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Best Action Films of 2000

Gone In 60 Seconds

In this action thriller, ... action hit of the same name, best remembered for a 40-minute chase scene in which 90 cars were destroyed. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Down 'n Dirty

Blaxploitation icon Fred Williamson ... prevails. Also starring in Down 'n Dirty are Bubba Smith, Gary Busey, David Carradine, Beverly Johnson, and Charles Napier. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Charlie's Angels

They're beautiful, they're brilliant, ... ending the notion of private conversation. Charlie's Angels also stars Crispin Glover, Luke Wilson, Kelly Lynch, and Tom Green. [ best action films - 2000 ]


One of the most ... Rebecca Romjin-Stamos as Mystique, Ray Park as the Toad, and Tyler Mane as Sabretooth are the minions of Magneto. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Mission: Impossible II

Director John Woo brings ... Star Trek: The Next Generation writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga, with a script polish by Robert Towne. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Vertical Limit

Family differences and personal ... in Pakistan, most of the climbing sequences in Vertical Limit were actually filmed on mountain ranges in New Zealand. [ best action films - 2000 ]


This action drama puts ... a detective agency. Shaft was directed by John Singleton, from a screenplay by Singleton, Richard Price, and Shane Salerno. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Last Run

Anthony Hickox directs Armand ... have made his life the dead-end he feels it has become -- including the man who murdered his wife. [ best action films - 2000 ]


Vic Cooper (Stephen Baldwin) ... with Star (Maxine Bahns), a beautiful female diver. Cutaway also features Casper Van Dien as Red Line's nemesis Delmira. [ best action films - 2000 ]


A government agent must ... out of danger, though there's little she can do to save him after he's dug himself into the Brotherhood. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Extreme Limits

Renegade adventurer Hunter (John ... survivors, and stop the terrorists. Meanwhile, the crash survivors struggle with freezing temperatures, an avalanche, and a man-eating bear. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Chain of Command

Roy Scheider) stars as ... Secret Service to get it back. Chain of Command also stars Maria Conchita Alonso, Michael Biehn, and Patrick Muldoon. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Falling Through

In this tense thriller, ... the United States but cannot do so legally. Despite its French setting, Falling Through was actually filmed in Luxembourg. [ best action films - 2000 ]


In this thriller, an ... cargo before it's too late. Submerged stars Coolio, Nicole Eggert, Dennis Weaver, Fred Williamson, Brent Huff, and Maxwell Caulfield. [ best action films - 2000 ]

The Stray

A woman's compassion may ... guy who will work for food. The Stray was the first feature film directed by former editor Kevin Mock. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Bloody Proof

A woman looking to ... Spanish language version of the film was shot at the same time, and released under the title El Grito. [ best action films - 2000 ]


Fire captain Jack Thomas ... handle the disaster, leaving the head doctor (Amanda Pays) to cope with internal politics as well as internal medicine. [ best action films - 2000 ]


U.S. commandos storm a ... massive invasion of the U.S. by heavily armed Middle East troops that come ashore under the dark of night. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Shanghai Noon

Jackie Chan has often ... was actually filmed in Canada, as was Chan's breakthrough film in America, the Hong Kong-backed Rumble in the Bronx. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Held for Ransom

This suspense film features ... held. Lee Stanley's film was sold directly to Blockbuster Video, never gaining a theatrical release in the United States. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Mach 2

One of America's bravest ... has never learned how to fly a plane. Mach 2 also stars Shannon Whirry, Michael Dorn, and Bruce Weitz. [ best action films - 2000 ]

The President's Man

Chuck Norris stars in ... The President's Man was followed two years later by a sequel, The President's Man: A Line in the Sand. [ best action films - 2000 ]

High Explosive

Canadian Timothy Bond directed ... This was one of the very first action films to be lensed in Africa by a predominantly African crew. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Primary Suspect

William Baldwin plays an ... the man responsible for his wife's death, Box accepts in the single-minded hope that he can wreak some vengeance. [ best action films - 2000 ]

The Substitute 4: Failure Is Not an Option

An undercover commando poses ... over from Tom Berenger in the second installment. Director Bob Radler previously helmed The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All. [ best action films - 2000 ]


An attractive female FBI ... by the quake. This combination disaster film/thriller was directed by Richard Peppin and stars Jeff Fahey and Traci Lords. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Batman Beyond: Season 03

Such formidable villains as ... piece. And in another two-parter, Terry/Batman goes "mano y mano" with a particularly vicious ninja gang known as Kobra. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

