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Best Horror Films of 2003

Scorpius Gigantus

From Dinocroc and Piranha ... brawn to outsmart a fierce predator that may ultimately prove to be the next dominant species on planet Earth. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Four men are changed ... communication with the late Jonsey, whose previous near-death experience gives him an unexpected advantage in stemming the alien tide. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A young man uses ... who previously worked together on episodes of The X-Files as well as the features Final Destination and The One. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Television commercial director and ... in the U.S. at the 2003 CineVegas International Film Festival and was renamed Pulse for its eventual video release. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A young man who ... save has now become a sworn enemy. Underworld was the first feature film from music video director Len Wiseman. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Vampires: Out for Blood

Kevin Dillon portrays Hank ... strength to bring them down before he succumbs. Directed by Richard Brandes, Vampires: Out for Blood co-stars Lance Henriksen. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Wrong Turn

A turn down an ... legendary special-effects artist whose work has appeared in such films as Jurassic Park, Aliens, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Monster Island

When a group of ... only protection, the group races to rescue Carmen Electra from the bloodthirsty mutants and to escape from Monster Island. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

One of the most ... was his first screen credit), as well as supporting performances by R. Lee Ermey, Andrew Prine, and Andrew Bryniarski. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain

A group of American ... fresh meat out in the woods, they descend upon the cabin for a fest fit for a cannibalistic king. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Wes Craven Presents Dracula II: Ascension

The burned corpse of ... (Jason London) find out the hard way. Luckily, vampire-slaying priest Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee) arrives with his razor-studded whip. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Freddy Vs. Jason

Rumored and anticipated for ... White Hair), Freddy Vs. Jason features the director of the first Friday film, Sean S. Cunningham serving as producer. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Directed by former CIA ... time and space is no myth. Vlad features performances from Kam Heskin, Monica Davidescu, Nicholas Irons, and Paul Popowich. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Mimic 3: Sentinel

An unlikely fusion of ... situation soon begins to spiral out of control upon the discovery that the Judas breed is far from extinct. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Dead End

A family making their ... could the answer to the horrific mystery lie deep within the conscience of one of the few remaining family-members? [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Red Water

A treacherous Louisiana river ... mention a dead-body count that would shame a Rambo or Terminator. The film debuted August 17, 2003, on TBS. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A flawed attempt to ... begin to come true when Mowat survives his execution in the electric chair and embarks on a killing rampage. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Deep Shock

Gigantic, intelligent electric eels ... them know, but Dr. Fletcher has been communicating with them, and maybe on the side of the slippery fish. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

The sixth movie in ... who co-starred in Leprechaun in the Hood, another rapper, Sticky Fingaz of Onyx, is onboard for this blood bath. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Invisible Temptation

[ best horror films - 2003 ]


Perhaps inspired by the ... (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) to save humanity from the oversized scourges. Bugs made its Sci-Fi Channel debut September 4, 2003. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Angel: Season 05

As its final season ... McDonald resurfaced to set the stage for a finale that ended as abruptly and heroically as the series itself. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Jeepers Creepers 2

The Creeper is back, ... athletes can provide, and to survive the night, the terrified teens will have to fight to their dying breaths. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

House of the Dead

Adapted from the popular ... zombies, the group must now make one final bid for survival over the course of a long, blood-soaked night. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Moon Child

Combining yakuza, science fiction, ... vampire Kei be enough to bring the two old friends back on the same side of the fence again? [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A group of hard-partying ... turn the tables on their tormentors and show them that they aren't about to go down without a fight. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Beyond Re-Animator

Once again tampering with ... of the Neuroplasm West may have finally discovered the missing link to effectively bringing life to death. Or not. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Yuka (Hiromi Nagasaku) is ... Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure) from a script by Kurosawa and Ken Furusawa, was shown at the 2004 Rotterdam Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Final Destination 2

Death lurks, and two ... the people involves in the accident that wasn't. Tony Todd also returns from the first film as Mr. Bludworth. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Scarecrow Slayer

Scarecrow Slayer begins with ... the process, and he too becomes a scarecrow -- leading to a final brawl between the two former friends. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


[ best horror films - 2003 ]


John Specht's horror film ... is a mosaic of horrific images that offer tantalizing clues to what may have caused the woman's emotional problems. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Darkness Falls

Children have a very ... to help get to the bottom of his story. Darkness Falls marked the directorial debut of filmmaker Jonathan Liebesman. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp

Five years have passed ... Tracy begin to bleed into reality as a dark entity begins picking off the hapless teens one by one. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Bog Creatures

An ancient conflict awakens ... not only don't take kindly to their age-old foes, but seem determined to take down the students as well. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Flesh Freaks

