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Best Horror Films of 1997

The Devil's Advocate

Supernatural forces hover over ... (Senator Alfonse D'Amato, Don King, others) add to the ambiance of ambition and power in the canyons of Manhattan. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Alien Resurrection

The fourth film in ... Pinewood Studios, filming of Alien Resurrection took place West Los Angeles soundstages with special effects in California and Paris. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Event Horizon

In this sci-fi/horror scarefest, ... presence has taken over the ship. Incidentally, the term "event horizon" describes the outer boundaries of a black hole. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

The Eighteenth Angel

This ominous apocalypse thriller ... status due to an excessive amount of irrelevant and frequently unresolved subplots -- particularly one involving the family cat. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

The Mummy

Louis Gossett Jr., Richard ... Trelawny, his colleagues have to trace the source of the ghoul's power and find a way to stop it. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


While one would imagine ... insects before they can take over the city. Mimic also features Giancarlo Giannini, Josh Brolin, and F. Murray Abraham. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

The Relic

A mythological creature stalks ... hungry animal, forcing everyone to attempt an escape through an underground waterway with which Kothoga is all too familiar. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


A group of filmmakers ... that). The snake is worth a fortune if captured, but can a creature so dangerous be captured at all? [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Demon Lust

A pair of down-on-their-luck ... grip of the mob, Nick and Troy's fight for their lives turns into a struggle for their immortal souls. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

I Know What You Did Last Summer

During the annual July ... bicycle instead of a fisherman.) The screenplay is by Kevin Williamson, whose credits include the 1996 box-office hit Scream. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Uncle Sam

After being killed by ... steals an Uncle Sam costume and proceeds to wreak havoc on insincere patriots during a Fourth of July celebration. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Judge and Jury

Low-life criminal Joseph Meeker ... to torture Michael in a Satanic court of justice and makes plans to kill his wife Grace (Laura Johnson). [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Quicksilver Highway

Body parts take on ... other, an artificially attached hand leaves the body it belongs to and takes off for a series of adventures. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


A family of incestuous ... between John's family legacy and the attacks, the island's surviving residents band together to fend off the monstrous threat. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

An American Werewolf in Paris

This British-Dutch-Luxembourgian co-production is ... effects mainly from California's Santa Barbara Studios. Werewolves were created by combining prosthetic devices and animatronics with computer-generated creatures. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Campfire Tales

A group of teenagers ... makes the mistake of visiting a haunted farmhouse, and some folks in an RV finds monsters along the highway. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Blood Trail

In this blend of ... of disrespect, and they declare war on the settlers. Blood Trail stars Barry Tubb, R.J. Preston, and Adrian Pasdar. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


In this supernatural chiller, ... small community is utterly terrorized when a fleet of driverless trucks rolls into town. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Spirit Lost

In this spooky horror ... join her, this sexy she-ghost does all she can to simultaneously seduce the husband and frighten away his wife. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Amityville Dollhouse: Evil Never Dies

After filmmakers with varying ... the last shovelful of dirt on this decaying concept and move on... a notion certainly shared by most moviegoers. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Teenage Catgirls in Heat

Scott Perry directed this ... Vanston, and Dave Cox star in this Texas-made video mess, which was picked up for distribution by Troma Team. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Dark Carnival

This mildly amusing zero-budget ... (who also appears as the ill-fated Hal) provides enough interesting visuals and creepy atmosphere to keep the viewer watching. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


This creepy horror film ... than most, it remains worthwhile for horror fans looking for a few straight chills at the expense of inventiveness. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

The Shining

This second filmed version ... approach to the horror and spends more time on the human elements than the now legendary Stanley Kubrick predecessor [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Vampire Journals

A half-mortal vampire uses ... innocent pianist in his plot to slay the ruthless master bloodsucker who turned him into a monster. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


In this horror thriller, ... battling it out over ownership, the creature himself musters his horrifying compatriots to get bloody revenge on their captors. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Jack Frost

In this low-budget horror ... psychopathic killer loses the last of his warm feelings for humanity after he is involved in a freak accident. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Tokyo Revelation

Based on a video ... for him. This is followed by numerous fight scenes and explosions involving demonic possession, supernatural ninjas, and blatant homophobia. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Twilight of the Dark Master

Two ancient races return ... for Duane Dell'amico, whose previous credits include one-sixth of the script for the live-action Hollywood film Sleep With Me. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


In this horror story, ... on the living. Deadlock marked the writing and directing debut for actor Stuart Chapin, who also appears as Rick. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


Monsters come in all ... librarian Anna (Rhonda Griffin) becomes their next target, and it's up to her to put things back to normal. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Eko Eko Azarak 3: Misa the Dark Angel

A sacrificial ceremony performed ... the most painful way imaginable so that he may summon a race of flesh-eating zombies and conquer the world! [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Goosebumps: Werewolf of Fever Swamp

Based on the R.L. ... friend introduces him to the werewolf that lives in the swamp, and a threat falls on his own family. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy 3

From 20th Century Fox ... the series include Goosebumps: Stay out of the Basement, Goosebumps: Werewolf Skin, and Goosebumps: A Night in Terror Tower. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


A handful of people ... themselves in the most desperate battle of their lives. Hybrid was directed by B-movie cult hero Fred Olen Ray. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

The Hunger [TV Series]

[ best horror films - 1997 ]

Raven's Ridge

[ best horror films - 1997 ]

The Haunted Lantern

Plagued by a recurring ... his dreams is actually a ghost following him in hopes of exacting revenge against the people who killed her. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Gut Pile

Deer season is on, ... an indiscretion from the past proves just the catalyst needed to push one man over the edge of insanity [ best horror films - 1997 ]

The Manson Family

Filmmaker Jim Van Bebber, ... Underground agreed to finance post-production, and the film received its official European premiere at the 2003 London FrightFest Festival. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Kiss the Girls Goodbye

A sadistic piano teacher ... Shaub), little does he realize that her torture might turn to pleasure for both of them in the end. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Sasquatch Hunters

A team of scientists ... attack. Produced under the title Primeval, Sasquatch Hunters also stars Matt Lattimore, David Zelina, Stacey Branscombe, and Juliana Dever. [ best horror films - 1997 ]


A fallen man of ... place in his black heart for the girl who now thinks he was a mere figment of her imagination. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

Goosebumps: Scary House

Goosebumps: Scary House offers ... its world of ghosts and ghouls. The Goosebumps series was created for older children by horror novelist R.L. Stine. [ best horror films - 1997 ]

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