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Action Movies of 1999

The Hunter's Moon

A violent man will let no one take his daughter from him in this drama set in the early 1930s. Clayton Samuels (Burt Reynolds) is the patriarch of a rugged family ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The World Is Not Enough

James Bond, the world's greatest secret agent, is sent once more into the breach in the name of Queen, Country, and a ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

End of Days

1999 proved a banner year for screen portrayals of Satan's love life: first his relationship with Saddam ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Big City Blues

A group of strangers find their lives colliding ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Mod Squad

Police Capt. Adam Greer (Dennis Farina) needs some new cops who can go where other cops can't. Greer finds three young people on their way to jail: Lincoln Hayes (Omar Epps), the black one, is up for ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Wrecking Crew

The streets of Detroit are cleared of all gang members and their various illegal activities through the intervention of a top secret governmentally-funded goon squad. ~ All ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Century of the Dragon

A lawman finds his loyalties put to the test in this action thriller from Hong Kong. Shing (Louis Koo), a top student at the Police Academy, is groomed for a special assignment -- to crack open the Hung Hing triad from ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Fatal Error

A technological nightmare becomes a terrifying ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Atomic Train

In this made-for-TV thriller, a train hauling a cargo of radioactive waste is passing through Colorado when its brakes fail in the Rocky Mountains. The train begins rolling out of ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Turbulence II: Fear of Flying

In this action-packed drama, a group of people who have completed a therapy program to ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Point Doom

This romantic action film stars Richard Grieco as a double-crossing drug dealer in a dangerous relationship. His girlfriend, Stephanie, eventually finds love with another man, but the young couple is forced to risk ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Deep Water

A group of special Navy officers are assigned to a cruise ship to look out for the daughter of an important man. Their mettle is put to the test once the voyage is underway when a band of terrorists take over the ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Active Stealth

A soldier sets out on a mission of mercy only to discover he's a ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Straight Shooter

A former soldier is called on to help capture a former colleague turned vigilante in this action-thriller. Frank Hector (Dennis Hopper) is an American expatriate who now lives in Germany, running a ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Stealth Fighter

This action-adventure saga stars rapper turned actor Ice-T as Turner, who was once an ace pilot for the Air Force ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Heaven's Fire

Former federal agent Dean McConnell (Eric Roberts) and his teenaged son, Jeremy (Kag-Erik Eriksen), stop ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]


Unctuous uberzillionaire Max Gast (Udo Kier), a diabolical industrialist who ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Tail Lights Fade

Fast cars, quarreling lovers, two-faced drug dealers, and a house full of marijuana collide head-on in this comic road movie. Cole (Breckin Meyer) and Bruce (Jake Busey) run an auto repair shop for vintage ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Bridge of Dragons

A military leader who is drunk with power tries to take control of a rival kingdom in this rumble ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]


Mario Van Peebles and James Remar star in this action drama in which a police detective learns that a murderer ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Batman Beyond: Season 01

In the decaying, crime-ridden Gotham City of the future, embittered ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Interceptor Force

Three elite alien-fighters are out to find a creature who can change its appearance at a moment's ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]


Action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in this ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]


In this actioner, Dolph Lundgren stars as Christian Erickson, the leader of a crew of demolition experts trained to disarm mine fields. After his young son dies in a minefield during a rebel attack, Erickson drops out of sight and ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Contract

The daughter of a special operations officer goes on a mission of revenge after her father is murdered. ~ All ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Collectors

Two men on the wrong side of the law find their shifting alliances put them in grave danger ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Gen-X Cops

Young upstart cops are thrown into a maelstrom of ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

A Man Called Hero

In 1998, Andrew Lau's groundbreaking smash hit The Storm Riders came out of nowhere and resurrected the ailing Hong Kong film industry. Lau's ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Crackerjack 3

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Storm Catcher

In this action thriller, Dolph Lundgren plays an high ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Tiger Claws III

Detectives Tarek Richards (Jalal Merhi) and Linda Masterson (Cynthia Rothrock) stumble onto a plot to reincarnate three ancient Chinese martial arts masters by the cunningly evil martial artist/magician Stryker ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Batman Beyond: Season 02

Teenager Terry McGinniss continues following in the footsteps of his aged mentor Bruce Wayne as the "new" Batman of the 21st century in Season Two of the animated ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Universal Soldier: The Return

Jean-Claude Van Damme returns as cybernetic warrior Luc Deveraux in this sequel to the 1992 action hit. After barely surviving his ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Simon Sez

