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Best Horror Films of 2000

Presence of Mind

Henry James' classic tale ... governess, and Fosc (Agusti Villaronga), the Master's former valet. El Celo was the first feature from director Antoni Aloy. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Shadow of the Vampire

The torturous production of ... Elias Merhige previously made his name with his experimental theater productions and with his horrific film school thesis, Begotten. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


This made-for-cable drama was ... of his own powers as those of the devil. Possessed also stars Piper Laurie, Christopher Plummer, and Henry Czerny. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Bless the Child

In this supernatural horror ... evil. Based on a novel by Cathy Cash Spellman, Bless the Child also stars Christina Ricci and Ian Holm. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Leprechaun in the Hood

Everyone's favorite bloodthirsty Irish ... him. Leprechaun in the Hood was directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, who also directed the third and fourth Leprechaun films. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Convent

Adrienne Barbeau stars in ... out the armaments and fight against the demons. Rap star Coolio appears as a freaked-out cop in the film. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Killer Instinct

Perrysburg, PA, is just ... factory's history -- converge, and it's up to Wendy to figure out how, and why, before it's too late. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Scream 3

Wes Craven's Scream (1996) ... Scott Foley, and Jenny McCarthy. Kevin Williamson wrote the original story, but the screenplay was penned by Ehren Kruger. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent

In the third installment ... marked the directorial debut of Patrick Lussier, who has often worked as an editor for horror director Wes Craven. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Creepy Crawlers

A mutant African cockroach ... use carcasses in which to breed, and soon they not only cover the ground, they also begin to fly. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000

In this loose reinvention ... reporter (Jeri Ryan). The film also features Lochlyn Munro, Jennifer Esposito, Vitamin C, and Danny Masterson in supporting roles. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Pitch Black

In this science fiction ... any moment. Pitch Black was directed by David N. Twohy, who also made the sci-fi cult item, The Arrival. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Campfire Stories

A pair of teens ... them around the campfire for a special round of frightful stories and a deadly game of truth or dare. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Island of the Dead

A man who fails ... humans as their prey. Island of the Dead also stars Bruce Ramsay, Talisa Soto, and hip-hop artist Mos Def. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Urban Legends: The Final Cut

Tall tales turn into ... who previously distinguished himself as an editor and composer (he also performed both of those functions for this film). [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Ginger Snaps

In the generic Canadian ... Lemche), the high school pot supplier, whose brand of ganja may be the only cure for Ginger's troubling ailment. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Werckmeister Harmóniák

Bela Tarr follows up ... ward. When the dust clears, lives are irrevocably changed. This film was screened at the 2000 Toronto Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Final Destination

In this teenage horror ... marked the feature directorial debut of James Wong, a producer and director for the TV series The X Files. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Hellraiser: Inferno

Supernatural villain Pinhead finds ... Nicholas Turturro as Tony, Sasha Barrese as Daphne, Noelle Evans as Melanie, and James Remar as Dr. Paul Gregory. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


One seriously large snake ... and a bad reputation with the local cops. Python also features supporting performances from Jenny McCarthy and Wil Wheaton. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Demon Within

In this psychological thriller, ... one of Sarah's instructors, and Vivis Colombetti as Madame Cleo, a psychic who sees dire events in her future. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


Molly Ringwald stars in ... revisit her role as the film's main character. Of course, as soon as shooting commences, the killing begins anew. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Asylum

Writer/director John Stewart pays ... starred in a number of classic British horror films and is also the mother of leading lady Steffanie Pitt. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Blood Surf

This Australian giant-crocodile film ... gore, and one of the absolute worst puns of all time. Taryn Reif, Chris Vertido, and Susan Africa co-star. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

7 Days To Live

In 1976 a group ... bog with a somewhat unpalatable history. Although set in England, this film was actually shot in the Czech Republic. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Deep In The Woods

In this French horror ... the first film from director Lionel Delplanque, stars Clotilde Courau, Clement Sibony, Vincent Lecoeur, Alexia Stresi, and Maud Buquet. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Do You Wanna Know a Secret?

A vacation in paradise ... as Joey Lawrence when he was the teen-dream star of Blossom), Chad Allen, Dorie Barton, and Jack McGee. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

One of the most ... the first dramatic feature directed by Joe Berlinger, who previously helmed the award-winning documentaries Brother's Keeper and Paradise Lost. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

New Jersey's leading mutant ... Feldman, Ron Jeremy, Lisa Gaye, Hugh M. Hefner, Al Goldstein, Taylor Mead, Debbie Rochon, and Hank the Angry Dwarf. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Tell Me Something

This film opens with ... box-office success in its native South Korea, matching that of Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace (1999). [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Coroner

Emma Santiago (Jane Longnecker) ... denial"), despite the fact that he can destroy evidence during autopsies and has the police force on his side. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Horrible Doctor Bones

In this hip-hop slanted ... bid to take over the world! Veteran comic actor Darrow Igus stars alongside newcomer Larry Bates and Sarah Scott. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


Based on the phenomenally ... Pond. Uzumaki is not to be confused with Joji Iida's Rasen, the sequel to Ringu, which also featured Saeki. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


In this horror opus ... Keenan are among the hapless teenagers, and scream queen Brinke Stevens makes a brief appearance as Madame Voloasca. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Drawing Blood

When Edmond (Kirk Wilson) ... insists she'll kill him if he doesn't bring her more models first. Drawing Blood was directed by Sergio Lapel. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Tell-Tale Heart

Edgar Allan Poe's timeless ... is only the beginning of his terror and there is no escape from the sound of the world turning. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Prison of the Dead

In this low-budget horror ... as Prison of the Dead, while other pre-release information indicates that the working title was Prison of the Damned. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