Directed and produced by ... do, got loose and set off to forever change modern society. The film features Erica Goldblatt and Eshe Mercer-James. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


For those who think ... thrown into the mix, the killer is back and stinkier than ever. Paul Weiner and Beth West also star. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Wounded

A forest retreat quickly ... the remaining survivors must put aside their differences and fight together if they want to make it out alive. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Deadly Species

The science fiction monster ... several young college girls who find opportunities to take off their shirts. A lizard monster tries to kill them. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


When deadly meteorites start ... to garner accolades from the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Catalonian International Film Festival, Sitges, Spain, among others. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Necropolis Awakened

Necropolis Awakened is a ... class of Minions, and finally the experimental monster Graven the Beast. Writer/director Garrett White stars as Tiden, Bob's nephew. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Satan's Playground

Writer/director Dante Tomaselli's horror ... of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead movies, Tomaselli pays loving tribute to slasher movies of cinema past. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Sex Medusa

While conducting a top-secret ... a means to fertilize her eggs, and an unknowing man subsequently falls for the human-looking creature to horrific results. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Ice Crawlers

John Buechler's horror film ... creatures that have been lying dormant for centuries. Now, they are hunting the scientists down one at a time. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Ghost Rig

A team of environmentalists, ... some ideas, few of them very healthy and most of them regarding a chalk pentangle on a deck below. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Fallen Angels

Ian David Diaz' horror ... a career. When the horrible truth of the place is revealed, everyone involved gets more than they bargained for. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Meat Market 2

With the world held ... band of followers. Their reprieve is short-lived, however, when Argenta discovers a horrifying secret deep within Wilhelm's labyrinthine compound. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Seekers

[ best horror films - 2003 ]

Binge and Purge

High fashion and cannibalism ... and soon the detectives have uncovered a gruesome underground world. Binge and Purge stars Tanya Barnard and Stephan Bourke. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Delta Delta Die!

It's dueling scream queens ... student bent on putting a stop the man-eaters with the help of former Delta Delta Pi member Rhonda (Stevens). [ best horror films - 2003 ]


An earth-bound angel and ... she's got a heavenly friend to help her save the world. Absolution also stars Paul Wendell and Jonas Moses. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


While on a road ... into a world of terror. The debut feature from director Marc Ickx, Junior is also known as Engine Trouble. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A small airplane flown ... to discover a nest of mutant arachnids has awakened, and that the critters are hungry -- for human flesh. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Danny Draven's horror film ... grisly fates, those that are left behind try to uncover what horrible creature seems to be hunting them down. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Director Miles Feldman helms ... rat starts attacking people, it may already be too late for them to stop it. Leah Rowan also stars. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Twins Effect

A powerful, age-old bloodsucker ... of a quick-kicking paramedic (Jackie Chan), and the human race just may stand a chance for survival after all. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


At a yakuza gathering, ... prolific Takashi Miike from a script by Sakichi Satô, who also wrote the script for Miike's Ichi the Killer. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Mummy: Evil Unleashed

The Mummy: Evil Unleashed ... violated. Nefertista was an Egyptian princess who committed suicide as an act of love for a god named Aman. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Secret Cellar

John Quinn's horror film ... to work its mojo on the house, leading to some passionate sex and a few violent acts of murder. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

High Tension

French filmmaker Alexandre Aja ... version is missing one minute of grisly gore and features a redubbed audio track by star Cécile De France. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Flesh for the Beast

When a turn-of-the-century occultist ... damned abode, or will their souls be forever lost to a devilish madman and a horde of bloodthirsty zombies? [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Undertow

A relaxing vacation down ... hunt begins. But where did "The Boy" come from, and how was he transformed into such a murderous brute? [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Vampire Resurrection

Actress Denice Duff stars ... to join the world of the vampires or give up true love. James Horan and Jillian McWhirter also star. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Boo! The Movie

Written, directed and produced ... turn out to be more than she'd bargained for. Boo! The Movie also stars Rusty Mann and Aaron Siegel. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Bone Snatcher

A researcher learns that ... up against a menace unlike anything he's seen before. The Bone Snatcher also stars Rachel Shelley and Warrick Grier. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Hallow's End

The normally harmless horrors ... the remaining survivors must race to break the spell or escape the town and hope the curse hasn't spread. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A group of extreme ... of the bloody past of Rocky Summit and why being a snowboarder there can be hazardous to your health. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Blood of the Beast

