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Best Horror Films of 2001


Larry Fessenden, director of ... with his family's sudden misfortune. Wendigo was enthusiastically received in its premiere screening at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Ritual

An unemployed New York ... while facing off against a vicious voodoo queen with the power to destroy anyone and anything in her path. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Mummy Returns

This big-budget sequel from ... marauding bands of pygmy skeletons, among other hazards. The Mummy Returns co-stars John Hannah, Oded Fehr, and Patricia Velasquez. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Killer Buzz

While covering a story ... helicopter-borne army are intent on wiping out the Shadow People tribe of Indians to keep the bees for himself. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


This direct-to-video variation on ... Corbin Bernsen and Melissa Brasselle co-star in this sci-fi action film directed by Jay Andrews (The Bare Wench Project). [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Mangler 2

Troubled and wealthy student ... machine. Soon, someone will have to stop him before it's too late. And right now can't be soon enough. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


A pair of minor ... Robert Davi, Brad Dourif, and Michael Ironside; former teen pop singer Deborah Gibson also appears in a cameo role. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


Cinematographer turned director Ernest ... up to exact bloody retribution for past misdeeds. Bones (2001) co-stars Michael T. Weiss, Bianca Lawson, and Khalil Kain. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Route 666

The brutal murder of ... and Stephanie must face off against the brutal specters or risk losing their lives as well as their souls. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

13 Ghosts

This haunted house chiller ... involving pairs of spectacles handed out to audiences for screenings of the 1960 original, which was presented in "Illusion-O." [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Pact With the Devil

In this modern take ... youth, the price tag on this luxury may be more than the vain young man is willing to pay. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Triangle

It's The Shining at ... vanished without a trace. Lensed on location in Barbados and Toronto, The Triangle premiered August 12, 2001, on WTBS. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Breed

One cop is a ... Endgame) stars as the good vampire agent. Bokeem Woodbine plays his partner. Bai Ling portrays the vampire seductress Lucy. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Session 9

Writer/director Brad Anderson, known ... photography Uta Briesewitz were able to produce the uniquely effective, deep-focus images in Session 9 using mostly natural light. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Earth vs. the Spider

This film was part ... mutates into a frightening monster. Dan Aykroyd, Theresa Russell, and Christopher Cousins round out this effort from Scott Ziehl. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

It's back to Perfection, ... like carnivorous dragons. Does Gummer have enough shells in his artillery cannons to knock them all from the sky? [ best horror films - 2001 ]

She Creature

A couple running a ... International Pictures head Samuel Z. Arkoff, most of which were inspired by horror films AIP made in the 1950s. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Ed Gein

By day, Ed Gein ... role, with Carrie Snodgrass as his mother Augusta, and Sally Champlin and Carol Mansell as two of his victims. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Attic Expeditions

A disturbed young man ... The Attic Expeditions also features comic actor Seth Green, horror film vet Ted Raimi, and veteran shock-rocker Alice Cooper. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


The nightmares of Paul ... of his visions, and boy does she have a surprise for him besides the double tentacles under her skirt. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell

Chris Angel directs the ... Unlike the film that introduced Djinn to the world, horror master Wes Craven's name appears nowhere in this film. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Children of the Corn: Revelation

The seventh in the ... in the town. While there, the officers stumble across a force more powerful and evil than any serial killer. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Ripper: Letter From Hell

A woman finds herself ... terrorized London over a century ago. Ripper: Letter From Hell also features Bruce Payne, Emmanuelle Vaugier, and Jurgen Prochnow. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Teenage Caveman

Part of the "Creature ... conclusion involves several characters literally exploding. Teenage Caveman was the last production for late exploitation mogul Samuel Z. Arkoff. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

They Crawl

After a fiery wreck ... mutant horde of cockroaches on the city. No amount of bug spray, or bad press, will stop these critters. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Faust: Love of the Damned

A man goes to ... American filmmaker Brian Yunza and Spanish financier Julio Fernandez; the film was shot in Spain with an English-speaking cast. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Mimic 2

