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Best Horror Films of 1998


John Carpenter directed this ... who is unaware that Montoya has been bitten by Katrina. The hunt begins. Director Carpenter composed the film's music. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Halloween: H20

This is the seventh ... the school secretary. The music score by John Ottman features orchestral variations on the 1978 score composed by Carpenter. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Stephen Griscz, the protagonist ... and Chinese before this British production. The Wisdom of Crocodiles was screened at the Montreal World Film Festival 1999. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Dedicated to Tomoyuki Tanaka ... "Animal" Palotti (Hank Azaria), and soon the hatching Godzilla offspring prowl the Garden corridors, leading to a final showdown. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Prophecy II

Christopher Walken returns as ... depressive teen whom he saves from suicide. This follow-up to the popular Prophecy is far gorier than its predecessor. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Faculty

Miramax Films darlings Robert ... Jordanna Brewster. The story is nearly irrelevant, as the real stars are the action and lots of special effects. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Knocking on Death's Door

David Carradine and Brian ... scientists dig into the secrets of the small town where he lived, the more they're thrown into great danger. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Eternal

Christopher Walken, Jared Harris ... is neither physical nor psychological -- it is the curse of a druid witch that is slowly destroying her. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Brian Yuzna directed this ... zaps his pacemaker, and the situation begins to get grim. Progeny was shown at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

I've Been Waiting for You

Strange happenings occur when ... Lois Duncan's novel Gallows Hill, the made-for-TV I've Been Waiting for You debuted over NBC on March 22, 1998. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Bride of Chucky

This horror film, directed ... they head for New Jersey where the amulet is buried -- putting cops in motion, along with car-crash carnage. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


For once, a kid ... for violence. Also released under the title Big Monster on Campus, Boltneck also stars Judge Reinhold and Shelley Duvall. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Urban Legend

Australian director Jamie Blanks ... surfaces when a radio plays a bit of the Dawson's Creek theme (Paula Cole's I Don't Want to Wait). [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Rockne S. O'Bannon scripted ... by Stan Winston. Filmed in St. Lucia, West Indies and Vancouver, British Columbia. Premiered May 17, 1998 on ABC. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Dentist II

In this sequel to ... Brian Yuzna previously directed such horror films as Return of the Living Dead 3 and Bride of the Re-Animator. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Built more on suspense ... hinders the priest on his desperate quest to save the child and return the demon to his fiery domain. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You ... fight to stay alive. It will entail the final showdown between her and Ben Willis once and for all. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

This sequel attempts to ... blood than cash. The film was followed by a prequel, From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (2000). [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Carnival of Souls

Loosely based on the ... the clown he once was, and he soon draws Alex into a cat and mouse game with deadly stakes. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Catherine Bach, Charlene Dallas ... and uncovers a link to a sinister web of slave labor and murder, all taking place under the city. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Phantom of the Opera

In keeping with the ... set in 1877, the theater is lighted with electricity, something that did not happen in real life until 1888. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Dee Snider, of the ... a second time, and once again confronts Gage. Snider also contributes an original heavy-metal tune for the closing credits. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

King Cobra

What happens when you ... Klowns From Outer Space, and boasts a cameo appearance by Erik Estrada as a flamboyantly gay beer marketing expert. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror

In this chapter of ... saga, the murderous title children and their demonic leader terrorize a group of college kids visiting a ghost town. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Sometimes They Come Back ...For More

Adapted from characters created ... horrible secret. Sometimes They Come Back ...For More was also screened under the titles Frozen and Ice Station Erebus. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Urban Ghost Story

Genevieve Jolliffe directed this ... Super-16 and shot at southeast England locations with interiors at Ealing Film Studios. Shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Night Flier

Stephen King's short story, ... Carolina. The character of tabloid journalist Richard Dees was first introduced in Stephen King's 1979 novel The Dead Zone. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Curse of the Puppet Master

In this installment of ... gory series, an innocent woodcarver finds himself possessed of the evil creator of the murderous animated puppets. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Psycho Sisters

This is a gory, ... for small things, like the engaging characters and some clever moments. Fans of bargain-basement splatter should check it out. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Razor Blade Smile

The story begins in ... of many Asian efforts in the genre, and quite unlike anything to come out of Britain in recent memory. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


In this horror thriller, ... in a demon's scheme to reopen the gates of hell by convincing them to sacrifice a septet of souls. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Phantasm IV: Oblivion

The concluding installment of ... say, everything comes back to the cemetery for the chilling final battle, but it doesn't stay there for long. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Whispering Corridors

Every three years, the ... disposal the means to send the ghost away forever. Yeogo Goedan was screened at the 1998 Vancouver Film Festival. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Spawn 2

The animated adventures of ... McFarlane's hero from Hell continue in this feature, in which Spawn must confront murder and betrayal. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm

The undying vampire Radu ... spelling doom for Radu and his followers. Subspecies: The Awakening was also released under the title Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


Wade's constantly exposed buttcrack ... roommate Brian to no end, so Brian kills him. Unfortunately, Wade returns as a zombie, buttcrack still flagrantly visible. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Teenage Space Vampires

A team of government ... of teenage monster enthusiasts when an invasion of vampires from another world threatens to wipe out an entire town. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Embrace the Darkness

Kevin Spirtas, Madison Clark ... Miranda seduces Jennifer, but Jennifer is more strongly attracted to Galan, who has promised to give her eternal life. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Last Broadcast

The producers of a ... and that the makers of The Blair Witch Project borrowed their basic premise, though Blair Witch was released first. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Hunger: Soul for Sale

[ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Hunger: Vampires

[ best horror films - 1998 ]

Screaming for Sanity: Truth or Dare 3

The bad guy in ... and dispatches of them. One man is trailing the killer, hoping to capture him before another victim turns up. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


From high atop a ... statue descends the mountain to mete out justice and punish those who would bring harm to the Lord's followers. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Return of Daimajin

The vengeful clay giant ... waste to their oppressor will the broken and impoverished country residents be able to live in peace once again. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Angel of the Night

Denmark never seemed more ... it he was once a priest but later became a bloodthirsty vampire. What's the truth behind his violent legend? [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Frankenstein Reborn!

[ best horror films - 1998 ]

Legend of the Chucapabra

Three filmmakers find themselves ... Exploitation mavens Troma Team Pictures later picked up The Legend Of The Chupacabra for theatrical and video release. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Club Vampire

[ best horror films - 1998 ]


This futuristic British miniseries ... blend of traditional British cop drama with Dracula-style melodramatics, Ultraviolet made its Channel 4 debut on September 15, 1998. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Hollywood Mortuary

Framed by interviews with ... career, the infighting between the rival stars leads to a decidedly more violent conclusion than what he bargained for. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Bite Me!

A crate of biologically ... match for the carnivorous insects and soon the whole club is under attack by a swarm of bloodthirsty bugs. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Ironbound Vampire

When Thomas was mortally ... a feast for the undead, she will be halting a source of horror that has reigned for 50 years. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Acid Rain

When an angel informs ... fate of millions hangs in the balance of a sinister prophecy which may spell doom for all of mankind. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

The Devil Lady [Anime Series]

This spin-off from the ... she battles are actually of the same bloodlines, and that Devilmen are actually the next step in human evolution. [ best horror films - 1998 ]

Goosebumps: The Ghost Next Door

Goosebumps: The Ghost Next ... be a spirit from the afterlife. The Goosebumps series was created for older children by horror novelist R.L. Stine. [ best horror films - 1998 ]


[ best horror films - 1998 ]

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