Human cloning yields horrific ... the survival of the human race may depend on their determination to escape and survive on their own terms. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Christian independent filmmaker William ... remove the evil from those that the devil has infiltrated. Starring Brian Patrick Clarke, Eileen Dietz, and Jack Donner. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A morbid group of ... nature turns back on them ten fold as an unspeakable local legend returns to the land of the living. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Raising Hell

[ best horror films - 2003 ]

Cutthroat Alley

Timothy Wayne Folsome's urban ... each of his victims. The film turns when it seems as if someone is out to murder the murderer. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Monster Man

Directed by Michael Davis, ... They escape his wrath for a short time, but complications ensue when a beautiful hitchhiker (Aimee Brooks) gets involved. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Shark Zone

A young diver-for-hire (Dean ... his wife (Brandi Sherwood) and young son in danger, and not just from sharks, but from smugglers, as well. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


[ best horror films - 2003 ]

Goregoyles: First Cut

[ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Ghosts of Edendale

A struggling couple's dreams ... her fears and snap Kevin out of his spell before he loses his soul to the Ghosts of Edendale. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Strange Things Happen at Sundown

A gang of vampiric ... a murderous agenda is stalking everyone involved, and her powers are unrivaled even in the realm of the supernatural. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Hellbound: Book of the Dead

[ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Ghouls

[ best horror films - 2003 ]

Enter Zombie King

Lucha libre fans of ... must join forces with Ulysses and company if there is any hope of thwarting the zombie king's diabolical scheme. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Short Cut Road

In honor of their ... surrounding the rock show. The debut feature from writer/director/producer Marc Selz, Short Cut Road was released straight-to-video in 2003. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

El Chupacabra

Rapper-turned-actor Anthony "Treach" Criss ... and an animal control officer to put a stop to the carnage. Eric Alegria and Elina Madison also star. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


A top-secret experiment on ... alien life-form, mortal enemies must work together to ensure that they make it out of the doomed vessel alive. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Four well-heeled Texans discover ... title S.I.C.K. stands for "Serial Insane Clown Killer." The film was originally screened under its production title, Grim Weekend. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Screaming Dead

Misty Mundae, star of ... faced with gruesome terror. Written and directed by Brett Piper, Screaming Dead also stars Rob Monkiewicz and Rachael Robbins. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Night Slave

At night, Jarvis is ... is not really so far removed from the sadistic character he plays by the glow of his television screen? [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Dark Harvest

From director Paul Moore, ... the woods that leaves a trail of death in its path. Don Digiulio, Jeanie Cheek, and Jennifer Leigh star. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Last Horror Movie

Julian Richards' The Last ... psychotic state grows even more toxic as he begins to consider how the people watching his films are reacting. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


The horror film Leeches! ... from some disturbing side effects after they begin taking steroids in order to cheat their way to more victories. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Speed Demon

The need for speed ... who threatens to destroy not only the murderous gang -- but anyone who dares to cross his deadly path. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Legend of Diablo

[ best horror films - 2003 ]

Near Death

Undead man-eaters terrorize a ... the old house, they soon become the prey of flesh-eating ghosts. Near Death stars Perrine Moore and Scott Lunsford. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

China White Serpentine

A struggling writer and ... manipulative pusher still had one final scheme up her sleeve that would spell certain death for the young lovers. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Midnight Skater

Ashleigh Holeman, Nick Jackson, ... young investigators may survive to see the mystery solved, odds are that most will never be heard from again. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood

Spanish horror icon Paul ... to survive, and it isn't long before a mysterious figure from the past attempts to thwart his nefarious plans. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Immortal Enemy

When Narudom inherits a ... end, however, and soon a young sorcerer will penetrate the castle walls in the hopes of doing just that. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Dark Heaven

The apocalypse has befallen ... power of angels on his side can save mankind from an infernal fate where evil reigns and good withers. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Death Curse

Pop duos Twins and ... realize that the house is haunted, it becomes increasingly obvious that winning their inheritance may be a deadly affair. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Ju-on: The Grudge

Directed by Takashi Shimizu, ... colleagues alerts the local authorities, an investigation turns the house inside out and exposes an ancient and deadly history. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Demon Summer

A group of bored ... that were responsible for the original trouble, and now their town is in more trouble than it ever was. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Evil in the Bayou

Stephanie Beaton's occult thriller ... of a missing woman. The investigation forces the detective into a world of voodoo, human sacrifices, and satanic worship. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Director's Cut: A Killer Comedy

This campy homage to ... of fame and fortune, Brittany will have to make sure she's the character in this horror movie who survives. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


The horror film Hatchetman ... killer has been knocking off many of her co-workers. She must expose the killer before he can kill her. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Sonny, a narcoleptic, is ... are seriously disturbed, Addie must somehow awaken Sonny from his state so that she can exit her living nightmare. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Lethal Dose