After three men are ... hunts them down. Meanwhile, a military unit of bug busters gets ready to fumigate the school with poison gas. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Forsaken

Genre writer/director J.S. Cardone ... is infected with the vampire virus; only Kit's death can prevent Sean from permanently becoming one of the nosferatu. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Devil's Prey

A group of young ... to put an end to the rivers of gore by battling the cult members on their own violent terms. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Visible Secret

A young girl witnesses ... Secret was written by Abe Kwong and directed by Ann Hui (Ordinary Heroes). Kwong would later direct the sequel. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Long Time Dead

For his debut feature ... Lara Belmont, Long Time Dead screened in 2002 at Germany's Munchen Fantasy Filmfest and The Netherlands' Fantastic Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Inner Senses

Visions of the dead ... Yan's ghosts, will her love be enough to help Jim confront his dark past and vanquish the restless spirits? [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Spiders II: Breeding Ground

Alexandra (Stephanie Niznik) and ... humans to create giant spiders; Jason is next, unless Alex can defeat Grbac and a horde of escaped spiders. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

School Killer

A horrifying tragedy reaches ... getting a cheap scare, the reappearance of the psychotic security guard finds the teenage explorers running for their lives. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Jeepers Creepers

Writer/director Victor Salva returns ... is no refuge; they also receive some advice from a knowledgeable psychic (Patricia Belcher). Jeepers Creepers co-stars Eileen Brennan. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Bunker

Rob Green makes his ... Charley Boorman, and Andrew Lee Potts star in this film which was screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Red Right Hand

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

Horror Vision

In this cyber-savvy horror ... the killer web page. Horror Vision stars James Black, Maggie Rose Fleck, Josh Covitt, and scream queen Brinke Stevens. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Bio Zombie

Wilson Yip directs the ... and the mall eventually gets filled with zombies, with Woody, Bee, and their friend Rolls (Angela Tong) trapped inside. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Dark Stories

When the stage curtain ... be forced to maintain his fragile veil of sanity long enough to cover his tracks and hide the evidence. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Vault

In this edgy horror ... it was the first directorial effort from actor James Black (not to be confused with comedy star Jack Black). [ best horror films - 2001 ]


Speed kills, but not ... really are evil spirits ready to do them in. Cookers marked the feature film debut for director Dan Mintz. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Blood: The Last Vampire

This anime feature blends ... the film. The voice of Saya is provided by Youki Kodoh, who starred in 1999's Snow Falling on Cedars. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


The demonic spirit of ... friends in a bid to bring the gladiator back to life. Demonicus also stars Jennifer Capo and Brannon Gould. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Witch Hunter

In this cinematic terror ... by terrifying apparitions determined to do them in. Witch Hunter stars Leslie Cottle, George Gilbert, and Jean Francois Beaupre. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Remnant

Murder holds a small ... to reveal just how a long-dead killer can claim two victims nearly three decades after being laid to rest. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


As one of the ... regulars Koji Yakusho, Jun Fubuki, and Sho Aikawa -- was screened at the 2001 Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Killer Barbys

Euro-horror master Jesús Franco ... her male bandmates from the clutches of the Countess. The Killer Barbys also features Carlos Subterfuge and Pepa Lopez. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Dead Creatures

The second feature from ... plague decides to take matters into his own hands and put an end to the cannibalistic reign of terror. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Ringu 0: Basudei

Following the phenomenal success ... her co-worker begins to wonder if she is a sociopathic murderer, or the victim of powers beyond her control. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


A plucky pilot searching ... by American producer Brian Yunza (through his multi-national Fantastic Factory production house), and helmed by American director Jack Shoulder. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Wicksboro Incident

In this science fiction-themed ... to Lloyd's story than they imagined. The Wicksboro Incident received its world premiere at the 2001 Hollywood Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

She Lives By Night

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

Witchouse 3: Demon Fire

Low-budget horror mogul J.R. ... documentary filmmakers (Debbie Rochon, Tina Krause) and their friend, an abused woman (Tanya Dempsey) seeking shelter from her past. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

