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1940s House [TV Series]  (2002)

1940s House [TV Series]
Theatrical MPAA Rating:
Theatrical Feature Running Time:
60 mins

Theatrical Release Information:
1940s House [TV Series]

Assembled by the same team responsible for the reality series 1900 House and Frontier House, this three-episode endeavor challenges a 21st century British family to live under the same conditions experienced by their countrymen during the WWII years (1939-1945). Three generations of the Hymers family are crowded into an old-fashioned London flat, where they must endure such deprivations as food rationing and air-raid blackouts, as well as conduct their lives within the moral and cultural parameters of the early '40s. How well the Hymers clan fares under these restrictions is determined by a "war cabinet" made up of historians and sociologists. Originally broadcast in the U.K. in January of 2001, all three episodes of 1940s House were later broadcast on a single evening by America's PBS network. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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