Determined to free a ... mystery of the elliptical e-mails, the group members soon find themselves the subjects of a complex and deadly experiment. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Serial Slayer

Lock your doors, draw ... the killer and prepare for the fight of their lives. Starring Melanie Lynskey, Sheeri Rappaport, and Mary Lynn Rajskub. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Demons at the Door

In the center of ... stopped by four brave heroes. A joke-by-the-minute gore-filled horror comedy, the flick features music from the Insane Clown Posse. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

One of Them

A school full of ... that many of the local townspeople hate and fear the academy and its students -- and with good reason. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Season of the Hunted

When a New York ... Frank have any hopes of surviving the night they'll have to put their survival instincts to the ultimate test. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Unaware that their school ... tails of the murders, but the deceased dramatists might just decide that their motivation is to kill them too. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Red Riding Hood

The Eternal City harbors ... has forsaken. Within the confines of the Eternal City the sinners will pay for their indiscretions with their lives. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Uninvited

Jung-won (Park Shin-yang) falls ... the feature debut of writer/director Lee Soo-youn. The film was shown at the 2004 New York Korean Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Mosquito Man

The horror film Mosquito ... As a result, he becomes a deranged half man/half mosquito who begins feeding on the blood of unsuspecting humans. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Rise of the Undead

Seven strangers seek shelter ... flaming inferno that rages outside or fight for their lives against a mysterious predator determined to kill them all. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Devil's Harvest

In the coastal village ... guilty are unmasked one by one, the time has finally come for the guilty to pay for their sins. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


The Korean psychological horror ... acacia tree he plays underneath comes back to life. However, soon his powers show more destructive than life-giving capabilities. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Attack of the Virgin Mummies

Many years ago, the ... he killed so many years ago have also been reincarnated, and they alone possess the power to stop him. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Chrono Crusade [Anime Series]

It is 1920s New ... and the power of machine-gun fire, Sister Rosette and young Chrono will cleanse New York of its demonic problems. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Lunar Legend Tsukihime [Anime Series]

Shiki Tohno suffered a ... be asked to use his special sight which he shunned so long ago, to help destroy an immortal enemy. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Requiem From Darkness [Anime Series]

Momosuke is a watcher, ... Now, Momosuke's role as the passive observer is over as he dives into a world of action and adventure. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


An army of oversized ... citizens, a horrific final solution offers a glimmer of hope despite the prospect of killing thousands of innocent civilians. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Janitor

This gruesome and darkly ... to be the janitor for a group of sexy sorority girls and stops at nothing to get the job. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Tales from the Grave

An ancient witch who ... queen Stephanie Beaton, Tales from the Grave also stars Joe Estevez, Matt Schwarz, David Anthony Hernandez, and Alicia Yang. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Great American Snuff Film

Shot like a fake ... a person. The film within the film, taken from the home of a sexual predator, is shown as well. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Dark Harvest 2: The Maize

The horror film Dark ... maze and are under threat from zombies. Only their psychic father can save them from a most gruesome demise. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Dumpster Baby

A premature crack baby ... pimp and a crack-smoking hooker whose motherly instincts offer a shimmering ray of hope in the child's bleak future. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Blood Sisters

When a series of ... in order to survive they will have to fight to the death against creatures of inhuman strength and power. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

13 Seconds

Jeff Thomas' horror film ... and killed. The band must figure out what is going on, before they succumb to the spirits around them. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Blood Reaper

Lory-Michael Ringuette's horror film ... strikes every full moon during leap years. Stuck in unfamiliar environs, the friends must stick together to stay alive. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


The horror film Angst ... This unusual psychological makeup complicates the situation greatly when she begins to actually fall in love with a man. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Brink

A brilliant engineering student ... spirits sense a path to freedom, mankind's darkest fears about the afterlife are about to become a terrifying reality. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Little Erin Merryweather

The horror film Little ... college. The legend persists that the last thing the victims see before they expire is a swath of red. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Skin Crawl

The horror film Skin ... group of powerful witches who swore hundreds of years before to get revenge on anyone who harmed their descendants. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

Kill Them and Eat Them

A crazed scientist transforms ... they can curb their unholy appetites long enough for the rest of the world to stand up and fight. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

The Haunting of Rebecca Verlaine

The young survivor of ... she has become the target of a supernatural assault, the dead return to correct the mistakes of the past. [ best horror films - 2003 ]


Bram Stoker's classic novel ... the famed Dr. VanHelsing in defeating the count and preventing his terror from infecting the peaceful citizens of Nilbog. [ best horror films - 2003 ]

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