American Nightmare

Facing one's fears becomes ... in a manner that reflects their worst fear. American Nightmare also stars Chris Ryan, Brandy Little, and Johnny Sneed. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Best of TromaDance Film Festival, Vol. 1

Troma Team Pictures, the ... Karen Black. The video also includes a documentary on the festival produced for the British television series Edge TV. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Hell's Highway

Jeff Leroy, the director ... the devil herself. The cast also includes Kiren David, Hank Horner, Beverly Lynn, and legendary porn star Ron Jeremy. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


In this atmospheric supernatural ... the building, and Yong-hyun discovers that a tragedy which happened 30 years before is repeating itself before his eyes. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Soft for Digging

This stylized horror film, ... with less than a minute of dialogue, and only one word spoken during the first half of the movie. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Back Lot Murders

In this horror story ... their girlfriends as unfortunate "extras." The Back Lot Murders stars Priscilla Barnes, Corey Haim, Charles Fleischer, and David DeFalco. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Frightening

The Frightening is a ... out the cast of this film that was directed by David DeCoteau (Final Stab, The Brotherhood, Retro Puppet Master). [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Beneath Loch Ness

An American research party ... for slaying the critter -- it killed his son 17 years earlier, but Blay was blamed in the tragedy. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


Sugar Hill High School ... one can be trusted-but could it be that the killer stalking the halls is actually the famous "Conscience Killer"? [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Happiness of the Katakuris

One of an amazing ... with movie and pop culture references, The Happiness of the Katakuris is a departure from Miike's famously gruesome thrillers. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Blood Moon

Local teens cruelly tease ... But there are two side effects no one counted on -- the chemical makes Tara carnivorous and easily enraged. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Corpse Grinders II

The Lotus Cat Food ... of this unique brand of cat food, their preference for flesh may put the entire human race in peril. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Zombie Chronicles

In the tradition of ... eager-beaver reporter who gave him a ride, this film has established a place within the ultra low-budget B-movie community. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker

When the puzzle box ... the powers of light to defeat the fury of hell and send her old nemesis screaming into the fire. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


The tiny town of ... on to bring him lots of new home sales. And wouldn't you know it -- they miss their deadline. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Shark Hunter

Spencer Northcut (Antonio Sabato, ... death of Spencer's parents. Unhindered, Spencer leaves in anticipation of finding the shark and ending a very personal grudge. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Pool

[ best horror films - 2001 ]


The Japanese TV reality ... (Christopher Piggins), a maniacal surgeon with oversized shears; and Preacherman (Napier), a Bible-thumping program rookie with a razor-sharp crucifix. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Lost Voyage

Decades after being mysteriously ... taking on a life of her own, and the team is stepping directly into the belly of the beast. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Fausto 5.0

A doctor's past comes ... 5.0 was the first motion picture directed and produced by members of La Fura, an acclaimed Spanish theater troupe. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Tail Sting

Tail Sting is a ... his brother are trying to smuggle themselves across the border. Inevitably, someone lets out the scorpions and mayhem ensues. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Back Woods

Grant Woodhill's horror film ... He gets the power to do this with the help of an evil spirit known as the Hermaphroditic Mangina. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Paradise Villa

Directed by Park Chong-won, ... the neighbors at Paradise Villa into a deadly battle. Paradise Villa features Cho Han Joon and Ha You Mee. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Final Stab

Murder mystery games are ... But when the players really start turning up dead, the fun turns to terror. Melissa Renee Martin also stars. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Forget that hack Van ... El Santo is more than eager to pitch in and do his part to ensure a safe Judgment Day. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Christmas Season Massacre

A tormented high school ... of his enemies, Tommy embarks on a killing spree that will turn his small town's white Christmas blood red. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Cradle of Fear

Directed by Alex Chandon, ... efforts to catch the perpetrator won't be reciprocated in his own murder. Cradle of Fear also features Dani Filth. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

