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Cathy Downs

Cathy Downs

A pretty, athletic leading lady with a refreshing down-to-earth quality, Cathy Downs worked as a model before signing a 20th Century-Fox contract in 1944. She was co-starred in several major Fox productions of the postwar years, and played the title role in John Ford's My Darling Clementine (1946). Inexplicably, however, her career degenerated after 1947 into lower-berth programmers and cheap horror films like She-Creature (1956) and The Amazing Colossal Man (1957). Cathy Downs was married to actor/producer Joe Kirkwood, with whom she appeared in the Joe Palooka TV series of the early 1950s. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Cathy Downs Trivia

When was Cathy Downs born?
Cathy Downs was born on March 3, 1924

What role did Cathy Downs play in The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues?
Cathy Downs played Lois in The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues

Who did Cathy Downs portray in The Noose Hangs High?
Cathy Downs was Carol Scott in The Noose Hangs High

Who did Cathy Downs portray in The Sundowners?
Cathy Downs was Mrs. Boyce in The Sundowners

What role did Cathy Downs portray in My Darling Clementine?
Cathy Downs played Clementine Carter in My Darling Clementine

Who did Cathy Downs play in The Dark Corner?
Cathy Downs was Mari Cathcart in The Dark Corner

What role did Cathy Downs play in Missile to the Moon?
Cathy Downs played June Saxton in Missile to the Moon

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