The young protégé of ... last-minute edits that toned down the violence level. However, it was eventually released on DVD in an uncut format. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Agent Red

A group of renegades ... last defense against destruction as he takes on the invaders. Agent Red was also released under the title Captured. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Moving Target

Don "The Dragon" Wilson ... and find the identity of the real killer. Moving Target also features Bill Murphy, Hilary Kavanagh, and Terry McMahon. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Farewell, My Love

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick portrays an ... who are in the mood for violence and sex. Robert Culp, Brion James, Phillip Rhys, and Mark Sheppard co-star. [ best action films - 2000 ]

The Base II

A military leader has ... process. Also released as Guilty As Charged, The Base II also features Melissa Lewis, Duane Davis, and Yuji Okumoto. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Legend of the Flying Swordsman

Lee may be unrivaled ... the Flying Swordsman was directed by Bosco Lam and stars Wong Git, Gigi Lai, Sonny Chiba, and Law Chung-Ha. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Romeo Must Die

William Shakespeare's streak as ... Die was the directorial debut of noted cinematographer Andrzej Bartkowiak; the supporting cast includes Russell Wong and Isaiah Washington. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle

Maverick Japanese director Sogo ... in Japan, Gojo Reisen Ki was first shown in North America as part of the 2000 Toronto Film Festival. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Tokyo Raiders

In this fast-moving, light-hearted ... box-office hit in Hong Kong but went directly to video in the United States under the title Tokyo Raiders. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Time and Tide

Two men who have ... Seunlau Ngaklau was directed by Tsui Hark, who returned to Hong Kong filmmaking after a brief sojourn in Hollywood. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2

This futuristic animated adventure ... of a Down, Coal Chamber, and others. Heavy Metal 2000 was released in Europe as Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Radical Jack

Nashville hunk Billy Ray ... who is willing to forgive and forget. Radical Jack also stars George "Buck" Flower, Cassie Branham, and Noah Blake. [ best action films - 2000 ]

The Last Warrior

In the near future, ... others have to break inside the prison to save her and a school bus full of innocent children. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Millennium Dragon

Martial arts legend Yuen ... terrorists before the item lands in the hands of those who would use it for the purpose of destruction. [ best action films - 2000 ]


A cop and a ... passengers. Tunnel also stars Janine Theriault, Robin Wilcox, and Mark Camachio; leading man Daniel Baldwin also served as director. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Dead or Alive

Takashi Miike takes a ... his partner, his wife, and his daughter. Soon the two are on the road to a literally cataclysmic confrontation. [ best action films - 2000 ]

2 G's & A Key

In this hard-edged urban ... previously conspired against him. 2 G's and a Key stars Conroe Brooks, Kiki Watson, and Aaron D. Spears. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Toxic Crusaders: The Movie

Toxie, the hero of ... pollution to destroy the city of Tromaville. The Toxic Crusaders's voice cast includes Michael J. Pollard and Chuck McCann. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Kunoichi: Lady Ninja

Set in feudal Japan, ... master, Yagyu Jubei (Hitoshi Ozawa). Ozawa served as both actor and director of this blood-soaked martial arts fantasy adventure. [ best action films - 2000 ]

The Ultimate Fight

Two small screen veterans ... where only one side will walk out alive. Reyes, Jr. directs, from a script he co-authored with Manu Tupou. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Long Step Mantis

This 1985 martial arts ... (Mark Long) himself. Once they've met, the two fighters must battle for their lives in the ultimate Mantis match. [ best action films - 2000 ]

2000 A.D.

After witnessing the death ... brother's untimely demise and being the men responsible to justice before the citizens of the world suffer the consequences. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Catman In Boxers Blow

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Catman In Lethal Track

The superhero action film ... radioactive feline claws him. Armed with super vision and strength, Sam sets out to take down the Asian mafia. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Thunder Ninja Kids: Little Kickboxer

[ best action films - 2000 ]

The Brotherhood

A cross between Buffy ... Stryker, and Donnie Eichar, all of whom would go on to appear in the director's Scream knock-off Final Stab. [ best action films - 2000 ]

City Hunter: Secret Service

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Shark Attack 2

Danger stalks the beautiful ... attacked them while swimming. This sequel to Shark Attack received its United States debut on the USA cable network. [ best action films - 2000 ]


An unwitting superheroine has ... by Shusuke Kaneko, who had previous experience with flaming creatures, having directed several films starring the jet-propelled turtle Gamera. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Street Fighter Alpha