A Christmas Nightmare

[ best horror films - 2001 ]


It's homework or die ... mayhem. Distributed by Troma, this low, low-budget slasher is known for its heavy blood lust and gonzo filmmaking approach. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Frost: Portrait of a Vampire

Kevin VanHook directs Gary ... him are turning up dead. His old compatriot may be the only person on Earth who can stop him. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Killer Rats

The rats have taken ... it appears as if rehabilitation is about to take a back seat to survival for the patients of Brookside. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


This 2001 J-Horror effort ... on the living, the people of Japan brace themselves and try to find a way to end the madness. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Ryan Woo's cyberspace horror ... Soon a killer begins terrorizing the women, and the URL has changed to the title of the film. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Necromanic: Schizophreniac 2

A demented serial killer ... to push the limits of viewer endurance by offering some of the most repulsive images ever captured on camera. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Kracker Jack'd

A white boy goes ... trail of terror and death in his path. First-time filmmaker Chad Hendricks wrote, directed, produced, and edited Kracker Jack'd. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Hood Rat

Think of it as ... rats as his willing soldiers, Max sets out to avenge the senseless death. Hood Rat also stars rapper-turned-actor Ice-T. [ best horror films - 2001 ]


A school assignment turns ... Eric and his best friend Webster "Double U" embark on a deadly journey from which neither may ever return. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Bizarre Lust of a Sexual Deviant

A sexual psychopath holds ... steadily growing, Angie must take action before it's too late and she too falls prey to Scott's perverse compulsion. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Vampire Junction

From infamous schlock-master Jess ... realizes the town is like none other. Before long, she's encountering undead vampire cowboys who serve a seductive countess. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage

Independent filmmaker Don Dohler ... and around his native Baltimore. Alien Factor 2: Alien Rampage continues the story line from one of earlier efforts. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Wind

The town of Fairview ... higher. Soon, the wind could be strong enough to wipe out the town-if the residents don't do it themselves. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Raoul Heimrich's confrontational horror ... already suicidal to allow them to film their final act. The deaths grow more and more bizarre and gruesome. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Black Serenade

Someone in a black ... and it's up to a new student, Alex (Silke), to piece the puzzle together before the next post-exam death. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Gore From Outer Space

The madness that began ... it be that there is an alien conspiracy currently attempting to conquer the planet and destroy the human race? [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Strange Frequency 2

Four tales of music ... segments in Strange Frequency 2 were originally produced and aired as part of the short-lived VH1 series Strange Frequency. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Rooms for Tourists

A handful of high-school ... them. Habitaciones para Turistas (Rooms for Tourists) was the first feature film from writer and director Adrían García Bogliano. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Sa Piling Ng Aswang

[ best horror films - 2001 ]


[ best horror films - 2001 ]

Spirit Warriors

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

Spirit Warriors: The Shortcut

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

Gregory Horror Show [Animated Series]

This surreal computer-animated horror ... returns to them, only to have further work ahead of him in separating his new wild imagination from reality. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone

Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone ... humans (including a professional wrestler, a computer expert, and a doctor-in-training) must work together to escape with their lives. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Urban Gothic: Series 02

Nine new tales of ... and the two-part "Dollhouse Burns," all about a freeze-dried teenager and a cult that has disastrously lost its way. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Nightmare Room: Fear Games

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

The Nightmare Room: Full Moon Halloween

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

Living Nightmare

A group of friends ... that everyone was dying to get in to becomes the party that everyone would kill to get out of. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Bangkok Haunted

Join horror specialists Oxide ... to spare, Pang and Pisuth pull out all the stops to push viewers to the absolute limits of fear. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Kitty Killers

In the world of ... tactics can receive true enlightenment, only the meanest will find out what it's like to have a corner office. [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Fear of the Dark

Twenty years after her ... is actually about to come face to face with the nightmare that has plagued her for nearly twenty years? [ best horror films - 2001 ]

Forest of the Dead

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

Mayhem Motel

[ best horror films - 2001 ]

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