In this bizarre and ... on a murderous rampage with a straight razor. Unspeakable was the first feature from Australian independent filmmaker Chad Ferrin. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Voodoo Academy

A young bible college ... set for a supernatural struggle that's likely to blacken the souls of both the faculty and the student body. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


Sailors in the course ... the fugitive as they fend of the vicious sea creature. Octopus stars Jay Harrington, David Beecroft, and Carolyn Lowery. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


People partying in a ... lake area are attacked by a giant crocodile. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy

In this tale of ... desire to kill anyone in its path. Ancient Evil was also released as Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


This silly but absorbing ... The Haunting to Night of the Demons, but his primary influence seems to be the Italian cult classic L'Aldila. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

I Spit On Your Grave Too

This shot-on-video horror film ... also been screened under the title I'll Kill You, I'll Bury You, And I'll Spit on Your Grave, Too. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


A lot of kids ... on the people who killed his master. Killjoy also stars William L. Johnson, Vera Yell, and Napiera Danielle Groves. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Jack Frost 2

Snowmen just don't get ... to defeat the winter wonder all over again. Jack Frost 2 also features Ray Cooney and David Allen Brooks. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


What has eight legs, ... most people are loath to believe her until it's too late. Spiders also stars Josh Greene, and Oliver Macready. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Severed Head Network

Severed Head Network collects ... experimental films. Included in this release are Chad Eivins' Vomire, Tommy Biondo's Satisfaction, and Eric Stanze's Faith in Nothing. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Brotherhood

A cross between Buffy ... Stryker, and Donnie Eichar, all of whom would go on to appear in the director's Scream knock-off Final Stab. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


A lunatic is terrorizing ... includes Jeong Jun, Kim Kyu-ri, and Jo Hye-yeong; it was the first feature directed by former cinematographer Ahn Byeong-ki. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Long a favorite with ... Vampire Hunter D is hired for ten million dollars to find the girl and bring her back to safety. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

An American Vampire Story

Frankie (Trevor Lissauer) is ... Kahuna (Adam West), a veteran vampire killer and legendary surfer dude, to rid his house of these pesky bloodsuckers. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Truth About Demons

Recalling the absurdist bloodletting ... that yawns before him. This film was screened with the Midnight Madness program at the 2000 Toronto Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Sleepy Hollow High

The first film from ... man who wears a pumpkin mask. Could he be the fabled headless horseman? Megan Lopez and Ruben Brown star. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


Shim Hyung Rae's monster ... all those who miss the glory days of Mystery Science Theater 3000, will certainly enjoy this unintentionally campy romp. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Witchouse 2: Blood Coven

Cult filmmaker J.R. Bookwalter ... up from the original, and paved the way for yet another sequel (Witchouse 3: Demon Fire) the following year. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


Evil Dead 2 meets ... hot pursuit. High-kicks, machine guns, and rampant disembowelments ensue. This film was screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Shades of Darkness

[ best horror films - 2000 ]

Gator King

[ best horror films - 2000 ]

The Calling

Lots of women get ... begins to wonder what sort of a person Marc really is -- and whose child did she really bear? [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Dracula: The Dark Prince

This historical adventure takes ... dictatorship is under threat from an army led by his brother. This film debuted on the USA cable network. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


Kids discover that an ... a period of ten years, Carnivore was the first feature film from horror fans Joseph Kurtz and Kenneth Mader. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Ax 'Em

In this taut horror ... and now the vacationers learn the boy is back, and has turned into a violent lunatic bent on revenge. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Camp Blood 2

[ best horror films - 2000 ]

Another Heaven

Another Heaven, a Japanese ... mystery, he begins to suspect that one of the women he's involved with may be possessed by the killer. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Bloody Beach

Brought together on an ... in their online chat group long ago leaves them trembling with terror, and struggling to live through the night. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


No one would have ... Neal Stevens, who co-wrote the screenplay for 2001's Thirteen Ghosts, and features Elizabeth Ince, Debra Mayer, and Lindy Bryant. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


Writer/director Takashi Shimizu's Ju-on ... ends with Kyôko (Yűko Daike), a woman with psychic powers who is helping her brother sell the cursed house. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Tomie: Replay

Prepare for the ultimate ... disappears, it's up to his daughter Yumi to find her father and discover the mystery behind Tomie's murderous powers. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Crazy Lips

This violent and shocking ... unexpected place. Crazy Lips was written by Hiroshi Takahashi, who also penned the script for the international success Ringu. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Ju-on 2

The most terrifying ghost ... of her recent loss, she is shocked when he informs her that her pregnancy seems to be progressing normally. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Living Hell: A Japanese Chainsaw Massacre

A wheelchair-bound boy (Hirohito ... to convince his family of Yuki and Chiyo's evil intentions before their horrific reign of terror consumes them all. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Female Slaves Revenge

Exploitation specialist Ted V. ... black mistresses, the death sentence that he receives mirrors the callous treatment with which he treated his vengeful servants. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Dial D For Demons

The horror film Dial ... with the help of the spirit of her deceased boyfriend, attempts to destroy the evil that haunts the resort. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Multiple Personality Detective Psycho

Japanese horror auteur Takashi ... on their eyes; the latter become the target of a lunatic who attacks the unborn children of pregnant women. [ best horror films - 2000 ]


[ best horror films - 2000 ]

Love Ghost

After returning to the ... boy as she tries to maintain her sanity amidst the growing chaos of the town she once called home. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Revenge of the Rats

Jorg Luhdorff's horror film ... exterminations are useless. Eventually the rats begin to pass a horrible disease onto the human population of the city. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

Nutcracker: An American Nightmare

A renowned therapist with ... Grefe. David Hess and Bill Bragg star in a psychologically twisted tale of childhood demons resurrected and bitter vengeance. [ best horror films - 2000 ]

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