Streetfighter Ryu is destined ... threatens to destroy them all. Street Fighter Alpha is based on the popular Street Fighter II: V series. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

New monsters and new ... havoc. Can Godzilla help defeat the bizarre creatures brought to this planet through an attempt to finally destroy him? [ best action films - 2000 ]

Jiang Hu -'The Triad Zone'

In this action-comedy, which ... than he imagined. Gongwu Gogap also stars Sandra Ng as Jim's wife, with their sometimes-stormy relationship providing a subplot. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Last Stand

Can one tough babe ... before he and his crew can crack the security code. Last Stand also stars Josh Barker and Katerina Brozova. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Blood Rules

[ best action films - 2000 ]

China Strike Force

Two young Shanghai detectives, ... sheriff (Paul Chiang), who is helping them in their dangerous mission to stop the drugs from infiltrating their country. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Hit Team

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Critical Mass

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire

Operation Delta Force II: ... when the bad guy gets his malevolent paws on soldiers from the Delta Force, the stakes get even higher. [ best action films - 2000 ]

The Road

As a child Manuel ... lovers maneuver through the countryside in hopes of not only forging a future, but discovering the past as well. [ best action films - 2000 ]


When friends and partners-in-crime ... the underworld's local gangs erupts before them. Killer was directed by Chung Shi Hung and also features Ken Wong. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Fist Power

This high-kicking martial arts ... sky high. With humorous action underscoring the taut action, Fist Power is perfect for any kung-fu film lover's soul. [ best action films - 2000 ]


Evil Dead 2 meets ... hot pursuit. High-kicks, machine guns, and rampant disembowelments ensue. This film was screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Falcon Down

A secret project turns ... the jet's sophisticated weapons systems. Falcon Down stars William Shatner, Judd Nelson, Cliff Robertson, Jennifer Rubin, and Dale Midkiff. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Jackie Chan Adventures: The Dark Hand

"The Dark Hand ," ... Jade, to keep magical talismans that allow a person to have superhuman powers from falling into the wrong hands. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Jackie Chan Adventures: Bullies

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Undercover Blues

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Gen-Y Cops

Making its American debut ... was televised in the U.S. in a two-hour slot (plus commercials) over the Sci-Fi Channel on February 23, 2002. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Bloody Secret

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Guaranteed on Delivery

The debut feature from ... responsible and sets out for revenge. Originally released simply as G.O.D., the film co-stars Olivier Gruner and David Carradine. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Chicos Ricos

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Project: Human Weapon

Mitchell Cox's action thriller ... inhumane purposes. Black-ops agent Evan Mink (Judge Reinhold) is assigned to terminate the subject before he can exact revenge. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Her Name Is Cat 2: Journey to Death

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Cold War

Leung Ka Yan's action ... his life, Ka Kui teams up with a waitress in order to save his life and learn the truth. [ best action films - 2000 ]


Rodney Gibbons directs blaxploitation ... culprit, Charney starts to look more innocent as he and Wilder uncover a plot by a large drug company. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Hero of Shanghai

In 1921 China, the ... Kuan Tai)-a man whose conviction and martial arts skill are sure to strike fear into the hearts of traitors. [ best action films - 2000 ]

X-Men Evolution: Season 01

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Seven Promises

The Jade Sword, a ... agents, and femme fatales are around every corner, with one thing remaining certain: none of them can be trusted. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Entre Las Patas de los Caballos

Two families that have ... the sensitive matter, the powerful love shared between the two naïve-but-devoted youngsters threatens to spell doom for all involved. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Kintaro - The White Collar Worker

A former mob boss' ... there is any hope for the company, he must enlist the help of some old, not so subtle friends. [ best action films - 2000 ]


[ best action films - 2000 ]

Los Caifanes De Tepito

[ best action films - 2000 ]

La Ley de Guerrero

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Maldita Vecindad

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Mano Mano 3

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Unfaithful Wife 2

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Saiyuki [Anime Series]

Inspired by the Asian ... good-hearted demon. They have every intention of saving the world, and of having a good time in the process. [ best action films - 2000 ]

Agarren Al de los Huevos

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Cuando El Poder Es Cabron

[ best action films - 2000 ]

Maten al Cazador

[ best action films - 2000 ]


[ best action films - 2000 ]

Lupin the 3rd: Missed by a Dollar

The animated action film ... save humanity. He must outwit and escape from a ex-KGB tough guy, as well as a seductive femme fatale. [ best action films - 2000 ]

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