his turbulent young life. What has sustained him is his art. After a promised scholarship is taken away, Elijah ends up in a fight that result in the death of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Come and Take it Day

Four blue collar Latino San Antonio restaurant workers become ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Ritmo De Salsa

An innocent local dance marathon takes on deadly undertones when the violently jealous ex-boyfriend of the most sought-after dancer in town threatens to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Just Can't Get Enough: The True Story of the Chippendales' Murders

Straight-to-video filmmaker David Payne writes and directs the docudrama Just Can't Get Enough: The True ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Shadow Kill

Set in a village in the Indian state of Kerala on the eve of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Maria Belen Y Sus Amigos

A six-year old orphan seeks solace from her evil uncle and the cold reality of her depressing boarding school through the power of imagination in this release of the popular Hispanic children's television series. ~ Jason Buchanan, All ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Director Raj Kumar Santoshi explores cultural misogyny with a quartet of compelling tales in this intense and personal drama. Pregnant and locked in a loveless marriage with her uncaring husband, Raghu (Jackie Shroff), Manisha abandons him to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Two unlikely friends help to transform each other's lives through art in this independent drama. Robert (Brandon Karrer) is an aspiring photographer working at a photo supply store ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Soul Food: Season 02

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Little Inside

The directorial debut from filmmaker Kara Harshbarger, this family-friendly comedy drama stars young Hallie Eisenberg, best known for her appearances in several late-'90s Pepsi ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Linton Semage's drama Pickpocket stars a man who supports himself and his family by lifting wallets and handbags. Troubled by the ethics of his profession, he contemplates finding a more ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

In Desert and Wilderness

Adventure awaits two siblings as they make their ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Final Solution

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]


[ Drama movie - 2001 ]


The 2001 independent family feature Reversal is ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Turn of Faith

Joey (Ray Mancini), Frank (Alan Gelfant), and Bobby (Costas Mandylor) grew up ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Map of Sex and Love

Planning to shoot a documentary about the upcoming opening of a Disneyworld in Hong Kong, a Chinese-American film maker is enraptured by a dancer who seems to be ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Back to Ballin

Rapper Lil' Troy stars as himself in this gritty crime thriller from director Tara E. Davis. After being met with ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Sean Reid's drama Redemption centers on a young man named Christian Rayne. Christian suffers a career-ending injury that derails his quest to be an Olympian. He starts over training to be an actor, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Scooter Kidz

14-year-old Donny has dreams of riding in the Motocross Circuit someday, so when his foster parents can only afford to buy him a razor scooter, he is somewhat disappointed. The scooter soon grows on him though, and soon he is ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Shanghai Panic

A former ballet star content to dance the night away in the Shanghai club scene finds that nothing helps one to better understand their true inner-selves ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Merchant of Venice

This adaptation of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice was directed by Trevor Nunn, who has become one of the most respected British stage directors of his time. The production transplants the setting of the film ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Price of the American Dream

The drama The Price of the American Dream covers the trials and tribulations of a family struggling to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Marcados Por La Probreza

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Malibu Eyes

Norman Ollestad's erotic drama Malibu Eyes begins with a young woman discovering that her parents and her boyfriend will not be joining her in the Malibu beach house in which they were to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]


Four people bare both their bodies and their souls in this dark and emotional drama. Paul (Paolo Seganti) and Amanda (Gina ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Jin nian xia tian

The lesbian relationship of a young Beijing Zoo employee is thrown into chaos when the girl's unsuspecting mother arrives in town to set up her daughter with a prospective husband in ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Same Sex Parents

Laurence Katrian's drama Same Sex Parents concerns a teenager who is discovering both her own sexuality and the sexual orientation of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Clara's Summer

A week away from home has a profound impact on a young woman in this French drama. Clara (Selma Brook) and Zoe (Stephanie Sokolinski) are two close friends in their early teens who are being sent off to summer camp for a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Amour de Femme

A woman caught in a comfortable but lifeless marriage gets a wake-up call that threatens to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Love and War

A deeply spiritual war bride attempts to adjust to ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Diamond Hunters

A checkered past full of deception and anger threatens to bring both a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Vidas Privadas

When the father of a young woman with a dark past falls ill and needs her help to survive, she must learn to let go of the pain and forge on into the future in this harrowing and affecting drama from filmmaker Fito Paez. ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Mile Zero

Mile Zero, director Andrew Currie's feature debut, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Magic Rock

When a summer camp that has offered generations of memories to young boys is threatened ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

A Month of Sundays

A small town baseball announcer embarks on the journey of a lifetime after facing the prospect of being placed in a retirement home against his will in this bittersweet drama featuring ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Abakada Ina

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]


[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Breakin' Out

Nicholas' stable, loving home life is forever altered when it comes to the ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Sa Ngalan Ng Pag Ibig

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Scorpio Nights 2

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

She Walks By Night...sssshhhhh!

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]


[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Sinungaling Mong Puso

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]


[ Drama movie - 2001 ]


[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Bano de Damas

The lives, loves, and frustrations of three modern Latino women are revealed in the one place where conversation is still sacred as Latin-American author Rodolfo Santana's insightful play makes the transition to celluloid. Despite society's ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Lay It Down

Out of the cloud of burnt rubber and exhaust kicked up by the hottest street racing flicks to hit the silver screen emerges the one fast-driving drama that blasts down the road to salvation with an ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Monarch of the Glen: Series 02

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Rebus: Mortal Causes

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Return to Innocence

Emerging filmmaker Rocky Costanzo makes his feature ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Lost Steps

The Argentinean drama The Lost Steps takes a fictionalized look at actual crimes committed by the government. The main character is a ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Chavos de La Calle

[ Drama movie - 2001 ]

The Russian Bride

A beautiful Russian bride seeking to start a new life in America finds her dreams shattered when an internet ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Solo por Hoy

Ariel Rotter's deeply existential, Spanish-language ensemble drama Solo Por Hoy (AKA Only for Today, 2001) unfolds in urban Buenos Aires, ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

Invisible Kitchen

Chef-turned filmmaker Cedric T. Bradley brings his love of fine foods and celluloid entertainment together in this tale of two chefs from disparate backgrounds who come together to realize a newfound sense of ... [ Drama movie - 2001 ]

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