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman stars in this action-and-espionage thriller as Simon, an ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

A Hero Never Dies

In this action thriller from Hong Kong, Jack (Leon Lai) and Martin (Lau Ching-wan) are gunmen who work for two rival kingpins, Yam (Yam ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Batman Beyond: The Movie

In this pilot film for the Batman Beyond television series (which aired as a two-part episode), Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) has become too old for super heroics and has hung up ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Ballistic Kiss

Martial arts star Donnie Yen serves as producer, director and leading man of this stylish Hong Kong crime drama. Cat (played by Yen) is a killer for hire who is eager to leave the business, but agrees to one last hit to get even with a former ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Urban Menace

The caretaker of a church, along with his family, dies in a church burning. Someone, or something, begins exacting revenge on a local group of thugs a short time later. ~ ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Traitor's Heart

After suffering from amnesia for five years, Nick Brody (Bryan Genesse) has almost succeeded in rebuilding ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

U.S. Seals

A highly trained fighting force of Navy SEALs goes after a band of modern-day pirates, who retaliate with a bombing that takes the life of the wife of the SEALs leader. ~ All Movie ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Nowhere to Hide

Korean maverick auteur Lee Myung-Se directs this wildly exuberant, genre-crunching, police-comedy action flick. Held together with only the barest of plot elements, this film is a gleeful romp through a ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]


Billed as Full Metal Jacket meets Heat meets Nikita, Kang Je Gyu directs this wildly popular action-thriller about tensions between North and South ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault

Marc Roper's action film Operation Delta Force IV: Deep Fault finds the heroic Delta Force attempting to recover scientists who ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

City Hunter: .357 Magnum

When a foreign dignitary is assassinated at a piano recital -- and the ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Hyper Speed Grandoll

This video features a young teenage girl named Hikaru who learns that she's not just a regular human being but an alien girl separated from her home planet Gran. ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Paper Bullets

Jaded, hard-drinking, burned-out Det. John Rourke (James Russo) finds ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Eight Escorts

Baau Hok Lai's Hong Kong action film The Eight Escorts concerns a vicious criminal who is terrorizing the merchants of Wuiyng ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Masked Prosecutor

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Fist to Fist

A pair of martial arts legends do battle through the magic of 21st century technology in this documentary that dares pose the question "Who would win in a battle between Bruce Lee and ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Legend of Speed

Directed by Andrew Lau, The Legend of Speed follows drag-racer Sky (Ekin ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Final Payback

Disgraced ex-cop Joey Randall (Richard Grieco) is framed for the murder of Sharon Moreno (Priscilla Barnes), who happens to be the unfaithful wife of the police chief, George (John Saxon). Randall had the opportunity to kill ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Crash and Byrnes

Two lawmen with wildly different philosophies must set aside their differences to save ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

White Lotus Cult

Directed by Cheng Siu-keung and Stephen Shin, The White Lotus Cult features martial arts master ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Body Weapon

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Shaolin Dolemite: The Movie

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

U.S. Seals 2

A soldier comes out of retirement to confront a former friend who betrayed his ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

El Circulo Vicioso

Six childhood friends with criminal aspirations find their dreams shattered by betrayal in this tale of ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol

The fate of the world hangs in the balance as an elite ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

The Apprentice

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Born to Be King

A disagreement over who will become the leader of a powerful Hong Kong triad ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Never Compromise

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Chivalrous Legend

Devastated after losing his mother to the murderous whims of invading Japanese soldiers, a young kung-fu wiz kid vows ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Heavenly Legend

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Cholos Malditos

The action film Cholos Malditos concerns a man named Lucio who decides to avenge the death of his sister-in-law after she is killed during a break-in. In order to ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Héroes y Demonios

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Ley Lines

Three men hoping to find a better life in Tokyo find their dreams of happiness turning into a waking nightmare in the final installment of maverick Japanese Director Takashi Miike's ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

Puno De Lodo

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

La Venganza Del Cuatrero

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Sonora Y Sus Ojos Negros

[ Action movie - 1999 ]


[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Steel Angel Kurumi [Anime Series]

Set in an alternate history of Japan during second World War, Steel Angel ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

El Patron De Michaocan

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

La Fiesta de los Perrones

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Las Hijas de Xuchi...Paxuchil

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Mis Animales y Yo

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

Troca Blindada

[ Action movie - 1999 ]

The H.K. Triad

Two childhood friends become mortal enemies after their lives take drastically different paths and they discover that ... [ Action movie - 1999 ]

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